The look of defeat as you roll the 2nd joint

The look of defeat as you roll the 2nd joint

Some days you do everything, some days you just survive, and that's alright.

Every damn day this happens, i’m convinced nobody actually accomplishes all of that.

Swear, by the time I leave work all I wanna do is get some food, smoke a bowl, bust a nut, and go to sleep.

I don’t get this. Is unwinding from the work day the goal?

Wake up. Go to work. Come home. Recover from work. until death or some idea of retirement at an age where you can’t even function in any way resembling when you planned for old age

Wisdom right here. This is it.

Hey whatever gets you by


That's the alienated life of a worker in the capitalist system.

The problem with the future is it keeps turning into the present

how the fuck that any different than just rollin a blunt anway wtf

Not very good advice man, my workday often drains me, it's isn't menial work, and i work hard which is draining. Sometimes it's fine to come home and just switch off, knowing you have done a days work and been paid for it. Wouldn't recommend it every night after work, but ye

Wish I had anything to roll

I'm on the triple W as well. (Weed, Wine & Winter games) a puff to you my cookie

A lot of people get really unmotivated and lazy on weed. Doing chores after sitting down with a joint/spliff feels like using 10x the amount of mental energy. It's sometimes different with different strains but I live in the UK so just have to take what I get.

That's it mane. I just take it one day at a time. Sometimes I have the energy some days I'm not feeling it.

Shitpost on reddit, presumably


My country still can't pass a fucking medical bill.

If you would earn the majority worth of your productivity you wouldnt have to work 40hrs/Week. Problem is you gift 70% of our productivity to the company

This is a bit OT: Your comment reminded me of the couple in front of me buying blunt rolls at the 7/11 today. After they left I said to the cashier, shit we're in Vegas just buy the pre-rolls at the dispensary. Made my day.


I don't need this type of negativity in my life.

‘my cookie’ lmao

So what do you do for work?

I think this is backwards thinking. This is the perspective of going into the dark, not coming out. I think if you struggle, then productive things need to get done and you can't just try to hold on, I think that makes things worse. I also think these types probably shouldn't be smoking weed - I think weed can make this a lot worse because it can do what the post is saying. I smoke a ton of weed as well at times but I think it's important to be aware and honest when it's not a good time.

I think if you do good things on those days that you feel like you need to hold on ... that makes the process better. If think if you're stringing together a lot of days where you're holding on, that string of days seems to just grow longer the next time you find yourself in that state. I think it's nice to have a go-to activity that's productive and takes some time and focus to get you wrapped up in it - could be cooking food or going to the gym or spending time with a real-life person ... whatever activity you can jump to when you just start to feel it. I think activities like being online, video games, social media ... those kind of solitary, non-essential activities are bad ones to turn to though.

Yup. Time for a new job if possible if that's what a day looks like. There's no expelling all your energy for work.

Actually yes, if you’re used to being high. That’s the big caveat here. If you’re not already a stoner, then weed probably makes you useless. For me though, and other potheads, we’d rather be high doing it because why the hell would you do it sober if you didn’t have to?

As for working out, I really quite like a nice toke from my vape or a low dose edible before I go for a run. Put on some tunes, find a nice wooded trail, and I can run for hours.

I can't see another system where one is free from work. At least in a capitalist one, one has the freedom to participate or not.

I feel like your comment is better directed at life instead of capitalism.

Yea i dont get this. That's some low effort shit that is made easier by being high.

after 30+yrs of smoking, im getting tired of this part.. :(

I suppose clarifying that I meant "everyday" not just random days would have helped here..

Everyone deserves to be able to kick back after a tough day and not do shit.... I meant if you feel like that every day after work then its time for a change. Wasn't aimed at people in labor-intensive jobs being wiped at the end of a particularly rough day.

There will never be a better named subreddit than this one.


Someone bought something to roll a blunt with and you said to an unrelated person that they should've bought pre rolls?

Or am I seeing this the wrong way?


I wouldn't say victimless. There are DUIs involving weed because they believe they are a functional stoner, just like functional drunks. I believe we should be treating it like alcohol, with a lot of moderation instead of praising or celebrating it like /sub/trees.

Yep from my experience in UK we are much more likely to get some really heavy indica rather than something a bit more motivating lol

No, you buy a preroll joint and then cut it open and roll that weed up into a blunt

Gotta do work you love.

You'll likely still come home exhausted, but you'll have enjoyed the work you did during the day, and that makes it all worth it. Knowing you're doing good work that not only contributes to society but engages you, and challenges you.

That's not a job goal though, that's an ideal career goal. Sometimes you have to get down in the mud, grind, toil and come back weak with a face full of grime in the aim of a better place, and that's okay too.

The second part is how my family got to where they are today, in stable, peaceful careers and a better life for their kids.

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Every time I see your username I have a good laugh lol

Me when I cant breathe well after singing

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Not even gonna make the “so we lazy, huh?” Comment.

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