The church attendance rate of Generation Z is 41%. This is A LOT higher than the Millennials (18%), Generation X (21%), and the baby boomers (26%).

The church attendance rate of Generation Z is 41%. This is A LOT higher than the Millennials (18%), Generation X (21%), and the baby boomers (26%).
The church attendance rate of Generation Z is 41%. This is A LOT higher than the Millennials (18%...

If their parents don't attend church, whose taking these kids?

The study examined the portion of Gen Z that had reached young adulthood :)

Still man people in college will go to church just to see the young women there with their friends. Not saying that's what's happening, and I want this to be true, but I think given these are Pedes right out of the nest, it's hard to say it's legit.

Btw just started going back to church myself. +1 millenials.

I want to go back but church always gets super political and I end up leaving angry. Don't want that at church

Where are the borders of these stupid generation labels? How do I know which dumbass box to try to fit into ? lol

I said this was going to start happening two years ago even before I was red pilled just a from the gut observation. The Modern world has failed so hard at bringing people together by their means (Sex, Drugs, and Rock n' Roll) that it would bring about a more virtuous pursuit of togetherness. I hope the churches are ready.

I've been thinking of something that would be good if people just got together just to work on fixing there own communities.

I don't like religion and I'm not religious, but if religion is the only thing keeping society from becoming what we've seen it was transforming into under the Left... PRAISE JESUS!!!

Find a serious Protestant branch and it won't happen to you. There are quite some cucky Prots though, so good luck

Millennials are the neo-Hippies—my parent's generation also known as the "Me Generation." An entire generation of self-absorbed, spoon-fed radical liberal socialists.

My generation was Gen X a direct response to the Me Generation and Gen Z is a direct response to the Millennials.

Hopefully this is a good thing...although with the way the left has infiltrated much of the church, I'm not completely convinced.

I have similar views and T_D redpilled the shit out of me on how based our religious folks are.

We gotta look at reality, is humanity ready to leave religion behind? Nope. Look at what's happening here in NON-religious Europe: islam is finding no resistance from an already existing religion and so it's able to spread like a cancer at frightening speed.

Until you have viral and backwards religions like islam around, the best thing to do is keep good ole Christianity strong. It's a thousand times better for everyone... including animals btw, look at how they kill those poor beasts to make "halal" food. Actually, don't. It's gut wrenching.

Not at Catholic Mass.

Just sit in the back, and do not get up to receive the Eucharist.

Boomer born 1960 and before

X before 1980

Millennials before 1995 generally, sometimes 2000

Z before 2000 or 2005 or 2010

Could be a factor, though Gen Z is actually a bit more socially conservative (on issues) than millennials and much much more fiscally conservative.


According to a survey of 50,000 Gen Z-aged students (defined here as those ages 14 to 18 in 2016) in the United States done by My College Options and the Hispanic Heritage Foundation in September and October of 2016, 34% of participants supported Donald Trump, while 20% supported Hillary Clinton.

^ That is a big difference over millennials.

When you take something away from people, they want it back. They will seek it out. They will covet what you try and take from them

I used to go to church years ago, wear a cross and occasionally read the bible. I had stopped for over a decade, but I'm still catholic. When it looked like things got so bad under Obama that I thought we were going to lose Christmas, I embraced my faith again. It wasn't that I stopped believing, it's that it wasn't important to me... until I nearly lost it

I would guess that the same thing happened to Trump. He's not religious, but he looks like a man who is discovering God all over again.

If these children are indoctrinated with "christianity=bad and Islam=religion of peace" while they watch millenials getting triggered. It makes sense that they would go on the internet and find out what is going on and will become more connected to their faith

Generation Z has been red-pilled hard. 2020 looking awesome!

Maybe its because the millenials who actually get a kids are the ones that are religious and make a family. There is a clear culture within the Millenial group where partners are focused only on themselves and they don't want kids. Where we do know that religious families often get more kids and if the other family does get kids its usually only 1.

So I think this might also play a big reason.

There are many service organizations that may already exist in your area. Check for Rotary club, Lions, and/or Kiwanis. If you have a "Welcome to (my city)" sign, they probably have a logo, and where and when they have their local monthly meetings.


I'm now pro-life.

Hearing a Christian defend abortion does sound uncool to me.

They are. My church just did a huge series on living a post-Christian world and how Christians are now the minority and what that means. It was very interesting.

Atheist Trump-Supporter here. Christianity is the lesser evil compared to Islam. I fully support it as long as it keeps Sharia Law out of this country.

Your first three are off by about 15 years.

Because they know meme magic is real! Really inspires spirituality in this soon to be former atheist.

Dude don't go to the mega-churches, many of them are infiltrated by Satan himself.

Those who don't attend church don't have as many kids. Traditionalists always eventually inherit the future. The marxists have to rely on indoctrinating new members in order to grow.

I'm not surprised. The church is in revival right now.

And if you want to find Catholic-pedes I recommend finding an FSSP parish or one that says the Extraordinary Form.

If you try to organize something it will get bombarded by Liberals who want to feel good about themselves. Since they don't use logic or hard work, it will inevitably end up being virtue signaling bullshit like wearing vaginas to march for rights they already have.

Most of my generation (Millennials) are trash.

For what it's worth, I recognized this growing up and spent as much time around Gen Xers as I could.

The Force is strong with this Generation

"christianity=bad and Islam=religion of peace" is where they went wrong. If they'd stuck to their "all religions are evil" mantra, it might have held more sway. But once you admit one religion can be good, you must admit that more than one could be unless you say that one religion is the one TRUE religion.

And since the left doesn't actually want to convert to Islam, they've played themselves.

I've heard multiple definitions. But the Baby Boom has consistently been placed from 1946-1964. I've seen generation X placed from 1965-1980ish and some researchers placing it as late as 1984 and some saying the millenials started as early as the late 70s. For people born in 1982, I think the former makes sense as I don't feel like I have a lot in common with the millenials born in the 1990s who do not remember the technological and social change we experienced. People who came of age in the late 1990s experienced the 9/11 attacks as adults, watched the fall of communism as children, and remember a time before text messages, constant communication and public shaming on social media. The millennial generation is another "boom" like what happened in the 50s. People started having more children in the U.S. as the economy dramatically improved in the latter half of the Reagan era, before that the birth rate was low as a lot of people were pessimistic about the future of the U.S. during the Carter era until the mid-80s when things started to really turn around. I don't know when the millennial generation ends though, but I think the idea of trying to place generational differences before people come of age is fairly new. People didn't really start talking about the baby boom generation until they became adults and started exhibiting very clearly different priorities from their parents.

Because people that have large families are Much more likely to be religious. A few Atheist and agnostics maybe burdened to pop out a kid or two but that about it..

I've been thinking about heading down to church recently, I haven't been to one in about 20 years. I may not be totally on board with everything but I can't doubt the value of social cohesion that attending church brings to a community.

I know! Have you seen /sub/christianity? They sometimes defend abortion! WTH?

Compared to previous generations though the numbers are much higher.

Since social media and tinder you would think it would be less likely that people would go there for that.

However, maybe more people are looking for dating material and meaningful relationships; now that would be nice.