The Conception of Vince

The Conception of Vince

Impressive but this is going to scar me for life.

Normally in an eSport, when you "lose" the old voices of the game, it'd be terrible news and really signifies bad times for the scene and the game.

But not in CS:GO, when Semmler decided to "hang" the microphone, and Anders decided to not attend as many events, so many good Casters stepped up like HenryG and Sadokist, and so many of the "up and coming" casters like Vince are taking the opportunity to make their mark and shine

Haha thanks dude hope you have a great day :)

I think the scientific is Anders and the lil clone fetus inside the tube is Vince, BLESS BUDGET ANDERS.

On point, love the drawing.

I though the scientific was metuz and the foetus vince. Btw cute name

the scientific is Anders

this is beautiful. and disturbing. and probably what actually happened

Fun fact: Vince is 1 day older than Anders