The GOP needs to change its logo

The GOP needs to change its logo
The GOP needs to change its logo

Fucking hell, shots fired WaPo.

An elephant never... uhh... I do not recall the rest of the saying.

I think this might actually be the way forward. This will sound pretentious, but I mean it -- as a designer, you spend a lot of time thinking about the symbols and visual motifs that have been the most consequential in history. This graphic and what the WaPo shared can and should lead to a branding-based shaming of what the GOP now is. Logos are unavoidable. They will make somebody unconsciously question and consider them, and this is totally outside of US politics.

Jesus. That’s really affecting. I hope it gets traction.

Nice how the thumbnail doesn't give away the punchline

Print it out and plaster it where you can. The GOP are sick fuckers.

Don Jr should have been standing next to the elephant holding its tail.

Motherfucker that's cold. Love it.

Omg wapo stole my idea or they should hire me.

Here is the ms paint i made two days ago. I deleted the linked comment on reddit a bit later. I guess i didn't want to be an ass.

They took the skirt and everything.

Haha damn.

This is throwing shade on an entirely new level