The FBI is examining why Russia transferred nearly $400,000 to its embassies 'to finance' the 'election campaign of 2016'

The FBI is examining why Russia transferred nearly $400,000 to its embassies 'to finance' the 'election campaign of 2016'
The FBI is examining why Russia transferred nearly $400,000 to its embassies 'to finance' the 'el...

Putin to Trump: "We have not meddled with the elections".

Trump to Putin: "That's good enough for me".

Remember when the Russian Embassy was burning all their paperwork in San Francisco?

If it actually went to a political campaign, absolutely not.

dumb question - is this legal?

To be fair that’s what every embassy would do

Sounds fishy to me. Think that’s the Kremlin fucking with us. Like - you would actually write the nefarious thing you’re doing in the memo? Sounds like a strange joke.

Embassies always contain confidential documents, even if it isnt for subversive or intelligence gathering purposes. They will have info about trade, US diplomatic strategy in the region, internal communications, raw assessments of the host country that may not be flattering, etc., that you wouldn't want revealed to the host nation.

It's not entirely possible that they would both do it, to screw with the election process, and not try to hard to conceal this, in order to make the point that they could screw with the election process -- thus making the US electoral policy look vulnerable to manipulation and inherently untrustworthy, and calling into question the legitimacy of the current government.

The US has traditionally pointed to Russian governance as terrible, at least since 1917; Russia fucking with our system, implausibly denying it while smirking, drags the US closer to the joining 'em in the gutter.

Of course, he's a good man!

Not in America, maybe in Niger. Or one of the other countries where Russia meddled.

Yah even if they weren't meddling with the elections I'd imagine they'd do that. Pretty sure we would.

According to Putin, he never uttered those words, because, he says, Trump never even asked.

Read the article. The fbi is investigating if anything illegal happened. All that is known now is money was wire transferred to the russian embassy with a memo that says it was for campaign contributions. This seems like a really stupid mistake to make. It could very well be a trick to send investigators on a wild goose chase. It makes no sense why you would do something so stupid. They have to know they are being watched. Why open such an obvious red flag?

Its possible they are that stupid.

Read the article. It laya out what happened. Your question is answered in the article itself. So just read it.

What about in Nambia?

And insulted!

I don't think Nambla has elections, but I could be wrong.

Then why is the FBi investigating? Why is it labeled "Election campaign" and not "election?" And why did the money go to countries with full federal elections happening at the time while Russia does not have a full parliamentary election until 2018 (They only had the lower house in 2016. And had historically low turnout)?

It is unclear which "election campaign" the money was for - the US election was in full swing, but Russia's lower house of parliament was also set to hold an election on September 18.

If you have conclusive evidence I'm sure it would be of interest to everyone.

If it were choice B, why would the FBI still be investigating it?

There's a massive push going on that ignores the facts of the thing to make this objection sound plausible. It isn't. People from a certain subreddit are spreading this misinformation, and likely some other non-Americans as well.

So we should know well enough to not let some other country do it to us.

You've already been debunked in this thread. But it's interesting how fast people who know nothing about Russia suddenly got your line. It's almost as if there many posters deeply famiilar with Russian politics...

What's the campaign part?

Jeez. One of these days. All the chips are going to drop on this has to.

You think we're so innocent???

I'm glad they are taking a look, but it's more of a 'oh ok' than a 'ha ha, got em'

Clever name you have!

"I looked into his eyes, and I could see his soul the souls of thousands of orphans he'd devoured, and I knew he was a good man."

The Kremlin doesn’t care about being found out. They helped that Fucking Moron get elected to ease sanctions and to cause chaos in America. Getting that Fucking Moron thrown out of office due to the obvious collusion will cause a lot of chaos and delegitimise America’s brand of democracy in the eyes of the world. Mission Accomplished!

It was sort of a pun. "NAMBLA" is an, ahem, "advocacy" group for the interests of one of the last classes of folks considered sexually deviant. The "North American Man-Boy Love Association".

You can bet I'm not going to Google them from my office.

Totally. Putin just looked at him, and he understood!

It's possible that they are that stupid.

It's probable that they want to get caught and create chaos.

Then it should be easy to prove that the countries with the most Russian ex-pats would have gotten the more money than countries with fewer Russian citizens, right?

Russia did not have full federal elections as the 7 other countries did. Get your facts straight or don't engage.

But again, I'm glad yet another poster in this thread is giving Russian the benefit of the doubt when it comes to election interference. They've earned it. ;)

No these would be internal documents and cofidential official reports that are sent to the home country. Things you wouldn't necessarily want the host to have access too. If an embassy is about to be overrun of seized embassy staff are going to start destroying things before the home country's authorities can start seizing it.