The Division 1.8 update available now (10.41 GB)

The Division 1.8 update available now (10.41 GB)

Patch notes

For those interested, no Xbox One X enhancements listed.

I'm installing The Division again to try it out. I hope the X enchancement patch comes out soon.

There is a lot of people in the community that will happily help you with a new character, leveling and gearing up. I personally love to find people new to the game carrying them to hard missions and giving them all my loot, is like being santa.

Plus this weekend there is a free trial so you shouldn't have any problem match making.

It's a Division free play weekend, too!

They said the X enhancement would come after 1.8. No timeline that I've seen specifically.

Has anyone been keeping up with this game? I tried to go back to it after the last update but there was so much new stuff I didn't know where to start. I was thinking about just starting a new character.

New content>prettier graphics. This is a no brainer to me...

I thought the Enhancement would release with the new patch. Any idea when can we expect that?


cant wait to Play :D dlc/pass on sale?

Yes. It's listed as "In Development".

do we know they're doing one?

Not a clue. Just thought I'd save some time for anyone who was looking for that detail specifically in the notes.

Thanks. You reminded me to uninstall so I don't have to download this. Cheers