The Blue Lagoon (1980 film) Brooke Shields

The Blue Lagoon (1980 film) Brooke Shields

This movie was perpetually on cable in the early 80's when I was a kid. I always felt like I was doing something wrong by watching it. I'm sure it's tame by current standards.

Legend has it she farted on the set of this film

Brooke was only 14 in this picture.

I mean, it's after she appeared nude in Playboy, so I guess the topless child in this movie doesn't matter that much. /s

That's vile. How on earth was that not illegal?

Yup - I'm around her age, and I remember all the hush-hush talk about it.

I believe she was 10.

I never knew that was Brooke Shields. I loved this as a kid. Such a neat atmosphere. That spider out the mouth was sad. The incest baby was sad too. Them having to go through the changes alone on an island was sad. It was a deep movie.

I like stuff like this and Flowers in the Attic. That was twisted.

Cheers, fuckface.

I was re-watching Flowers in the Attic a few days ago and I forgot how fucked up it was. The lifetime version of the movie was more close to the book, but damn the whole thing is messed up.

Wait, you're saying she did playboy before she was 14?

They called it art

They did a remake years later and it just wasn't the same

Yes, they eventually would. Hormones and instincts.

Holy shit, you’re right.

We go through a lot of physical changes after 14

He probably needs the money more than you do.

Wasn't she like 12 in Pretty Baby?

There's a number of films like this that have different versions based on where it's going to be shown. Now with the Internet, you can see different versions of the same thing from all over the world.

IIRC, others were much more concerned about her than really need be as she seemed to have turn out just fine.

Iirc her long hair was basically glued to her boobs so nipples we're never visible.


I never saw the lifetime one. Didn't know there was one and never read the book. No idea on the differences.

But the 80s one or whatever it was.. The mom gives them arsenic cookies.. Wasn't feeding them.. The oldest gets out but there are dogs all over the grounds...

The incestuous hints from the father to daughter.. And the spanking..

Trying to erase the kids. Pretending like she didn't know them at the wedding..

But most of all, arsenic cookies..

She looks like Dylan or Cole sprouse.

I thought the same thing...but I wasn't just watching in.

Yeahhh. Everyone's all "omg wtf is incest porn so hot rn this is fucked up."

And every girl who could read in the 1980's is unsurprised because VC Andrews. You could check it out in the high school library sometimes.

After the thread the other day talking about the Stranger Things kids being sexualized and someone in the comments pointed out that she was in Playboy at 10 FUCKING YEARS OLD, I can't look at her without feeling bad for her. How many adults were around her that all thought that was ok , I can't understand. Why was playboy allowed to get away with that shit.

They were cousins.

That doesn't look anything like Brooke Shields to me.

Doesn't look like anything to me.