The Brooklyn Nets now have the second and third overall picks from the 2015 NBA draft

The Brooklyn Nets now have the second and third overall picks from the 2015 NBA draft

D'Angelo Russell was the second pick in 2015 by the Lakers. Nets traded Lopez for him and Mozgovs salary

Jahlil Okafor went third to Philadelphia and was just traded to the Brooklyn nets

when you traded all your first rounders to Boston but still end up with two top 3 picks

redemption squad

Imagine telling someone the night after the 2015 draft that both Russell and Okafor would be on the nets in less than 3 years. And that Donald Trump would be president.

He's about to start shooting 3s

I know it's a year or two off, but the Nets can consider putting a crown jewel on their big 3 by selecting the 1st round 1st pick from 2013.

Sure he's on another team right now, but they might be able to pick him up for a nice 1st, 2nd, and 3rd combo.

When D'Lo is healthy and Okafor plays they are gonna be a low key fun team to watch especially with the system Akinson has in place

Are you considering Anthony Bennett? We actually had him, he was an early reclamation project but he never worked out. he’s on the Suns now

Okafor doesn't really fit the system

Towns and Kristaps next?

No one thought this timeline would happen

Hezonja and Winslow.

Sean Marks is the anti Billy King

waived by them too iirc

slow down lmao this is okafor we're talking about

I guarantee he fits better than Mozgov

I’m not sure which one would’ve been more believable.

Nets lowkey might be doing a better job at rebuilding than some rebuilding teams and they didn't have their own first round pick for three years.

Post up spacing about to be a thing.

You don't think we can develop two players at the same time? Plus, they play differently.

Okafor bout to dream shake someone on the 3 point line

Jarrett Allen fits perfectly.

I think someone said it best the other day, you're getting Okafor not because he fits your system. You're getting him in the hope that you'll develop him well enough to fit in your system.

We have a great development staff getting the best out of d-league talent (Harris,Dinwiddie) and changing player styles late in their careers (Lopez). I have no doubt Okafor will help this team over the long run if he listens to them.

Olynk's contract isn't up for a few years :/

Or Iggy Azalea

Funny you said he never worked out. They say he never really did work out, literally.

He's fun to watch on defense if you're a fan of the opposing team.

Who needs picks when you can wait and trade for them?

I'm gonna be real excited if they can land Hezonja too

And KD would be a Warrior

He was referring to Sauce Castillo

Whereever Nick Young goes, there's always an Iggy

For real, shoutout Nick young and Iggy man

Perplexed by the flair.

they just need to sign a horse to their roster

"Boy, that Russian guy sure doesn't take no for an answer, eh...?"

Theyre gonna get PnR'd to death. I cant wait until they play the sixers

Bizarro Billy


Well, so far they're 9-14 and Lakers are 8-15.

Nets are going to be better then the lakers soon

Don't wish things like this to happen

wiggins was 2014. 2013 was bennett

The 2k Legends method of posting up Kareem from half court.

They have had a pretty terrible stretch and have really only gotten D'lo out of it. Who are they doing a better job of rebuilding than? Maybe the Lakers? Not really sure.

Caris Levert, Jarrett Allen and Rondae Hollis Jefferson were all first round picks in a time where Brooklyn didn't have any.

Couldn’t have done it without Barry tbh.

Dinwiddie? Joe Harris? Rondae? Allen? Levert? Dinwiddie looks like the next George Hill quietly and Joe Harris is a legit role player. Rondae has improved like crazy. Allen looks to be Tyson Chandler 2.0 (ok that's an exaggeration but he plays like him a bit) if he keeps improving. Levert is a nice slasher. He's done great considering the situation.