The blackness of this snake

The blackness of this snake

Wesley Vipes


damn nature you scary

I would have expected something like

and then there is this little guy

Its looks like a very comfy velvet dressing gown

"suspect is unarmed"

I'd like my ticket to hell now, please

if this comment does not make it to the top of the thread by the end of the day I'll be severely disappointed.

none more black

The answer is

I’ve seen this snake before. It was the last time I saw my bike also.

*v a n t a s n e k *

Not relevant, but this makes me want to watch Black Snake Moan again. What a weird tale. Ricci was dope af though. Jackson killed it too.

Just waiting for the first black joke to roll in

Magestic af

He's like a furry, yawning sausage !