The hive mind is VERY real

The hive mind is VERY real

Relax, it was only a mirror

Pics or it didn't happen

Yea you're right, they probably both looked like this:

Yea you're right, they probably both looked like this:

Literally any pic on /sub/malefashionadvice most likely

didn't happen

A Black mirror...


Umm.. khakis?


What would posses you to go to something called a Reddit Meetup? Reddit is a amusing time killer but I'd never want to meet you people. None of the interesting people I know even know what reddit is.

Ok so you fit in!

Well he's a redditer so....

It was a meetup to drink and play video games. If you are from a small-ish city it is useful for boring nights.

Well at least it wasn't a flaming shirt and cargo shorts.

Well there's always other options I just like meeting new people. It's fun to go out of my normal social circles.

Kill shots, ocbd, neat fit

He sounds hideous

Well at least now I can still pretend I'm not ugly.

a few years ago I went to a Cinco De Mayo reddit party with another friend who was also a redditor.

Everyone else were a tight knit group of friends with reddit accounts.

They introduced us to Cards Against Humanity, and I'm pretty sure we had them convinced we were Sociopaths/Serial Killers by the end of the game.

All in all, I give the experience a 10/10


That's a positive thing for a Redditor.

I died laughing thank you

I've met some really cool people through reddit. Nothing wrong with meeting new people.

What were you wearing?

Button up shirt and chinos shorts

I honestly would rather not have a pic of me on the front page, not worth the fake internet points. All that would happen is me getting shit on by a bunch of strangers.

It just wasn't a meaningful interaction

I see you visit /sub/malefashionadvice too.

So is meth but I wouldn't recommend that either...unless going to a Reddit meet up is your only other choice.

And the top comment there is: "Wow almost everything looks absolutely terrible.".

I don't think either of us were too keen on taking a selfie And posting it to reddit. We didn't even know each other. I barely even take pics with my best friends. My FB photo is from 3 years ago if that tells you anything. Not everything is a lie.

edit- lol there is no pleasing this site....I promise I'm not lying. This would be the lamest shit to lie about. I didn't even expect this to get that much attention because of how lame it is....

I'm having trouble picturing people who knew the game and introduced it to you, being aghast at the things you played - Isn't that the very nature of the game? Did they get lost on their way to Apples to Apples? Unless the sociopath/serial killer thing was just unrelated, in which case I back down completely and sorry I said anything.

My favorite CAH moment is explaining what bukakke is to my mom and uncle a few years back when some of us played it at a family gathering. My little cousin walked in and we had to tactfully usher him away before continuing. Love that game.

Or a Dragon Ball Z button up

Harbour bay from big and tall?

Exactly. Everyone I've met through here has been cool and pretty damn normal. No overweight neckbeards and losers like everyone seems to think when you bring up the words "reddit meet up". It def is a little awkward at first most times but hey, that goes for meeting any new group.

He was even wearing the same face as me!!

I think fashion shows like this are for clothes that aren't meant to be worn in public for everyday use. It's basically clothing as art, and meant to push the envelope.

I seriously don't see any two redditors meeting eachother, happen to be wearing the exact same thing and them not take a picture to post for karma.

Well here you are getting shit on by a bunch of strangers from the front page. Should have just done it

Late 90's I was meeting my dad and my friend in a pub in the UK.

I was wearing a blue shirt, chinos and a dark blue jacket that had a brown leather collar.

So I meet my dad having a beer and in walks my friend wearing exactly the same - blue shirt, chinos and even the jacket was the exact same jacket.

My dad says his friend is joining us. Around 15 mins later in he walks.

Wearing a blue shirt, chinos and the exact same dark blue jacket.

I would have been disappointed if this wasnt manning


/sub/wholesomememes is leaking


I had to look to find something I would wear.

I think people in the real world call that "shopping"

Nah, picture is misleading. You can't see the Timex he is wearing.

but why male models

This is exactly the outfit I expect to be popular at a Reddit meetup.

every time


You're beautiful OP


background porn noise intensifies


I'm sorry the boy band didn't work out :(

Everyone is wearing their 6 years olds' trousers and their 300 lb granddfather's jackets.

I feel like the average redditor has become less neckbeardy since 2012 as Reddit has grown more mainstream. In that picture though it seems like all of the weird people flocked to the front and the normal people tried staying out of sight in the back. That poor girl on the right clearly is not having any of that.

Holy smokes look at these hottest trends out of Auschwitz...

but karma

OP you're a phony

He was even wearing the same face as me!!

- Dog, experiencing a mirror for the first time.


I mean look at them.

I mean look at them.

Wow I knew female models were extremely skiny. I didn't realize how skinny male models looked too. It's funny, it looks like young kids got into their dads wardrobe and began trying things on.

Are you serious? I just told you like, a second ago.

MFA is circlejerky, as are pretty much every sub, but that is definitely NOT what they go for there. The top comment on that thread says everything is horrible.

This is much more their style

The one with the buttons is my fancy shirt.

I think the Baltimore meet up gave meet ups a bad reputation.

Ah yes. 2005. My guild beat ZG and I stopped being at risk for skin cancer.

lol I'm dumb I meant just a button up shirt.

Edit: similar to this

swipes away

This exactly. It's more proof of concept if anything.

This gave it away, but then I had to go back and click it anyway just to make sure my expectations were met.

How was the dog aware of his own appearance if he didn't know what a mirror was?

More like /sub/streetwear

It's really awkward being the only one who knows what pixelated bukkake is and having to explain it to everyone in the family.

You are 2 guys, everything is cool, no need to panic.

Normal people are on here, too. Maybe not me, but some of the others. I've met some cool people via reddit meetups.

To restore the balance, I basically wear the same thing every day like some kind of cartoon character.

Photo of the meetup.

I'm not even subscribed there.

I frequent /sub/2meirl4meirl more so than any other subreddit.

Twist: it's a KKK meeting

Well since you wouldn't want to meet me, I'm going to point out that it's An amusing site.. Not a amusing site, you cave dweller..

Yeah this is how my mom learned anything dirty within the last 5 years. My dad would put shit down looking smug (I think he just had a hint that it was something sexual) and he would win, then we would have to explain to my mom.

Don't worry, I think you're beautiful, OP. Even if you are a bundles of sticks.

Nah. Time for a new downward spiral.

Yes. I'm very self conscious, I use this tough-guy-on-Reddit pose as a defense mechanism.

An episode who's premise was proposed by 13 year olds and really good writers had to work around.

TLDR: Technology is bad u guyz

I'll wear cargo shorts every summer till I'm dead. Haters can fuck right off, those things are handy and comfortable.

Nothing but quality.

I consider myself a "normal" person, but the people I'm friends with IRL are also normal and don't know what Reddit is.

However, all the abnormal people I know IRL absolutely know what Reddit is, so there is likely a higher probability that attending a Reddit meetup would result in going with abnormal people.

No "normal" person would go to a Reddit meetup, because that's not what "normal" people do. In fact, if you're a "normal" person on Reddit, I would guess that you are like me, and don't even talk about Reddit to your normal friends, because it's sort of embarrassing to admit... in part because there are so many abnormal people that rant and rave about it. It's like... I don't want to be identify with being "abnormal" among my "normal" friends, because although I might be a little weird sometimes, I'm definitely not like the rest of you abnormal people on here.

If some of you other normal people out there are reading this, you'll know what I mean.

And for the rest of you, well, maybe I'm abnormal after all.

edit: it appears I have upset the hive mind.

meaning it looks like a young kid got into his dad's wardobe and put some pants and a belt on.

Was the intention of these subs to be satirical?

....'anyway here's wonderwall'

But that dude has boots on.

he's wearing Clark's Desert Boots, another /sub/mfa meme.

They're all done by one user and they're all downvoted to the point you have to expand the comment to read it.

Trench Coat, some classy head wear, and my favourite Sparkles T-Shirt. The other guy even had a super cool chain attached to his wallet!

Casios are better

Don't forget the "fuck off neckbeard" to every other negative comment.

Edgy redditor at the reddit party.

I agree.

Baltimore gives everything it touches a bad reputation.

So are you saying that the assumption that everyone on Reddit is one person is real??

With lice

Please tell me people don't really think that looks good. I mean, I'm a boots, jeans, long sleeve button up guy. I know my style is simple, but got damn those are ridiculous

Work at casual male, people love harbour bay for some reason. They have a lot of nice polos coming out soon though.

The first time I walked into a Casual Male, I immediately knew where a certain friend shopped. The colors and patterns were unmistakable and completely not me. I had to look to find something I would wear.

/sub/streetwear or /sub/malefashionadvice

That has more to do with the fact those pants are designed to play with proportions than how thin the model is. Those pants are huge and flowy, meaning his upper half will always look smaller.

What's a button up t shirt?

Time for a 180

You seem like a cool guy, and now I would consider going to a Reddit meetup. I'll probably avoid Chino shorts and a button up when I do though.