The Face of War -- Putin's portrait made from five thousand spent ammo casings that were collected at the front lines in the Eastern Ukraine

By Ukrainian artist Darya Marchenko:

Right. Not involved at all. Definitely not. No way. Never even set foot in there. Regions of Ukraine are just spontaneously becoming part of Russia.

Yup. No Russian military presence here. Move along.

It's pretty weird they chose to make Putin even though Russia isn't involved in Ukraine at all

When I look at these super creative things, it almost, almost, makes me sad that I was proud of properly microwaving my food a few hours ago.

Yea yea yea, I accuse you of being a shill because your comment history shows obvious bias, and you accuse me of being a propaganda fed zombie. Been there done that.

You're trying to claim that the Mh17 flight was carrying people who were already dead, which is one of the most retarded russian sourced propagandistic pieces of information I've ever heard. You can go fuck yourself, more than 200 of my countrymen died in that plane crash and you're trying to make it seem like it's some kind of conspiracy against Russia. You can go fuck yourself with a burning stick.

Here's a handy tip, if you post on threads that have nothing to do with ukraine and russia once in a while, you won't look so much like a shill. Also try to keep your retarded Russian propaganda at-least slightly believable.

I would hang this in my man cave.

The lord of war.

The stuff of nightmares. Excellent rendering by the artist.