The fraud in Florida is unreal. They are trying to steal this from us !!!!!

The fraud in Florida is unreal. They are trying to steal this from us !!!!!

I mean this is a major concern - we need to get the word out. we can't lose Florida

Clinton has secret meetings with election officials, magically there is endless parade of shenanigans

We should have a thread dedicated to just bringing up solutions. We have enough memes and I know we win without the rigging. It's impossible to stop the fraud but if we were vocal about it now then they may not be as brave to try as much.

my biggest fear is that GOP is complicit in the steal and refuses to fight

What CAN we do?

Contact senators, congressman, electoral official's, FBI, etc in Florida and around the country regarding Florida.

"Do it, we'll protect you when we win. We're above the law now."

This happened to me, living in a different state. Ballot just never came and was said to be "undeliverable" when I called. I receive plenty of mail daily and they said maybe I had a forwarding address sending the ballot elsewhere. So my ballot was delivered back to my County elections office. God knows what will happen to it... sickens me to think my request for a ballot may have backfired and be filled out for Hillary.

This, every shit that happens now can only be handled on a case to case basis. We need hackers ddosing shit, we need accountants sifting the details on those emails.

Doj is owned by clinton. Why not, nothing is illegal if nobody will prosecute you

If we do not win FL, that's end game.  RIGGED FOLKS!