The canadian government gets it

The canadian government gets it

sh extension is short for stop hackers right?

Refreshing to see one of those making syntactical sense. Nice one Canada.

I think it's telling them to quiet down. It gets loud when you have to telnet into the data mainframe and upload the .exe file to digitize login databases, or something. #1337

I hope they have the x bit set on that file otherwise there'll be some frantic chmod-ing when the hackers attack

Cut the network cables will doe the trick. If nobody can get in, you won't get hacked!

$sudo ./ Access Denied (/bin/sh)


$sudo chmod +x *.* $sudo ./


But it can be that easy, for a limited time now get the patented design Hammer. Simply grab any device you find and hit it with a hammer, order within the next 30 mins and get a free cloth to wipe your hard drives

Be quick! otherwise those hackers will..... ooops too late

Haha, yep, done.

I know your comment isn't referencing TheFuck but part of me hopes the Canadian government do have TheFuck installed

Hmm, the mainframe is unstabl- shit, they've geo-traced our IP back to the system. Wait, what? Access Denied? We've been locked out, goddamnit, let me check my System32, fuck! It's null! What're we going to do? Wait a second, not so fast, fucker, I've hacked into his graphics processing unit and have control over the entire facility. I'm going to start a reverse image search, it's going to take 12.68 minutes, hold them off until then.


Stuxnet is a malicious computer worm, first uncovered in 2010 by Kaspersky Lab. Thought to have been in development since at least 2005, Stuxnet targets SCADA systems and was responsible for causing substantial damage to Iran's nuclear program. Although neither country has openly admitted responsibility, the worm is believed to be a jointly built American/Israeli cyberweapon.

Stuxnet specifically targets programmable logic controllers (PLCs), which allow the automation of electromechanical processes such as those used to control machinery on factory assembly lines, amusement rides, or centrifuges for separating nuclear material.

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They are of course not online, but that doesn't mean people can't perform malicious attacks. Remember Stuxnet?

They also use it for "start hack". It's like Aloha.

Yeah I thought you meant refreshing the page showed different ones and this one happened to make sense. I an not smart.

Did they try sudo twice or so?

Maybe even for((;;)); do sudo; done?

CSE is awesome. I see them at tech events all the time giving away rubber ducks and instructions for them as coding buddies. I often see them sponsoring software engineer events, tech competitions and other student ran things.


Their job is mass surveillance. They were not hiding it.

Edit: I was thinking about CSIS. I was wrong.

Drop the cyber nuke!

It's written in sudo code obviously.

Am I the only one that wished it was

They are hiding probes and cameras in those ducks

Do not take the ducks.


This ain't DOS, buddy.

Good bot!

Don't be silly, what sort of document type would that be? It's being opened by sudo so it obviously means it's a sudo hell document.

The . is unnecessary. * works just as well to glob all files. In DOS, you have to use *.* to get everything, and * only matches files with no extension.

Because you save one entire keystroke, and it looks more advanced. Observe:

while true; do for((;;)); do

As you can tell, this is obviously far better.

Really ? I'm regularly using sh, if I had known this was a DRY violation I would have chosen my file names differently.

Exactly - not only is the . unnecessary, but it won't match any filenames without . in them, which is far more common on unix-based systems.

But you can just use : instead of true in bash and you have the added benefit of being unreadable to half of your fellow maintainers who don't know what : does.

while :; do for((;;)); do

Now you save 2 additional keystrokes!

These guys gave me the creeps when they had booths at our school. command not found

This is just a dumb guess but hear me out. I think the X bit is set. The cursor is is placed a space after the name of the file. If autocomplete is enabled and used, it usually ends up a space after the full command. Also, this is a stretch but autocomplete wouldn't complete a sh command on a non-executable. And it seems unlikely that the user would put a space in himself.

Bad human.

One of the updated documentaries on Stuxnet totally tried to give Symantec aka Norton credit for the discovery of Stuxnet. I think it may of aired on PBS although i can't remember where i watched it. I am now 100 percent sure it was PBS. Link Below.

I was like what the hell it was Kaspersky Lab. I guess they didn't want to give a Russian Antivirus credit. I am sure it fooled a lot of gullible people. Information warfare even on PBS?

Edit. Here you go, I was right and it is in the transcript.

There is a slightly related XKCD for this.

delete hacker.chr

Fun Fact: Lots of big budget hacks are either inside jobs, or use social engineering where even no-internet-connection doesn't help.

Why use that abomination of a for loop rather than a while true?

"in general" you should probably be more specific instead of *

chmod +x all the things is not usually a good idea

Canadian Government checking in

Not on my work computer, but I use this extensively on my home server and desktop.

Hammer? Better carve out those hackers!


Because we are required to have a common look and feel.

The web experience toolkit was created several years ago to ensure a consistent look and to ensure an accessible experience.

Its not the nicest but it works and we don't like spending money in improving things if they work fine.

Though there are some of us working on improving how things look in the web space.

Stuxnet killed my wife, it was the worst merry-go-round accident of all time.

Edit: someone has pointed out that it may not be a good idea to make this information public, and I have to agree.

do we need to type $ ? It is also a part of the command, rite? #1337

Are you writing a Visual Basic program to stop them? WHY AREN'T YOU WRITING A VISUAL BASIC PROGRAM?!?!

woah, what the fuck. and that's not just some clueless tech journalist, it's the director of symantec's "Security Technology and Response division" straight up claiming credit.

we have always been at war with eastasia.


chmod +x /*

The hackers must have gotten to you first. Better reinstall :(

Just Monika

Of course it is not that easy! You also have to type in the password.

I work for a federal agency that has similar legacy ties to ancient and insecure mainframe systems. We keep trying to get permission to move to secure modern alternatives.

We keep getting shot down though. By who? Why, yes, "cybersecurity". Apparently it's more secure to use mainframes whose architecture was never intended to survive the suite of security threats prevalent today than to use a cloud offering of any sort...

You realize they don't collect anything from anyone in Canada OR from Canadians abroad right...

So... Python?

Cutting the system off from the Internet entirely is the best way to keep it safe from the Internet, but I see no reason for everything to keep running on outdated systems.

Yeah all they did was ask me to apply.

Meanwhile in the United States of America where we are great despite our government:

we use advanced cryptographic technologies to secure teraflops of internet line from German spying, and we totally don't spy on you either

At least most of the Canadian defense agency are consistant in their css. Yes the css isn't particularly fancy, but you can instantly know that you are on a Canadian agency website.


or just


good bot

would you rather we don't have a comprehensive screening process for the people that are going to be handling the vast majority of Canada's top secret info?

Some people say that if you type #, you get an instant root access to the computer.

Shit mines looking at me right now. What do I do

If you are using a Mac, one doenst have to type anything to get root access

Are you sure about that? Because I am 99.9994% sure that Garrosh is not a bot.

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Yes. Let's stop them.

Yes. Let's stop them.


Like the NSA doesn't?

Forgot the -R

Intelligence agencies have some insanely talented people working at them. The NSA recruited several researchers from my college- they were making upwards of $300k a year here, I can only imagine the raise they must have gotten.

Just read that entire article. Holy shit that was interesting and impressive. The level of sophistication and technical detail needed for that worm was insane. Definitely not your average basement hack job.

They gave away black capacitive-usable gloves at the career fair at my university.

The only thing in worried about is how I will have fuck and wrongly typed commands in the history, does it retroactively fix the history?

Nothing turns me more on than an executable pdf.

Canada has a agency (CSIS) which is responsible for intelligence collection within Canada, to target Canadians they still need a warrant and whether they stick to those rules 100% is a different debate (i suspect they are pretty good).

Regardless CSE does not, and likely does not want to collect on Canadians, they have their hands full enough protecting government networks (cyber defense) and trying to keep an eye on foreign powers (Russia, China, DPRK, etc)

It doesn't mean they are invulnerable but it does reduce the number of dumb attacks going on.

The problem is "dumb" attacks are not the things we're worried about. We're a Federal agency, the things that keep us up at night are various enterprising foreign locales like Beijing or Moscow, not xXx_bRUt4l1tY_xXx running "My First Metasploit". Our adversaries have access to the skills and expertise needed to seriously cripple us however they get access. Just ask OPM how our database of SF-86s is doing...

Nevermind that companies like Google and Uber and Facebook collect far more about you than even agencies like CSE or NSA can hope to. But no one seems to have reservations about working for them...

Dont worry, ill just call my maid to pick up these top secret documents then she can carve out the hackers