The floor is Islam

The floor is Islam

Goat lives matter! 🐐

Holy Shit this is funny ...Very well done !


Lol thank you fellow Pede, Im trying to contribute and not let my memes be dreams.

Poor little fellas just dont want to have their asshole stretched out by a kebab.

Coincidence that juvenile goats are called "kids"? I think not.

This might be the best one so far.

A gentle farmer of memes are thee. May the blessing of Kek be upon you.


Nancy pelosi owns goat hill pizza, I wonder what the poor goats have to endure there. Leave the goats alone Nancy!!!!

So Spicy

Well, we found their 72 virgin stash. Your pick, virgins do grow on trees!


I need some milk.

Well done.

This Dom kills me daily

Holy shiite this islame, we should not be making fun of islame that's bad!

Give those goats spacesuits!


We are witnessing evolution in action folks. Tree dwelling goats who dont want to get raped.