The local pub sums it up beautifully.

The local pub sums it up beautifully.

I used to work with a retired Army general who'd been the base commander for a large training base. People would call to complaint about the recording of the trumpet they'd play at 6AM every weekday. He'd always tell them the same thing, that they'd been playing that song at that time for 150 years.

I was thinking the same thing about Red Rocks. Now they have noise ordinations because people complained about the noise of the concerts up there.

Seriously people, not only is it an amphitheater, it's one that artists want to play at. what the hell did you expect?

Edit : due to comments I should correct it to ordinances, not ordination. Sorry for the confusion.

In my city people built houses near the airport, then complained about airplane noise. I fucking wish I was kidding.

When a rural area here started turning residential a large dairy put up a huge sign next to the road that said: "No matter what your real estate agent tells you, we are not going away"

Exactly!!!! Don't buy a house next to a pub and then complain about drunkards careening home at 2am! You wouldn't ask a school to stop letting the children be so noisy at 10am because you were having a lie in!

"Reveille, Reveille, drop your cocks and grab your socks!"

My first job was at a shotgun range. When I worked there, we had to take a dirt road out to it because it was way out by itself. About fifteen years later, people in the new homes nearby started turning the screws and complained about the noise. Who moves in next to a gun range expecting solitude?

I live basically across the road from a Zoo. One of our neighbors has genuinely written a letter to the Zoo complaining about the noise that the Lions make.

So.. not only did this person move next to a zoo and complain about noise from animals.. but she expects that the zoo can do ANYTHING about it.

Not to mention the fact that you should be privileged that you get to hear a majestic creature roar when you go to sleep at night, regardless of whether they can or can't stop it.

People fucking bewilder me.

I looked after her bird once, they'd taught it curse words. Never got so much as a thank you for doing that either.

Her birds foul mouth was far more offensive to me than the roar of a lion.

(I'm kidding. I loved that bird).

Depends on if your farm existed before the law did.

A gun range in the sticks somewhat near me had a similar issue. Someone decided to build a home on the other end of a small mountain and took issue with the range.

The home owners decided to take a unfired round of 308 and place in on their roof. That claimed that bullets were hitting their house.

Regardless of the ridicules unfired 308 placed on their roof, the state intervened and closed the range for a study. They investigated lead in the brook nearby, local wildlife impact and the ballistics of a bullet hitting the house. After 6 months of study, they permitted the range to reopen.

Just to poke the "concerned people" on the other side of the mountain, a 50 BMG weekend was had where people from around the state came for a competition on a 100 yard range to compete in a match. 50 BMG at 100 yards is a joke competition. I feel it was a big ole' fuck you to the "concerned parties" on the other side of the hill.

Very similar thing happened in Perth Western Australia. The racetrack got shut down from noise complaints, now the land will be sold to build an extra runway for the airport. Hope those residents are pleased 😂

If you have a 1975 year vehicle in California you are exempt from emissions testing. If you have a 1976 year vehicle you must get emissions testing. New emissions control laws do not affect earlier models.

Too fucking right! I run a pub myself in a quiet countryside in England and i've spent the last 3 fucking years at war with some dick head who moved next to me 3 years a go and within 4 weeks of him moving in he came to my pub and asked if I could make last orders 9pm instead of 11:30 pm so you know what I did? I applied for a 24 hour licence and got it so now I make sure I have staff set up for then entirety of the weekend (I shut at 12 during the week as normal) just for mr dick cheese who wants me to chance my fucking hours

This was exactly my reaction when hearing about Morrison's whining.

"I'm sorry you failed your real estate research"

Same thing as buying a house in the hills near Monterey California and then complaining that there's a fuckin' world class racetrack next door.

I'm sure that there was a 10 year development plan posted

It was on display in the bottom of a locked filing cabinet stuck in a disused lavatory with a sign on the door saying ‘Beware of the Leopard'.

That's a major shift in goal posts my dude. Agriculture and paint manufacturing aren't even the same industries. Your chicken farm example is a zoning problem, and let's be real honest here, it's solution would vary between two of the exact same situations in different cities because those laws are enforced (or not) by human beings.

Your lead paint example is a health and environmental issue, so now we're talking about local and state law, EPA, DOT, and ISO. At least.

Not too mention a city government saying "you can't farm chickens here" is a VERY different issue than the Federal government saying "no more lead paint."

Are you in Kissimmee, Florida? Or Santa Ana, California? Because that's what people did in those two places.

Also, when a new building code comes out you don't have to retrofit changes per the new code into every existing house. Only new buildings need to conform to the new code.

OMG! I live right next to a pub in town, my neighbours keep moaning about their Friday/Saturday night late Karaoke. It doesn't really bother me. What bothers me it's them harassing me to sign their petitions to shut down the pub. This pub has only been here for over 200 years...

Grandfather clauses, they happen all the time.

Yep. Turns out the noise at night is the male Lion making a fuss because he wants to mate.

I feel a spiritual connection to that Lion.

It's 6am , crusade for Bethlehem!

deus vult

deus vult

deus vult

I would be thrilled to hear the lions everyday. Seriously. That would be amazing.

Do a full auto weekend for those with NFA weapons. That'll make the neighbors real happy.

Due diligence...don't avoid personal responsibility. I'm sure that there was a 10 year development plan posted on the city/county/state website which showed it. Something else a lot of people don't check is the 100 year floodplain maps. For an apartment I understand but for a house it is well worth the 5 hours research to see what is going on around you.

I agree. It's not the amphitheater's fault that you chose to buy a house next to it. I also don't know why they complain... if you get a seat in the upper General Admission or a reserved seat above row 30ish, you can barely distinguish a damn thing as it is - and that's IN the theater, let alone outside of the area. Source - I attend many Red Rocks shows (unfortunately)

Spite my good man, spite. It may cost $5 per round, but spite well placed can be helpful to the soul.

Or literally any place that has an airport anywhere?

They always wonder why the house was a "steal"...kinda like the ones with ghosts.

I agree, the expansion was great and I do own a home in the same development, albeit far from the now closed range. The land is much better suited for homes than gun ranges. However, when I purchased the home, I did my due diligence and looked for any potential pitfalls that may not have been disclosed by the sellers. Going past several "gun range this way" signs on the way to an open house and whining after purchase is not excusable in my opinion.

Basically asking you to sacrifice your livlihood just for him... Sheesh...

Sometimes you gotta blame the realtors for not telling the home buyers first. I moved into an apartment recently and no one told me they were going to build a fucking highway right in front of my apartment months later.

Try circulating a petition that your neighbors are harassing the neighborhood with their petitions, and that you request a cease and desist on it.

Sure, since laws aren't retroactive. Still not relevant though.

My father in law's gun club had this happen to them and they had to close down their old range. Now at their new one, they buy all the land around it as it becomes available and lease it to farmers.

It is Morrison... is anyone surprised at the lack of logic?

I don't think playing Reveille on an Army base is illegal.

Assuming you actually do have a chicken farm, was the chicken farm illegal at the time you began farming? If not, you're likely to be okay. Was the chicken farm within city limits at the time you began farming? If not, you're likely to be okay. If either of the above are true, the zoning and permits on your land will be reviewed. If you have permits and proper zoning, you'll probably be okay, as it''s most likely the city or county clerk that issued your paperwork in error. If your farm doesn't fit any of the above cases and the court decides to shut you down, you'll most likely be given a cease and desist order with a time frame in which to liquidate or move your assets.


That reminds me of a story. A few years back I had been managing a business and busting my ass to get it up off the ground and in a good place. We're talking months and months of opening and closing and going in on my days off. Finally, I was able to take a day off in the middle of the week. I thought to myself 'Awesome, you can sleep in, get up all nice and lazy and have a nice relaxing day'. What I wasn't aware of, because I had been working so hard for months, was that that day, was the first day of school. And I lived right across the street from them. Needless to say, I did not get to sleep in that morning.

well no, but I don't see how that applies to the above.

It gets worse than that. People who buy houses next to churches and complain about the bells ringing. This is a real thing. Idiots.

NFA weapons are allowed at that range; tax stamp proof and you are good if a trooper asks. You can say tax stamp is a private IRS document and make the trooper do their own diligence with ATF, but it's faster to show the officer a copy of your stamped paper and be done with it.

I have never had to show paperwork to anyone, but have copies on hand.

OC here, damn those people are retarded

But what's funnier is the concessions they made regarding flight paths for richer neighborhoods

Haha, that is absolutely fantastic, I only heard the first portion of this. Glad someone has a sense of humour on city council or whatever.

Some people will buy property near loud establishments because it's cheap. They also fully plan to complain and get it shut down to raise the property value. Some people are just selfish.

Exactly, don't build your home next to a farm if you don't want to smell shit manure and see animals fucking!

It's also not so much the bar itself as the fact that people leaving tend to be loud... i know you can get a noise violation for loud music however at least in my city I don't think you can get one simply for yelling

And my issue is people who move in after the fact and want to change things. Or buy a house knowing I'm the area nearby is zoned for something else and fight to have it changed to just more houses (happened in my area, we could have used a little store or something). Imo if it's going to be a problem for you, don't buy that house, plain and simple. Sure, there are some things you may not know about ahead of time like a neighbour who starts up a Harley every day at 5am but you should know a bar will be somewhat noisy and they shouldn't have to close just because you don't like it. Same with the chicken farm, imo they should be grandfathered in as it's already setup and unfair to the owner to suddenly tell them they need to shut it down

Our zoo lion is about 95 in lion-years. His nightly roaring is because he's fed at night (we feed the nocturnal animals after dark). His female is also pretty old. Neither of them give a shit about mating anymore.

(Source: zoo volunteer)

I work at a hospital that is in a residential neighborhood. It has been there long before the houses were built around it. Yet somehow the neighbors are always pissed and rude to patients and staff who park on the a street in-front of their house and complain to hospital administration regularly about it. All the houses have driveways also. It blows my mind.

It's not even year round, just for maybe like 4-5 months out of the year, tops.

Well...Yeah... Is that strange? Just have to apply for said license otherwise you have to call last orders at 12 on weekends and 11:30 weekdays

Every can of paint you produce after the law passes is a new act violating the law.

Unless he meant that noises are being ordained.

that's why i have zero sympathy for people who buy houses around o'hare airport(chicago), and then complain about jet noise. virtually nobody living there bought their houses before commercial jet traffic was a thing.