The look that Miz Cracker “copycat”ed from Aquaria

The look that Miz Cracker “copycat”ed from Aquaria

Where’s the poofy sleeve Aquaria was talking about? She is reaching for the stars oml

i was lmao when aquaria said cracker copied her makeup in the werkroom cause aquaria’s whole look tonight felt suiuuper reminiscent of imp queen 👀

Aquaria: h- Me: heads over to instagram to find the receipts

Aquaria literally invented boob windows in the 3 years she's been doing drag. When will your fave?

Aquaria invented Drag ! I COULD NOT BELIEVE IT

Binch this was FAST

Added info for your consideration: Aquaria’s look was posted on Instagram on May 28, 2017 Cracker’s look was posted on Instagram on July 22, 2017

That’s a quick “two weeks”...

We been doing calendars wrong mawma June consists of negative 10 days

Ooh miss Aquaria you’re in danger girl with the edit.

I can't believe Aquaria not only invented the colour yellow and the concept of cutouts, but also the idea that these looks are copycats. This is 100% on-brand for Cracker, and she's worn this silhouette a lot. The cutout is in keeping with the style, as is the sleeve (that Aquaria does not have so idk why that was an issue). Like, these looks are not similar. The makeup is not similar, the hair is not similar, the nails are not similar, the accessories are not similar, and I'm guessing that the silhouette isn't similar, either.

She didn’t invent drag. Drag invented her.

that and her regular face is just Ravenclone makeup with Pearl's floating undereye crease thing. don't read someone for copying you when you generic AF to begin with

Isn't it kind of conceited to consider a modern look to be comparable to a retrofuturist look (with wholly different makeup and hair) simply because of similar color scheme and a cutout?

Boob windows? I invented that. The color yellow? I invented that. Latex? I invented that. I-N-V-E-N-T-E-D!

The Nancy Drew’s aren’t playing henny

Those Cracker stans are on it. Don’t be surprised if Miz Cracker herself pulls out transcripts of werk room conversations on Review with a Jew.

conVINCE yourself

Gurl what about The Vixen?? She was pressed, like alredy going at it "SHE COPIED HER ENTIRE CAREER AND THAT'S HOW SHE GOT HERE" thank god Monet told her to calm down

Aquaria literally the queen of inventing yellow when will your fav

Let's talk about The Vixen's edit instead. At first I liked her but in untucked, damn, bitch is starting unnecessary drama. AND I FUCKING LIVE FORIT

I got what you were going for, but it should be "She didn't invent drag, drag was invented by her"

What is up with some of the other queens showing support for Aquaria right off the bat? I mean, the statement about Miz Cracker copying her way into Drag Race?! That’s messed up!

Yes. BUT (Im gonna be magnanimous and mention) when you're all of 20 years old and all you've ever wanted to be ever (according to interviews I've seen) is a drag queen and suddenly you have a NY club scene fawning over you and no doubt telling you that Miz Cracker is ripping you off, it's probably easy to be swayed. She's a sweet kid. I don't know wtf is up her act this season though.

Confirmed: Aquaria invented yellow dresses with the 14 minutes she’s been doing drag...

Bitch youre faster than Cracker's wit

Here. Take my scalp

But also... "Drag invented her" is shady as HELL and I'm living for it. 😂

Me: Ugh the Vixen you just looooove starting some drama don't you, you're literally setting up the Aquaria-Miz Cracker fight singlehandedly

Also Me: Oh yeaaaaaaah the Vixen's gonna bring alllll the dramaaaaaaaaaa get it girllllll

YES i thought the same thing

touch the poofy change your life

Aquaria did say Cracker had a circle instead of a heart. But the sleeve is MIA.

i'm screaming what a reach

Dunno... For me Aquaria looks honestly like a white washed Naomi Smalls. (maybe) especially the way she does her brows. If anything, Aquaria just use more colors than Naomi.

I've seen many of her artistic looks on Insta, but her "everyday" drag is very Naomi Smalls.

When u stay ready u aint got to get ready

She didn’t go to school for calendars.

touch this poofy touch all of this poofy

I'm from New York. I have seen both Cracker and Aquaria perform a shit ton of times and I can honestly say they are NOTHING alike in terms of personality or performance style. The only thing I can see is Cracker's make-up style changed once Aquaria came onto the scene. And Aquaria is young and struggling to get recognition with SO many New York queens is difficult. Especially if people are mistaking you for someone else all the time. I think Aquaria is annoyed but I don't think she's being a huge bitch about it at this point. Also I love Cracker and if I could have two flairs, I'd chose her and Aquaria both. I defend Aquaria often but I defend Cracker too. She is fucking fierce and funny and they are just two entirely different types of people. I think that will be made quite clear in the rest of the season and this twin thing will eventually die.

Girl you can already tell Cracker is going to have THAT fanbase

I think you mean boob windows were invented by her.

She was copying Aquaria! /s

Aquaria pulled a muscle with that reach

She’s here TO FIGHT!

I LIVED for it. She was like, "Season 10 is not gonna be RuPaul's Best Friend Race. Not. On. My. Watch." I felt like I was getting S2-S6 Untucked vibes again!

Aquaria really did delivery the impression she is obnoxious, conceited, and arrogant in this premiere. Drama isn't started by her, she starts drama.

I can't believe Aquaria invented downturned eyebrows, yellow vinyl, cutouts, cut creases, contouring and wigs. Wow. She doesn't do drag, drag is done by her.

I mean, Naomi Small's makeup is very reminiscent of Raven. Isn't Raven her drag mother?

I mean Vixen made that claim

I mean it could be that Cracker posted it later 🤷‍♀️ devils advocate.


It was a decent edit, but anyone coming for cracker in the slightest will get dragged here of course. It seems like a stretch to say cracker was copying her, but I don't know their lives outside the show or their past so won't pretend to know what went on. But the intensity of people going after Aquaria in general is a little off putting.

We just all need to give her time. She's clearly talented, especially for her age, and we have literally watched a single episode. I'm excited to see her blossom alongside all of the other queens.

She was recognized online, yes, but when she first started drag and performing in New York, Cracker and Monet had been there doing their show for a few years regularly. She was under age and had to figure out how to get her name out there. I mean, I went to a lot of Aquaria's early shows. Nobody was there sometimes. There's a lot to the New York drag queens' stories nobody really knows unless they live in New York and go to their shows. That's all I'm saying.

Aquaria invented the color yellow I could not believe it

I get both outfits are vinyl and yellow BUT... two different shades of yellow, different silhouettes, different accessories and mugs. Reach harder girl.

I felt that Vixen was more like "ok, Aquaria. If you're saying you think this b*tch copied her way here (purposely exaggerating to point out the ridiculousness) well then tell her!!!

theyre literally just two blonde twinks with similar face structure. like, it doesn't go further than that. aquaria did not invent delicate blonde twink drag fashion, shes like 14 yrs old

also holy shit, aquaria's look is very latex goth, heavy on the black lipstick & eye makeup. miz cracker is very much in her own wheelhouse with the housewife look & makeup, complete w/ a li'l lacy collar and an apron, plus the very bendela black housewife wig. like, seriously. this plagiarism """scandal""" is such a stretch

It’s the nose contour, APPARENTLY it wasn’t as prominent before but now everyone does the thin lined and the exclamation dot.

I think Vixen just went in and went too far with it, but she seems like the kinda girl to be a bit extra I’m not gonna make judgments just yet we barely know the girls

Am I the only person who didn't see any similarities between their make up tonight? I have no idea if one of them copies each other prior to the show because this is my first exposure to them, but just going off their make up tonight, I didn't see any similarities, but half the queens seemed to agree that there was.


Yeah... It was the one thing that made me hesitate. But she is my favorite this season so I'm running with the flair regardless.

They're not even the same. I love Vixen (clock the flair) but she was completely incorrect to say Miz copied her way into Drag Race. That's really insulting. :(

Weeeeerk Aquaria, inventor of boob windows and the color yellow!!!

Aquaria is not struggling to get recognition lol

That may not necessarily coincide with when they first wore them.

Or the heart cutout.

Oh I can't wait to hear what she gotta say there. She seems more than willing to throw everything on the table.

I too have worn yellow before...

I don't think her edit was that bad in this episode in my opinion.

Gurl. Aquaria looks like pretty mean white girl. She doesn't really look that groundbreaking from what I saw from her so far. She's obviously talented and good at what she does, but you act here like she invented drag.

Me too. I fell in love with her watching a Facebook live of her doing Aja's makeup and she was just... so patient and humble and not at all what I expected from the stage persona.

Miz Crackers look is better, let's just call that out.

Also, was it just me or did their makeup not look the same tonight? I may just be blind but it didn't read the same to me

Didn’t Bebe just have a boob window in her Kitty Girls outfit?

Here’s a poof, there’s a poof, there’s a few poofs here, I SEWED A POOF.

The looks are literally polar opposites! Didn’t realize that wearing yellow latex meant you copied someone

The tea is unsubstantiated. I hate it when people spice things to create "drama." How did Vixen extrapolate "she skated to drag race" from "She copies me sometimes."

literally it was just sad brow

whether you like Aquaria or not calling her trash is not acceptable. You don't know her in real life. Calm down.

vixen: miz cracker faked her way to season 10!!!!!

monet: no she didnt

vixen: hey when i said she faked her way to drag race i didn't say i was RIGHT about that, i was just saying that it was a reasonable conclusion for me to draw from this ten-minute conversation, and that's very different

People keep saying that a lot of people copied raven but I never saw it. Maybe it’s not as distinct as Trixie or the individual lashes or the stripped eyebrows, but I’d love to see examples of Raven-like makeup. Not shade at all, I just want to see the copycats!

Gurl Aquaria invented latex

This is like reverse "When you see it online vs when it arrives."


I don’t think the Vixen cares who is right. She’s just stirring up drama.

The only criteria this doesn’t meet is that Aquarias doesn’t have the poofy sleeve that she mentioned. But, since both of these looks were posted very close to the time that season 10 began filming, I assume that these looks were still fresh on Aquarias mind and that’s why she used them as examples.

Hey, she's not my favorite right now either but she is still a human being. Let's be kinder than this.

touch the rainbow, change your life

they are just two entirely different types of people. I think that will be made quite clear in the rest of the season and this twin thing will eventually die.

I'd be here for it. If anything good comes out of S10 (I'm a cynic) I hope it's that people realize they're two entirely different queens painting their faces the best way they can. This could be the right platform to get that point across.

... no, the cut is different, the style is different, the only similarity is that they’re both yellow vinyl with a cutout

That was fast lmao

True, everybody on Instagram is all Oh you're beautiful, you're perfect, you're a model. you look like Linda Evangelista But on twitter she's hated and on Reddit she's hated. I feel like Cracker is the fan favorite across every platform.

True, but like you said, that was her early days. Plus, you have to add her other nightlife gigs. She's always hosting Ladyfag and Susanne Bartsch parties. Having 200k IG followers pre-drag race is no easy feat.

Nobody is saying it was easy. I respect that she put in the work for the following she got but again, and maybe chalk this up to just bad phrasing, but she was not "struggling for recognition". She had more followers pre-drag race than a lot of girls who had been on the show for years,

Aquaria needs to understand that she isn't necessarily presenting original stuff, and that's fine, but don't accuse people of copying the shit that you learned from others, cause you weren't self taught girl, that's the T.

At least she's guaranteeing it's not RuPaul's Best Friend Race

I feel like some of it is just because they’re playing the game. Aquaria is a fan favourite, they’re going to want to align themselves with the person they think the audience is rooting for.

Ironically I think the competition for cringe fans is gonna be between her and Aquaria too

But she had to put herself out there and make those connections, go to every party, to every club, meet people and network. She put in the work. But it's not easy. Nothing about drag is easy.

What do you know that we don’t?