The meaning of true love.

The meaning of true love.

Wait a minute. Hold the wholesomeness. This was on

I knew I remembered this from somewhere else.

Hey doc, maybe try to be clearer when explaining medical procedures to children

Noooooooo. I need this to be true lol.

I’m pretty sure I read it in Readers Digest about 35 years ago!

Snopes, why do you have to fact check these wholesome stories!? Let us have this!

I know! Probably scared the shit out of that poor kid.

That's cute damn it.

Yeah, this story is about a day younger than blood transfusions.

Yeah, so I first read this story in one of my mom's daily pocket devotional books when I was about 11. Sounds like this guy stole it from there. Not very Christian. Hmm-mm-mm.


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It's ok, I'll get that for you.


Also, it used to be listed on their "Glurge" page.

A glurge is an "inspirational story" that hides a darker, less-than-wholesome subtext. Think of it as "inspiration porn," because it's made to tug at the heartstrings and make you feel good even though it grossly misrepresents reality and actual goodness.

From the page:

Whatever the online story’s source, it is typical of many glurgerific offerings: the sticky-sweet surface message masks a darker reading of the same tale. What should we make of the idea that a little boy believed his parents loved his sister far more than they loved him, and would happily throw away his life for hers?

If he was scared shitless then, imagine how he felt when he read what Snopes said about the story

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Just because it didn't happen in real life doesn't mean it can't move you. Many of the greatest stories are fiction.

Of all the things that never happened, this was the cutest.

Doctor: I’m afraid we lost your son. Parents: (Weeping inconsolably) Doctor: Whoops. When I said we lost your son, I meant we literally lost him, but don’t worry. After a little searching we quickly located him in the room across the hall.

That's effing deep.

Repost literally older than the internet.

I’m saying this hypothetically since the story obviously isn’t true, but I don’t think kids think like that. Since the doctor asked him, he probably just thought it was his own choice. It probably wouldn’t occur to him that in order for this to happen his parents would have to want to save her over him. He’d probably think his parents had nothing to do with it and he was just being asked to make his own choice like an adult would.

Double deserts

Extra sandy and extra hot

Old old story. Heard this ages ago. It was told to me the first time using bone marrow instead of blood.

This is from chicken soup for the soul. I remember reading the story when I was nine years old in the bath.


How deep? Is it as deep as your love? And how deep is that?

There's a double S in dessert because dessert is yummy and you always want seconds.

True love indeed.