The Don just decided to end Kellyanne Conway

The Don just decided to end Kellyanne Conway

desiccated - dried up

duplicitous - deceitful

harridan - belligerent, old woman

Don making us pull out the dictionary at 8am.

Edit: Looks like my gold coffers are desiccated no more! Thanks.

Sheesh. Dude used an expansive vocabulary to rip her ass. Didn't want to hit her with the 'old, stupid ass bitch'. Had to make that shit spicy.

It amazes me that both Trump and Conway can't seem to get out of campaign mode. There is no point or benefit to constantly bringing up Hillary.

Keeps the idiotic fanbase frothing. There's no other reason for it.

If people wanted Hillary to give a statement about every single news story as soon as it happens, maybe they should have elected her president.

We should replace the border wall with Hillary because they can't seem to get over her.

Brings back memories of elementary school back home, 3rd - 5th grade, English first thing in the morning, having a spelling test. 😂

It's twitter-friendly, media-friendly, and share-it-at-the-dinner-table friendly

English wasn't my first language. This comment gave me PTSD

I was good with dessicated and duplicitous but had to Google harridan. Cheadle stepping up my vocab.

"Why hasn't she commented? Why doesn't she shut up and go away? She took too long to comment. She was quick to take advantage of the situation to push her agenda!"


quietly looks up 'harridan'

Reminds me of when I first started living in America, when all I could say in English was "I don't know how to speak English".

My pumpkin spice latte and I are so shook right now

Wow idk what kind of effed up family thinks "harridan" is okay at the dinner table but enjoy your future life of crime, I guess.

Stop crushing on Hillary. She don't want you.

I died.

It's basic English.

The more I think about it the more it doesn't make sense.

They are a carefully cultivated crop of stupid. Angry, poor, ignorant, white people: They are kept angry by conservative propaganda. They are kept poor through conservative economic policies, and the shaming of education as a liberal value. They pride themselves on their ignorance of basic science, but then claim superior knowledge of whatver conspiracy bullshit had been most recently poured into their facehole. Their ignorance is patriotic to them, as it is a vaccine (one they trust) against perspective and empathy. They scream and rant about personal responsibility but blame, "The media, The left, BLM, The NFL, etc." Their whiteness was weaponized by telling them all the stupid shit they have done to themselves, and all of their problems they are experiencing are due to a simple to understand concept: "You are oppressed by foreign invaders (people that look different) Only you know the truth (because we told it to you) and everyone else is a theif and a liar."

They're basically little preprogrammed fascist androids that resist any updates as an attempt to disable them. Diabolical shit.

I don't get why the Trumpers were so eager to hear Hillary's and Barack's statements on Weinstein. Usually they tell them to fuck off whenever they share their opinions on everything else.

You gotta think what kind of people we are talking about here... They voted against their own interests then bitch about it after the fact. But as long as it wasn't Hillary they are fine.

Is there diminishing returns on froth? Personally, I would like to see less froth at work every day.

Yeah what a weird bubble they live in. Clinton's not actively serving in any public role right now, so it's not like she has a 24/7 PR push ready to respond instantly to whatever bullshit story has consumed the latest news cycle. Five days to respond to a story that at best tangentially involves her seems pretty normal for a private citizen. Yet they're still trying to establish the legitimacy of their fully staffed presidential administration by measuring its responsiveness against that of a single unemployed woman with no current public role and a Twitter account.

a strict, bossy, or belligerent old woman.

Saved you a click

Wow idk what kind of effed up family thinks "harridan" is okay at the dinner table but enjoy your future life of crime, I guess.

Probably the same type of ruffians who call Polaner All Fruit, "Jelly". Fucking savages.

You don't seem very dedicated to the spelling of desiccated.

Dude obama and Hillary both accepted heavy donations from weinstein

Weinstein donated $75,000 to presidential campaigns over the course of 20 years. The narrative that Weinstein was some kind of big donor who was close buds with Obama and Clinton and had his voice constantly in their ear is a complete lie.

Almost like there's a certain section of the population that only really cares about complaining because it's the only thing they know how to do.

Fix healthcare? Nope, too hard. So long as brown people don't get it they don't care.

Fix education? Nope, they're not educated and they're perfect so why fix what ain't broke.

Fix the tax code? Nope. That's some nerd shit, plus they'll all be millionaires someday.

Holding their party accountable for blatant corruption, nepotism, and countless lies? Nope, the other side does it too, just look at all this evidence I have: [Throws a pizza on Harvey Weinstein]

Complain about liberals? Ah, finally, the good stuff.

pussy grabbing boss

you desiccated, duplicitous harridan

Such beautiful juxtaposition

Because Weinstein is a combo breaker. The long streak of conservatives in the news for sexual assault has been broken. Curious that the right isn't demanding that Trump, bolling, ailes and oreilly publicly condemn Weinstein :)

Now you can say two phrases in English, "i don't know how to speak English" and how to order a PSL

Somewhere in that comment, a deep and disturbing truth about human beings is hidden.

Dozens of accusers, documented instances of him inviting himself into women's changing rooms, a taped admission

And here you are, growing two extra hands so you can cover your ears and your eyes at the same time

I just deleted my dictionary app off my phone to make room for my cooking game 😭

Desiccated is the perfect description for Kellyanne though. Look at her! She looks like she puts meth in her coffee!,318,2000,1050/x/1742726/image.png

You know you got your ass roasted when you have to break out a dictionary.

"I don't know how to quit you!"

It reminds the base that HILLARY WOULD HAVE BEEN WORSE and keeps them from questioning Dear Leader too much. It works too. Plenty of people "Yeah, Trumps made some mistakes, but HILLARY WOULD HAVE BEEN WORSE."

They probably eat salsa made in New York City, the fucking brutes.


Harridan??....hmmm... Uh .. this bitch allergic to shellfish?..

Yup. I posted a pic a while back - these women are the same age. (Elise Neal, for anyone asking).

Apparently being evil (and not using cocoa butter) ages you prematurely. 

Hell, while I personally don't like the guy (his format is ridiculous and the people he invites to panel on his show rarely do anything to further the conversation aside from yelling at each other), I had to give major props to Don Lemon when i found out he's 51.

Yup. I posted a pic a while back - . (Elise Neal, for anyone asking).

Apparently being evil (and not using cocoa butter) ages you prematurely.

Hell, while I personally don't like the guy (his format is ridiculous and the people he invites to panel on his show rarely do anything to further the conversation aside from yelling at each other), I had to give major props to Don Lemon when i found out he's 51.

damn this murder was almost as bad as the bowling green massacre.

I'm curious why Hillary is even being talked about?

Is she still relevant somewhere to people? She lost, so why is she even still a point of discussion?

It feels like a distraction to me.

Some famous word-a-day burns could really expand things. I usually read obscure words from sesquipedalian movie reviews.

I didn't know Don Cheadle is Scottish.

Black don't crack.

That white woman certainly looks like she does crack

Fuck me that was brutal

👏 👏 👏

I died further when it made me think of her saying "HOW COME SHE DON'T WANT ME MAN?"

Again, bundling 1.4 million is a drop in the proverbial bucket. That sounds like a lot to you and me, but in reality all it gets you is an invitation to a dinner with hundreds of people who raised similar amounts. He objectively is not a top cozy donor, all those photos of HW shaking Hillary's hand are mirrored with pictures of the Trumps, money buys you pictures with whoever you want.

Locker room shit-talk > Actual sexual assault, apparently.

I had to look up dedicated but knew harridan and duplicitous. Lol

I’m not sure how deep it is. Learn bad. Pizza good.

Almost like there's a certain section of the population that only really cares about complaining because it's the only thing they know how to do.

I did tech support many years ago and learned a valuable lesson that took me a long time to fully assimilate. Here it is: There are some people who are not happy unless they're unhappy. That is, they seem to need something in their life to struggle against, an enemy on which to vent their spleen. For the people calling me, it was, at that moment, their printer or their internet service. And when you take away their thing to struggle against, e.g. by fixing their problem, then you become their thing to struggle against. It's exhausting and thankless, and those people are psychic vampires who will suck the life out of you.

I do not for a moment believe that that attitude is restricted solely, or even largely, to conservatives or Republicans.

can you imagine before the internet if you didn't have a dictionary around. I would just have to make up what these words ment.

Desecrated - disrespectful violation

Duplicates - multiple exact copies

Herring - a god damn fish

It's surreal actually. What a fucking straw man.

The Bowling Green massacre is a fictitious incident alluded to by U.S. Counselor to the President Kellyanne Conway in interviews with Cosmopolitan and TMZ on January 29, 2017, and in an interview on the MSNBC news program Hardball with Chris Matthews on February 2, 2017. Conway cited it as justification for a travel and immigration ban from seven Muslim-majority countries enacted by United States President Donald Trump. However, no such massacre occurred. The day after the interview, Conway said she misspoke and had been referring to the 2011 arrest of two Iraqi refugees in Bowling Green, Kentucky on charges including "attempting to provide material support to terrorists and to al-Qaeda in Iraq".[1] She stated that she had mentioned the incident because it led President Barack Obama to tighten immigration procedures for Iraqi citizens.

Dude obama and Hillary both accepted heavy donations from weinstein and have praised him on numerous occasions. Dude visited the obama white house on 13 occasions meeting directly with the president and vice president. It's obviously convenient for the right in that the attention is taken away from them but these are still serious questions to be asked. If you want political sincerity, expect it from both sides.

Hey man, I knew a Haitian kid who failed French and a Dominican kid that failed Spanish.

I'm curious why Hillary is even being talked about?

Because that's pretty much all they have to talk about. Plummeting approval ratings, mass shootings, natural disasters. Want to deflect from that? Scream BUT HER EMAAAAAILS.

So just because he was one of thousands of rich democrats who donated to their campaigns, he was obviously their best friend?

Dozens of accusers, including his ex-wife Ivana Trump, who once used “rape” to describe an incident between them in 1989. Documented instances of him inviting himself into women's changing rooms, and a taped admission. But you can try and stick your head in the sand and call it "fake news" as usual, even though these are all well documented for decades.

P.S. Trump never denied the incident between him and Ivana (that left her bloodied and bruised), his lawyer simply said that, "You cannot rape your spouse. And there’s very clear case law.".

Its not what he donated but what he raised. He was a bundler, those guys can be very influential. He raised 1.4 million for Hillary alone. Obama's daughter interned for him.

I don't really care, as these kinds of sleezeballs are not party specific. However, I disagree with your assertion as the top Democrats and Weinstein would appear to be pretty cozy. The dude was a powerful guy with close relations to powerful people.


Its like there is nothing in their lives but hate.. They hate movies and actors since nobody came to Trump's inauguration. They hate NFL because of the kneeling and they probably now hate music because of Eminem. So all that's left for them as a pastime is to watch and listen to hate spewing rhetoric and blame others for their own choices. I hope they one day get bored of this crap and stop and think about what they are doing to themselves..

Oh wow...she's only 50.

Sunscreen is your friend. Or a giant hat. Or just don't go outside, that's a good one.

Why can't we critictize both of them for being god awful shitty people without one side crying with whataboutism?

Have you met old people before? They get mad and stay mad at literally everything.

My father in law is in his late 60's, and last year something trigger him and he ranted and raved like I'd never seen before about his brother stealing money from him.

We all thought this was like within the last 10 years and one of the reasons why they don't talk anymore.

Nope. High school.


You can downvote me but you know I'm right.

get a rope

He has 19 pending lawsuits, and has admitted to it. Maybe he just doesn’t have ground to stand on.

Why do people feel the need to pull out the thesaurus when coming up with insults these days?

Those aren't words don cheadle uses in every day conversation. Is it meant to impress people?

She did win the popular vote

Brings back memories of Cheadle emotional plea and calling Trump a "racist, abusive coward"

Oh my god. It is the froth singularity.


lol well Haitians speak creole not French

Because talking about something that could be construed as sexual assault without acutally admitting to doing it is the same as actual sex assault and rape with real on-the-record accusers?

Wow I thought Cheadle was a wordsmith but you sir are a poet of unrivaled intellect.

Using those 500 characters to the fullest

As pointed out above, this is a safer more media-friendly way of calling Conway a stupid old bitch, basically.

Using words like these, you are able to convey "stupid old bitch" without having your tweet dismissed for using words like "stupid old bitch."

It's actually kinda smart.

Kellyanne. Your duplicity is hardly surprising.


They want presidential level responses to every event from her, and for us to stop criticising the president for terrible responses to events because he's new to this, guys.

Which is hilarious because he’s publicly stated he isn’t going to attempt to sue her or prosecute her... other than the wall being a lie this is the biggest lie that should have forced a drop in the majority of his supporters.

Unfortunately that includes my dad. I can never bring up anything retarded that Trump does (I would do it every day) because that's his answer every time. I guess they're just trying to justify electing a monkey into the most powerful position in the world. "At least we didn't elect a snake!!" -Trump fans probably

Of course there is. "Lock her up!" gets the rubes going every time.

oh plus the actual legal case where he RAPED HIS EX WIFE AND TORE HER HAIR FROM HER HEAD

His accent had cockney wallpaper.

desscated whats so hard to undrestand?

People did elect her. But the EC didn't.

I got so excited thinking this might be a sub.

YES. The tweets have been more and more outrageous for the last few days. I have a feeling something big is coming down the line.

He is very smart

The important third component to basic English.

Yea but those seemed more political than anything. Besides, having a court date doesn't equal guilt.

I'm looking for actual proven cases of sexual offenses.

It's word of the day, and I was good at harridan - so roll back that use of sesquipedalian!

Don is the man.