The bridge between China and Macau that switches cars from left to right hand drive

The bridge between China and Macau that switches cars from left to right hand drive

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That seems overly complicated. One of them could just go straight.

They could both go straight, small crossover...

Easy. Build a bridge that just crosses over the other one, making an X

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I was thinking the same thing. I refuse to believe I'm smarter than the engineers who designed this. Surely this is a better layout for a reason I can't understand......... Right?

How would you build it better, Mr. Engineer?

My cities skylines experience tells me this is horribly inefficient

No lol. Forget the penis. It would be two roads going side by side and then one road crosses the other to switch sides. Making an x in the middle

I just thought it was that "complicated" to gain drivers attention just to really let them know something's drastically changing here. I mean I needed like four hours of driving in London to completely getting into driving on the left hand side. Every intersection challenged me.

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Bridge looks like it's fairly high up. So I bet that's all to make it less steep of a climb/descent.


Does OP know what left and right hand drive means? If so, what kind of advanced technology is at play here?

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This design just looks nuts.

They meant “traffic”, not “drive”.

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why wouldn't they just do an X shape crossover instead of this phallic looking thing


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