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How to get parasites 101

Man....this reminded me of a story:

I was a 20 year old woman visiting Western Samoa by myself. First day I was there, some of the locals asked if I wanted to go fishing with them. "Heck yeah" I said. I'm an outdoorsy lady. Let's do this

Now, one would think fishing consists of a pole and bait, or even throwing a net.

Not in Western Samoa. No sir. Instead, you take a canoe out to a shallow-ish reef and make a circle with a large net, you then "herd" the fish into the net and scare them into swimming in to it, whereupon you throw yourself on top of the fish, and grab it.

One particularly veteran fisherman went in to explain some of the various methods of stunning the fish once you caught one.

His favorite method are bitting the fish's skull until it resembled a fishy pez dispenser.

But wait, there's more. The other method he recommended to me was punching the fish in the head. Now, picture if you will, a 5'5 white girl trying to punch a fish to death in about 6'5 feet of water.

It's about as humiliating as you can imagine. I couldn't get enough momentum to kill it in one bblo. Ive never felt more sorry for a fish in my life.

Sorry fish bro. I still get embarrassed thinking about how I killed you.

Judging by this, he doesn't seem like the kind of dude to care about that.

Yes. I remember fishing octopuses in Sicily with a Sicilian friend, and she would bite them on the head. Being a good Tuscan boy, I didn't like the idea of biting a living thing to death, but I was perfectly fine repeatedly hitting it on a rock to kill it and eat it immediately. In hindsight, biting them is the most humane way of killing them, compared to hitting them on a rock.


is the video of this (which is much higher resolution).

That's Josh James - aka the Kiwi Bushman.

The parasites are already in control

This has been a very emotional thread for me

False. Octopi don't really get much in the way of parasites, and none that I'm aware of that can live in humans.

You do know that a lot of seafood is eastern raw.

And I've literally done exactly this in the gif. It's the fastest and easiest way to kill an octopus. Shake them and they pass out for a bit, then bite then add they're dead.

Here in Italy, there's 3 main ways to kill an octopus.

1 - the one in the gif

2 - beating it on a rock

3 - turn his ( not rigid ) skull upside down and put the octopus in a container

Yup, pretty common for spearfishing. Turns out fish have eyes and stuff.

if only we were some sort of species that had the capacity to use tools or something right

I see your point.

Counterpoint: jamming my face into a pile of raw slimy goop with tentacles sounds appalling.

That kind of proves that the technique works at least.

If only we had a set of tools built into our faces and the capacity to use them or something right

And I am outta here. Bye.

They commanded him to do that, so they could reunite with their tapeworm brethren.

To be fair I'm a 6'0 black guy and I don't think I could punch a fish to death underwater either

that seems something Ozzy Man would review..

This kills the octopus.

The other method he recommended to me was punching the fish in the head.

Imagine the number of laughs he has gotten out of that.

Humans are terrifying.

A lot of duck hunters, especially older ones, kill crippled ducks by biting them "behind the ears". I've done it a few times on ducks I wanted to have mounted.

It started with Europe's market hunters and made it's way to America during the market hunting days here. This was when hunters sold their harvested ducks to hotels and restaurants in cities. The only other way to quickly kill a crippled duck was to wring it's neck, often if the hunter is too exuberant the head will pop off. No buyers wanted a mangled duck and they would pay less for them. So some hunter back in Europe (who knows how long ago) found that if you bite them only using your canine teeth on each side at the back of the skull it would instantly kill the duck and not leave any notable marks. You only bite down until you feel the skull crack under each tooth. No blood, no mess.

I was hunting with a friend from England the first time I had seen it done, although I had read the history of it. When I laughed about it he said a lot of people over there still did it. He said his dad taught him and he has always used that technique to finish off cripples. Preserving a tradition I presume?

well, define "better way for humans to eat". If we are talking about freshness of food, there really isn't a better way: you kill the animal you just hunted/fished and you eat it.

If we are talking about the potential minimization of stress/pain for the animal, that's a different thing entirely. I would still maintain the point that it is more humane to fish and hunt the animal in its natural habitat and then kill it to eat it rather than raise it in captivity to then sweetly kill it.

But there are have been seas of ink written on this subject, so I leave it up to better writers than me.

This guy never takes more than one trip from his car with groceries.

Well the girl mentioned being white for some reason

As the owner of a camo dive suit, I don't think the camouflage helps at all. I noticed zero difference going from a solid black with red trim suit to a camo one.

Basically, we wear them because they look cooler and for sneaking up on scuba divers.

Also fuck you and your cognitive dissonance that as long as YOU don't kill the animal its fine you fucking hypocrite.

Jesus fuck I can watch legitimate videos of people being brutally murdered but this shit made me physically cringe.

Yeah...I guess being bitten to death is sort of like what they expect. JUST KILL ME THE WAY A NORMAL ANIMAL DOES YOU INSANE MULTI-DIMENSIONAL ABOVE-WATER MONSTER DAMN.

It's not like you think it is. They aren't actually very slimy in the ocean, and they smell and taste exactly like saltwater.

If you want to know what it feels like in your mouth, go into the ocean and bite the fatty part of the palm of your hand under water.

If you take them out of the water for a bit, they get a little slimy, but then you wash the slime off in fresh water.

Ewww didn’t even dip it in sake

I have done that. It works, but it's exceptionally difficult. The octopus stole one knife from me and ended up bruising my arm from wrist to shoulder by squeezing me when i actually finally stabbed him. It was only about a 4.5 lb octopus and it was a serous fight. It took probably 5 minutes to kill him.

Now I bite them, and they're dead by the time I make it to the surface.

How can you see where you're stabbing? They don't have bones, nothing is always in any specific place. You simply can't just point to the brain. And it's in the very center of the animal. Imagine trying to stab a golf ball inside of a hard memory foam pillow, except the pillow is very strong and angry about the whole situation.

Why? Pigs are almost certainly of similar intelligence and their intelligence is far more similar to our own. The intelligence of an octopus, while very capable, is extremely unlike our own. They basically have conversations with their appendages, not actual full control.

Ummm, unless your in Japan, the dolphin that people eat is a fish. Also known as mahi mahi.

And that's fine if you don't want to eat it. I prefer to find the males after they mate. They won't hole up. They just hang around until something eats them.

Better than hunting and eating your own kills?

Me too thanks.

A camo diving suit ???

there's a little hard knot between the eyes, feel it out with your teeth, then squish it until you feel a crack. You know the species that I hunt is dead when the head goes white and loses the normally kind of spiky texture. The tentacles will keep moving for maybe an hour, and the circulatory system may still work for 4+ hours.

Nope, it's safe to eat raw.

Source: I googled it

Yes, I was taking potshots at your rudimentary and stupid statements. One day maybe a lab will grow you a brain. Toodles.

I'm just providing a little contrast to her comment cuz she said she's a 5'5 white girl

You only have about 3 seconds, and the brain case isn't very easy to find unless you can feel it out. Plus, I don't know of any pliers that hold up well in salt water. Virtually nothing does.

I'm sure it could be done, but I can't imagine it possibly being easier than your teeth. When you're spearfishing, you've already got to have a bunch of tools, that would just be one more thing to bring.

I used to have a Korean girlfriend, and if we saw an octopus while tide-pool wading, she’d grab it, bite one of its legs off and eat it (still wriggling), then throw the octopus back to grow another one. Metal as fuck. (Also crazy as fuck.)

Saying not to do something because it's outdated is completely stupid. Hunting is a means that people use to provide for themselves in many areas of the world, but because it makes assholes like you uncomfortable, it shouldn't be done. Great line of thinking.

This is easier than with any tool, and it doesn't taste bad. I've tried to kill one with a knife, and it is nearly impossible and it ended up bruising my arm from wrist to shoulder. Biting takes a second and it doesn't taste bad.

And accidentally stab your hand? No way! I'm biting it.

Man, I'll eat anything, but I feel bad knowing how intelligent these guys are

I wouldn't do that anyway though. Octopi are smart. Like, really smart. It's one thing to kill something dumb, and completely another to kill something smart enough to suffer and possibly capable of feeling.

I wouldn't do to an octopus what I wouldn't do to a dolphin, a cat or a dog.

Gordon Ramsay did it on "The F Word"

Yeah, the biting it thing is considered the humane way in lots of places. , there's lots of videos of people doing it though, even a little kid.

Do it yourself fresh sashimi!


Sometimes using your is the best and least painful way.