The lake of fire claims yet another victim

How long until this is posted on fb and people start believing it

Thank God that's the original. I'm going to have to brush up on After Effects - that was amazing!

Nah, I fell into a huge lava flow a few years ago. Basically I floated on top of the lava for about 10 minutes until I made it to the end. A tube of aloe and I was good to go.

Thanks for sharing, Anakin.

I was only half paying attention when I first saw this and got suuuuper concerned til the explosion, then I was like, waaaaait......

It's over Anakin! I have the high ground!




It was the camera shake that makes it realistic



I think the explosion part would be real. We're mostly water. We would become mostly steam about that quick in lava. Idk about the black smoke but maybe?

Ok, this is funny because it's shopped, right?... RIGHT?!


So anyway I says to him, "Forget the dental plan. Forget the sick leave. What I want is just one railing. One railing right here.

So anyway I says to him, "Forget the dental plan. Forget the sick leave. What I want is just one railing. One railing right here.

She may not be dead in the original but she was still in danger.

The cinders near the camera were the only thing that could be improved. Looked too cinematic, but still fooled me until I saw the original!

Edit: After reading what you guys have to say about other reason why this is fake, I realize I need to get out more! I've never seen live lava, and only ever saw someone burst into flames in third grade, so it's been a while. I suppose I'm pretty easy to convince, haha.

Shut up Kelvin!

You underestimate my power.

I'm dumb but I get it! Yay!

Not a virgin; volcano god still angry.

Don't joke about this shit you know how many people die every year? My uncle was a seismic and volcanic stenographer and he fell into a huge lava flow a few years ago. Basically he floated on top of the lava for about 9 minutes until he made it to the end. A tube of aloe and he was good to go.

weird thing

You can call it a fetish, man, nobody's gonna judge you here.

As someone who grew up on the Oregon coast, this video is downright terrifying, it makes my ass clench. People die from this exact scenario all the time, I'm not sure how she even managed to get out of the water tbh, short of someone throwing a rope to her. I guarantee this chick is trespassing, probably ignored safety signs and jumped a fence to get to this point. Just incredibly stupid.


If you threw a bag of water onto lava it would cause an explosion, so a human body would probably do the same.

That is pretty fucking scary in the original too. The waves could pull her under, knock her out against the rocks, it would be hard to get enough air. You could easily die in that scenario.

Yes. A few years back a tourist guide was guiding a bunch of tourists around a volcano somewhere in Indonesia. He was doing his last tour of the day when suddenly he fell into a huge lava flow. Basically he floated on top of the lava for about 9 minutes until he made it to the end. A tube of aloe and he was good to go.

The clincher for me was that she exploded when she fell into the lava. Now I'm no expert on humans or lava but that seemed fake to me. (well that and the fact the she wasn't literally being cooked just by standing near it)

The air around the lava is so hot your first breath would disintegrate your lungs and the rest of you would follow quickly, before even hitting the surface your nerve cells would be near fried and you would cease to exist almost immediately. But like any organic matter that is incinerated instantly, it would produce a large amount of black smoke and likely some disturbance to the lava similar to putting water on a pan of hot oil except that the hot oil is liquid rock and you're the water.

I like how you used the answer from 2 posts ago.

You underestimate my Power!

force-slides them into the lava

Also, /sub/prequelmemes is leaking

Don't try it!

Can we really call it a Photoshop when it's an After Effects?

I knew it was fake because i've never seen the inside of a hot pocket big enough to swallow a person.

But Lisa needs braces.

Nah, not even remotely close.

Lava is very dense. Liquid rock. You aint going under the surface any time soon.

Youll sorta roll around ontop getting horrific burns, eventually being taken beneath.

This is some top notch photoshop

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She may not be in danger but she was still in the original.

You turned her against me!

Only sinners produce black smoke when incinerated.

This is not funny one bit. That form of shore line kills people all the time.

Let's Jam

Original gif is the girl sliding into water instead of lava. If I recall correctly the camera person runs after her and falls as well

Wait... what?

Can I please have the story behind this please? I've always had this weird thing about falling into a volcano/getting 'eaten' by lava.

My immediate thought was "I'm gonna send this to my sister.. she'll think it's real.."

She still drown though so RIP.


Then flip and add sauce

Thank you. I was like WTF IS THIS DOING IN FUNNY???!!!!The original looked like some damage was taken, too.

Wait... so it's not real?

I've seen Mario and Luigi fall into lava many times. All that happens is you shrink then disappear. You may also lose your penguin suit.

Now I'm totally judging you.

people get dragged out to sea all the time because they turn their back to the ocean. imagine not being able to swim back to shore as you keep getting dragged out further and further...

It's treason then

Lava is very dense. Liquid rock. You aint going under the surface any time soon.

This is correct but the parent post is also kinda correct.

It is true that lava is much denser than water and WAY more viscous and you aren't going to just drop into it like people imagine (as if it were water-like).

But... at the surface of a full basaltic lava flow the temperature radiating up is high enough that you can actually essentially 'explode' as the water in your body is turned very rapidly into steam.

So the explosion isn't very far fetched, it is just that whatever of your remains after isn't going to sink immediately either.

She might not be original, but she was still dead.

Dental Plan

She might have still died.

"See 'em again 'till the 4th of Jooolyyyyy"

That's when you swim parallel to the shore to get out of the rip tide.






Lisa needs braces.

I don't know. Gollum looked pretty peaceful.

Goddam it. Now I really want Mythbusters to come back and throw a dead pig onto some lava to see what happens!

Post as a PSA: careful when spectating live volcanoes, the ground can be quite slick and volcanos are unforgiving.


only ever saw someone burst into flames in third grade

....just gonna leave that one there, huh?

Let's jam.

His friends and family are worried.

Oh god that is worse

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You know, Kelvin, you're what the French call "les incompetents"

I saw your momma's hot pocket swallow a guy alive down in Tijuana.

That's me in Minecraft after I have tons of diamonds and other rare valuables in my inventory.

And I have a bucket of water but I am panicking and can't use it right.

Also I forgot to turn autosave off and have officially lost all my valuable shit.

Would you guys quit messing around and just tell the truth already? This is an obvious reference to the incident at Mauna Loa a few years back. A man had slipped and fallen into a lava stream. As it was not flowing fast the surface was somewhat survivable for a short time, also helped by the extreme proximity suit he was wearing. They did manage to get him out, and immediately asked him, "What do you need?", to which he replied "About tree fitty". It was incredible that he was able to float on top of the lava for about 9 minutes till he made it to the end. A tube of aloe and he was good to go.

Dental Plan

Oh god that is delicious.

Also, you were the Chosen One! You were supposed to destroy the Sith, not join them. You were supposed to bring balance to the force, not leave it in darkness.

So there's that.

Here's a video stimulating a person being thrown into a lava lake with some crust over it. It's just organic waste and trash but it's all the same to the lava.

Almost anything thrown into lava lakes would start to make the lava fountain out or explode. Maybe not that quickly but still the fact remains.

Edit - To clarify, anything organic is essentially what I meant.

When you're swept off a rocky cliff, often you will not be able to swim far enough to get to a place you can safely get out.

This is serious business. I hit the muffin button too many times whilst escaping planet Namek and fell into a huge lava floe a few years ago. Basically I floated on top of the lava for about 9 minutes until I made it to the end. A tube of aloe and I was good to go.

I like to call it videoshop

Peggy demands her yearly sacrifice.

That's gotta be the kind of death that gets you laughed at in the afterlife.

Hey guys, have you met lava face yet? Hey lava face, your shoe's untied! I told you it was slippery! Goddammit I wish I was in hell right now. Careful what you wish for, you might slip and end up there!

Yeah, back home (Newfoundland) the coast is dotted with shores like this where it's just water right up to jagged rock, and the waves can and will beat you to death against them if you fall in.

Username checks out

Nah, actually I'm terrified of fire/ getting burnt.

Shoulda had the high ground.

Also, if that were magma in a near free-flowing liquid state, the heat would have melted off their skin long before they got that close.

I saw a dude run across a cooling lava flow. You will not sink into lava much at all. Rock is much heavier than people. You would burn floating on the top.

It's scary as fuck when it happens. I remember tossing a football with my brother and we realized we were getting further from the shore very quicky. My instant reaction was to book it back to shore and amost wore myself out in what felt like a few minutes but was actually about 30 seconds of swimming against the current. Luckily he was there to laugh at me the whole time and tell me to follow him. Still scared the fuck out of me, I'm absolutely terrified of the ocean. Getting dragged out like 100 yards away from shore is panic inducing for some people.


Do you go under slowly, with your arm giving a thumbs up being the last thing to go under?

I need more cool videos like this.

I find it funny when people complain about movie effects being horrible and unrealistic, but then there are comments when people are concerned on how real it is.

I got caught in my first rip last year. For something that is so simple to deal with, it's surprisingly scary at the time. Walking on the sand was like walking on a fast treadmill.

So did the terminator.

Dude I was pretty baked the first time I saw this and thought it was real because I hadn't seen the original, then I came to the comment section and found the link to the original and was relieved I wasn't watching someone slide into a fiery death. Pretty convincing edit if you're either gullible or high like myself.