The floor tiles at the US Postal Museum

The floor tiles at the US Postal Museum

Wow, took me a while to notice that the smaller, white tiles are the reverse side of a letter with a stamp


Those cheeky bastards.

Unfortunately, much of the floor is incomplete. Quite a few tiles still haven't been delivered and some got lost in the mail.

Where's my car?

Info on the postal museum for those, like me, who didn't know this was a thing.

More fun when it's not super obvious though

Floored me.



Woah! I didnt even see that!


Where’s your car dude?

I feel like it would be easier to spot if it were white.

Quietest Smithsonian, right by the train station, can be done in a couple hours, and is at least somewhat interesting. The exhibits really put into perspective just what a target USPS was for thieves and terrorists for much of American history.

For the last 6 years I've gone to work everyday to a building a block away from the postal museum, and I have never visited it. SMH

Please tell me that you are kidding, I can never be too sure.

Just where did they pull the wool! Cheeky