The Golden hour

good morning sweet dog

"Is my breakfast ready?"

That dog is more comfortable there than I have ever been.

sweet B O Y E

By regularly changing it and because it makes them happy.

This is why I'm a dog person 😍

If you keep your dog relatively clean it's not the end of the world.

Cuddling with a warm dog in the dead of winter is pretty incomparable

Come on, 5 more minutes!

Alright, I'ma lay right here. How about you go warm up the car and grab my toys for the park. I'll be down in 7 minutes or 49 minutes. I actually can't tell time I'm a dog.

Of course. Dog doesn't have to get up for work. Every morning is comfy.

I guess that you don't shed skin either. It would be awful to sleep in a pile of your own dead flesh, right?

Alright I got up from under the bed my day is complete. Time to go back to sleep.

You don't deserve dogs

I prefer this version

You definitely learn to love your own dogs smell. Sharing a bed is no different than cuddling so you gain an indifference or even a fondness. For months I couldn't bring myself to wash the sweater I wore the night my dog passed. I held him as he died and the sweater was covered in fur and scent.

You should check out /sub/tuckedinkitties if you haven't already.

Personally i never noticed a doggy smell with my dog. Then again my parents were neat freaks who cleaned his paws and stuff after every walk.

The best time

But you're ok with sleeping in lbs of your dead skin?? Why do you think mattresses get heavier as they get older.

That's not how reddit works

Just keep your dog clean?

Who yawned

That's a myth. But the original guy still sucks