The Habs and Flames just played the first period with only a single commercial break.

The Habs and Flames just played the first period with only a single commercial break.

Included was a sequence of 9:01 without a whistle

Advertisers HATE them because of one weird trick!

It's a breath of fresh air honestly. It gets really annoying to have 5 breaks in a period and it kills the momentum

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There are only ever max 3 and always the first whistle after a set time (14th,8th,5th minute?)

Period 2 will blow your mind!

14, 10, 6

Good for the people at the arena. Less kiss-cam bullshit while the players are chatting

I'm guessing less than 20:01

Preds/Stars went 13 minutes before first commercial break the other day. They made up for it by having three breaks in the next 5 minutes of game time.

They always get you back.

It was a joke.

I hope both teams get warned for this shit

I think it would have been much before that no? It's been 14, 10 and 6 for a few years now.

Somewhere an NFL exec is breaking out in hives.

I'd be in favor of longer intermissions to show ads instead of commercial breaks during the period. People (both at home and at the arena) would have more time to grab a snack or take a shit that way, but I'm sure advertisers realize this so they'd be against it for the same reason.

Nah, its rare but it happens. Plus im sure theyre compensated by other games going on that have a wistle every 30 seconds

What are those?

I'm not entirely sure the PA would be for that, since those are TV timeouts, and lets the players rest during them. Would be REALLY hard to make the PA get rid of them.

Do they lengthen the intermission if that happens?

And goals.

Minus PPs and icings

It's after the 14th, 10th, and 6th minute

Big if true


Losing the League money

The amount of commercials don’t change depending on the amount of commercials. Commercials always happen on the first whistle after (I believe) the 14th, 8th And 5th minute?

not only the players association, but I think the broadcasting networks would but the Kibosh on that before anyone. advertisements would be worth far less as less people are watching the intermission than during the period.