The Loraine 155's Gun Also Serves As a Black Hole

The Loraine 155's Gun Also Serves As a Black Hole

dude La Vie En Rose had me dead considering the tint of the death screen 😂😂

quand il me prend dans ses bras... Il me parle tous bas...

Je vois l'artillerie la plus grosse...

Pretty sure that ricocheted off the recoil compensators underneath the barrel, and bounced out the other end avoiding the breech due to the angle.

Also known as one of the only times a Lorraine 155 survives a centre-of-mass shot lol

La Vie En Rose is a popular French love song. It means, "Life in Pink" or "Life in Rosy Colors." The song in the post is an instrumental version of the lyrics. The lyrics go:

quand il me prend dans ses bras

il me parle tous bas

je vois la vie en rose

or in English

when he takes me in his arms

he talks to me all low

I see life in pink

u/Optical_Ilyushin took the lyrics and turned "Je vois la vie en rose" into "Je vois l'artillerie la plus grosse." That means "I see the biggest artillery."

It's a lovely song too. I suggest you listen to the Edith Piaf version and the Louis Armstrong version (Satchmo's version is in English but with rougly similar meaning).

underrated af oh my god

It actually phased through the bottom of the barrel, and just missed the recoil compensators, based on what I saw. IDK

I'm just here for the game. I don't speak French. What the hell is going on?

wierd, any time anyone looks at me my breeck is dead

if you are in a sherman jumbo I understand since its the best place to hit it if you can lolpen the front plate