The Greatness of this Community

The Greatness of this Community

I was very late to the party by experiencing the game earlier this week, but I absolutely love ddlc! The game is by far the most impactful game that I have ever experienced. With some good impact and some bad impact (that being I can’t get the sight of natsuki’s neck snapping and running at me out of my head). And this community is amazing as well! I am new to reddit, because ddlc was the reason I joined. I don’t regret it at all! All these people are so nice and all stand as one community. Sure there has been the waifu wars but at the end of the day, I love how great this community is! And if anyone is wondering I’m a HUGE Sayori fan!


Thank you everyone!

As everyone else said, welcome.

I love you <3

Huge sayori fan eh? I see you are a man of culture.

Welcome to the literature Club friend! you have made a good choice :)

Below the DDLC unsubscribe/subscribe button is the show my flair it looks like this.

Then you click on the edit button to choose which flair.

How does one do that? U can tell I’m new to reddit

Welcome, friend. Its never to late to join the literature club.

You should get a Sayori flair then.

Welcome to the club friend :3

Welcome to the club my friend! I'm a huge Sayori fan too