The grass under this tree is alive, while the surrounding is dead

The grass under this tree is alive, while the surrounding is dead

This is probably a combination of a number of things:

1) The tree absorbs heat from the sun during the day and that heat warms up the surrounding earth 2) The tree's root ball is loaded with nitrogen producing bacteria and organisms, the grass feeds on this 3) There may have been mulch or fallen / raked leaves in that ring around the tree, that would keep the temperature significantly higher.

Neat stuff though, it is an example of what's called a microclimate. Some people (Like me) use this in alternative farming techniques to grow plants in places that would normally never be able to sustain them, or growing things outside the normal season without needing a heated greenhouse. Some people put fruit plants beside a big rock and they'll grow happily even in the middle of winter, so long as the rock gets lots of sunshine all day.

Tree of life

That is very much not a dead tree.

Maybe they water the tree.

No, it's just winter.

Happened to my yard when we put a fertilizer spike in for the tree. The grass around the tree got lush.

Nah. It’s rye under the tree and Bermuda elsewhere

Definitely Mildly Interesting!

Fescue vs. Bermuda?

I wonder if it is because the tree gathers dew in the mornings and it rains down under the canopy?

Also the mulch is piled up too close to the tree. Mulch around trees should be doughnut shaped, not a cone.

Roll Tide.

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I think that's the kind of grass that goes dormant in the winter. I suspect it's a bit warmer where the tree is, and it protected the grass from a recent frost?

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