The classiest of territory marks

The classiest of territory marks

Now it isn't going to feel as special for the next guy when he looks up and sees that he Julia brings all the guys to that tree

Something tells me Julia didnt suck him off there in 2005.

I hope so. I don't even know Julia, but I'm kinda jealous she didn't suck me off in the woods in 2005.

the other side of that tree you see 5 other dudes wrote the same thing...

Rocks generally aren't made of wood

I like to believe this guy just wrote this now and he is reflecting on his glory days.

Ohhhh so we got some sort of rock expert here huh

No it's a rock in the shape of a former piece of wood. The minerals fill in the gaps in the wood and solidify, and then, as the rest of the wood deteriorates, more minerals fill in the gaps, creating an almost perfect recreation of the wood.

No, Then it would be WTTbone008

Well, it would be good to see Julia first before ya get jealous.