The MCU already has a Fantastic Four

The MCU already has a Fantastic Four

Hey min, it's clobberin time!

I imagine Korg meeting Thing is going to be like that one Spidey meme

Or Michael B Jordan.

Also, I find it amusing that the general public is more familiar with Korg than the Thing right now.

This one I would think

Happens when you do things the right way.

Will always chuckle at the classic hoodie/flatback disguise in the MCU

Government agents should use this as a training tool. If you are chasing somebody and then lose track you might want to check the person wearing a hoodie and staring at the ground in broad daylight.

Which meme?

Actually now that you mention it, there hasn't been a Fantastic Four movie since Harper's term ended...

Korg being trapped on Earth and being buddies with the Thing where they go around solving crimes while dressed in giant over-coats and hats .... sounds oddly compelling.

The civilians can be all, "Hey, isn't that Benjamin Grimm and that rock dude from the Guardians guys? Why are they dressed like that?"

Like everybody knows who they are but no one says anything

That just sounds like Mr. Robot

Don’t forget Widow using the facial prosthesis to disguise herself as the councilwoman.

Pym may be a more rubbery genius.