The first and certainly not the last

The first and certainly not the last

I don’t even know what that means. But I’m not a rocket nano scientist.

Am black guy graduating from Stanford with two engineering degrees in 4 years. Posts like these while worth of praise are really reaching these days. Like nanoscience is a new field and most certainly isn't a major at the vast majority of schools. Its likely her program was founded 4 years ago, so she literally just got to school and picked that major. Cmon people

Edit; I did not say what I said to sound hateful. And I only prefaced with my being black with degrees as a point of similarity/relevance.

I am just frustrated as a black person that people end up reducing our accomplishments to "the first" as if all our goals are just for the sake of (creating) and then breaking a new barrier.

What she did is an incredible achievement, and she should be rightfully praised for such. But praised on the basis that she is poised to be an incredible scientific mind in a world that is in dire need of those, and not that she did all that grinding to be a civil rights hero.

your accomplishments are cool and all but don’t take this away from her. likely thousands of black guys have graduated with dual degrees from stanford within 4 years in its history. it’s more “reaching” for you to list all that as making you special rather than her

/sub/asablackman, you should know the subconscious importance of role modeling to all people. that is the very reason black people are more likely to go into something like African Studies, where they have people who look like them and more support, even if they had a truer passion for chemistry or astronomy.

doesn’t matter if it was just created that year. it would still be easier for her to fit in in a major where black women are common. this person chose this major out of hundreds of options that would be more comfortable for her, and deserves to show off a bit that she faced the challenge and completed it, and it breaks down the barrier for the next black girl who looks at her options, always had a curiosity about nanoscience, but convinces herself that it’s not a possibility and she should do general biology or humanities instead

also doesn’t matter that it’s not an option at most schools. what a weird way to gatekeep who can celebrate such an achievement and who can’t. i’d say the exact opposite argument — we are at a point where we know black people can be doctors, lawyers, engineers, all those careers they mention in kindergarten. but we need more who do the crazy stuff, the rare stuff, because those are the ones that will still stick out like like a sore thumb (and face the racial issues that come with that), and can help to shatter assumptions.

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I thought he just meant that it shouldn't matter that she was black and graduated with that field. It should be the accomplishment that she graduated in what's almost certainly an extremely hard field. I don't think he's trying to take away from her accomplishment. Rather he's directing his praise towards another aspect of the situation. Idk tho

Best of luck - we need more science now than ever

I think it means she's a tiny scientist.

This is incredible! I was actually in one of her classes this semester, Quantum Physics of Nanostructures. Im a sophomore in the Nano program here at tech and we basically study interactions and mechanics of materials on the nanometer scale (1 billionth of a meter). We have a few tracts here, including nanomedicine and material sciences. Nanomedicine focuses a lot on targeted drug delivery mechanisms that can deliver drugs directly to the tumor that may negatively affect other regions of the body. The material science tract focuses on a lot of photoelectron interactions and some nuclear physics. Its a ton of fun and i hope to get into the renewable energy with it

Looks a lil thicc for nanoscience

Anyone notice how more descriptors are being added to keep the fields/people specific enough to be a first? In 5 years it's gonna be "first 40% Indonesian nonbinary from boston to graduate on this side of campus with a degree in 17th century french literature" , and comments will still be "OMG break that glass ceiling girl!". As if the way you/your genitals look is more important than the education you worked hard for.

no, no

it means she studies tiny scientists

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Everybody is shitting on the other dude, and I get he could've made his points without humblebragging his dual major at Stanford.. But he's kinda got a point. It kind of belittles minorities in general.

Like, it's a dope accomplishment, and it's more than likely well beyond what I will ever accomplish.. But as a Latino about to graduate with dual degrees at Stanford I wouldn't list myself as the first latino to do so.

My father once told me, "My son, no matter what you achieve in life, always hold pride in la familia, but don't let that pride define you." and then he beat me with a pair of jumper cables.

lol came here to see who had the balls to come out and point out the irony. I know I'm going to hell for laughing but I've made my peace.

I think he's saying it's a field that still in its infancy. Being the first from a small demographic is still cool and all but you're surrounded by firsts. But I still wish her the best in her future endeavors.

“Damnit if I don’t have more science on my desk by tomorrow morning someone is going to get fired!”

When dad jokes become dad roasts.

Literally so what? Why would race/gender ever matter in relation to your degree.

How is that a reach? She’s not saying that after decades, thousands of nanoscientists have come from VT and she is the first and only black female. You’re inserting that implication. She literally only stated she was the first black female grad from that department, which is a fact. Doesn’t matter if the department is 100 years old or 3 (started in 2015). Still a great accomplishment.

Wouldn’t that be a nanoscientist scientist?

With this newly acquired knowledge in nano science, she should examine politicians brains. Those seem small enough.

I barely understood all that, but I can tell your very excited and that's awesome. I hope the lady in the picture and you both get to do badass things for the future with your learning and help save the world one nanowhatsit at a time!

Im not shading her for majoring in nano. Its that its frustrating to see her view the racial aspect as the most important part. She holds a degree in a highly technical and coveted field. And instead of people viewing it as such, its viewed through the lens as a gateway for black people instead of a lauding of her incredible accomplishment and future.

Congrats on your accomplishment!


Yeah, two replies up jumped through every mental hoop in a 300 mile radius to make it appear as if she is still some pioneer. Great achievement, but she is in the first graduating class in this study. It’s not like there has been a precedent of black women not being permitted or encouraged to study in this field. She didn’t break through any ceilings or defy long standing social norms. If anything, she is a symbol that there aren’t any ceilings to break through as she is literally a founding part of that ceiling.

Like I said, great achievement, but it’s not more any more impressive than the other students who went through the same new course.

Edit: whatever, go ahead and pretend being “the first” among all the other firsts in the instance is super impressive.

Just to clarify. That definitely isn't me. I'm not that smart

So you're saying you guys can make Iron Man suit from infinity war

She might still be the first in her family / community who got a degree at all and wants to share back with the people who supported her while she was doing it.

Also she's still first lol. Fuck me I wish I had been the first legal Canadian weed farmer. Be making bank right now.

She's a tiny scientist who studies tiny scientists.

This isn't nano science people

I get you. Its a narrow lens that cheapens the accomplishment by focusing on the superficial.


I dont get the title OP, its not like theres something holding black people back from doing this.

BBW scientist

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It was only 60-70 years ago that announcements of African countries gaining independence from the British, Dutch, and French were sent across the world. Now that information is readily available to the majority of the world, more people will have access to knowledge and will break racial/ethnic barriers.

It's news, but it's something that isn't suppose to be news. Equality is suppose to be a thing, but it's not. So that's why these accomplishments mean something.

Tell that to my bio class. 70% women.

I don’t think he listed his accomplishments to make himself look special but to show that he is not judging her from an outsiders perspective. He too is a black person, and he too is achieving something exceptional academically. So his opinion is not based off of racism or jealousy.

“It’s on your desk!”

“I don’t see it!”

“It’s nano.”

Nice! And from VA 🙌🏽

Oh definitely. Its a great program and its really on the forefront of so much incredible research. Im working in a lab that synthesizes quantum dot solar cells and I have a few friends working on ferromagnetics and spintronics . Its really revolutionary work!

Am black guy

Do people really start sentences with “am”

People with two degrees from Stanford aren't very cool about shit

Hokie Hokie Hokie Hi!

I think you have a glorified view of sciences that have cool sounding names. If you look at curriculum, these new majors are just combinations of classes from existing majors. Not saying it isn't rigorous, but coming from a "public good" perspective, we do need more doctors and engineers, because those fields have established tracks to bringing your ideas to the world, which is what is most important. The innovation in your ideas, not your size color or gender. Ultra specialized bachelors generally lead to the academic bubble, where your research is done to keep the funding so you can do more research to get more funding. Often completely independent of issues our society faces. So if this person is as innovative and special as they think they are, they definitely chose the wrong track to helping the public good.

Tech Tech VPI!

Look man, post like these do good. They help inspire. Whether it's just the people she knows or it blows up and becomes huge, it helps someone think "yeah, I can do that too." It's one thing to know that in theory anyone can pursue any profession, but until you see someone who looks like you doing it, it can be hard picturing yourself in their shoes.

That’s what I’m reading


Jumper cables... you’re not him...

What if she's really tiny too?

Nurses have to take bio. Take an engineering class. Hard to pick up chicks there.

I must have a bad angle.

So you're saying sealed, basically anonymous papers get subjected to gender bias and racism? Cool.

Am a white guy. I don’t do this, I swear.

You dont instantly become the thing just because you have the degree...

Its that its frustrating to see her view the racial aspect as the most important part

Boy, you're reading a single tweet

its viewed through the lens as a gateway for black people

How truly, truly terrible that is

Ray Rah VPI

Poly-Tech Virginia

Sola Rex! Sola Rah!

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Women tend to not pursue field of engineering and science. I think praising women, who pursue these careers should be praised so they can bring a different angle and insight to a male dominated career.

Now that's not to say I think we should phase men out of those careers but I feel more that there are plenty of women out there who have the type of mental wiring to succeed in that but aren't certain in whether to start down that path based on demographic. Feel me?

Honestly Nanoscientist or Nanoengineering is kind of a misnomer. The word Nano is usually used for marketing purposes in all honestly because it sounds cool. In reality any research done at a “Nano” facility will be either ChemE, EE, MatSci, or bioengineering. In fact a huge amount of research across the country is “Nano”, it’s just done in the various departments I just listed and not labeled specifically as Nano research.

Nanoscience as a degree tries to encompass all of those in one college and it can be useful somewhat but overall the its kind of a sham if you ask me.


What is this? A nano-scientist for ants? The nano-scientist has to be at least three times bigger than this!

A science degree does not make you a scientist.

Team team team!

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Couldn't agree more, well put

Yay 😑

I dont get what youre saying tbh

edit: I thought about it, and I guess you mean that whats being celebrated is that a black woman isnt being held back from becoming a scientist. Meaning that in the past there was something holding people back outside of general interest in the filed?

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Hey guys, UVA sucks, amirite?


I don't think nano weed is taking off right now, sadly.

I disagree. Just because doctors and engineers do a lot of good doesn't mean they're the only fields that contribute meaningfully to society. Plus, specialized degrees don't contribute to the"academic bubble.". They add the wealth of knowledge of humanity overall. Someone with a degree in nanoscience could easy do research that ends up being utilized in the medical field, the tech industry, and/or plenty of other fields. It's still a worthwhile accomplishment. There's no need to downplay the significance of any degree. All that matters is what they do with it.

When nanoscience is as new as it is...its not hard to be a first when it's a degree only a few years old.

If those people with nano brains fuck us every single day than what do we have lmao?

Nothing you said was that nice either tho?🤔

All she did was post it on her own personal twitter. She is proud of it, so let her be proud. Damn, y'all acting like she's lying. Chances are she came from a well to do family, but still she's proud of her accomplishment.

Are you the first vegan of colour or something?

Why, I am doing very well, thank you, my kind white fellow.

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Lol "you should know" you're a dick. He's not gatekeeping, hes being real. "Wtf another African American doesn't have the same outlook as me? And his accomplishments are cool, but he doesn't get that we have to make headlines to get ahead". You might be the problem.

so she literally just got to school and picked that major.

I think there was a part afterwards that involved study and hard work.

I'm genuinely curious, on what basis do you say this?

Was one of those degrees in fitting your whole head inside your own ass?

As Uncle Phil would say, "When are we going to stop doing this to each other"

because racism and the struggles still exists?

It's so Reddit that this is the most upvoted comment. They're so excited to have a black dude downplaying black achievement and being contrarian for a fucking celebratory tweet.

I don't really care about the comment itself, more that all of Reddit was so eager to upvote it over anything nice at all.

I wouldn’t be able to hear it neither, the phenomenon is so rare afterall

No, friend. What posts like these do is provide inspiration for other Black women to pursue science degrees, including those for highly specialized fields, because they realize if one of US does it, then they and WE can do it. Posts like these aren't for the people who can't understand their potential impact, they are for the people who need to be impacted.


Think extremely small things. Nano is a metric prefix meaning "one over one billion".

So super small circuits, CPU design, bacteria-scale biological organisms (either to accomplish tasks or fight disease), etc.

Based upon your post history, you come from money. Now that may be incorrect, but you clearly have had a better opportunity out the gate than 99.9% of other black people. What you're saying is similar to saying "Ruby Bridges just happened to be the correct age to go to school."

Not sure where you got that from, but no I don't come from crazy money, just middle class. But I'm not gonna disagree that I have privilege, but that doesn't mean I haven't done my time of constantly pulling all nighters and grinding and such (just like the girl in the post did).

This is a nice post. Why do you have to ruin it with your hate for bigger people?

there’s a delete button if you feel like this isn’t a great post to fat shame. there’s no shortage of fat people doing shitty things. why not make fun of those people instead of this awesome young woman?

This is a fantastic achievement! But somebody needs to learn how to check their messages and crop their damned screenshots.