The best surprise passenger you can have next to you on a flight

The best surprise passenger you can have next to you on a flight

Doggy Bag

I got to sit in the same row as a couple with one of those ragdoll cats. It made a tolerable flight awesome

Close but terrifying second:

Close but terrifying second:

I appreciate that the gif cuts to then landing so we know the kitty made it back to earth.

Ruff Life.

Looks like Mr. Peanutbutter got himself a monogrammed carrying bag :)

One might say it was....purrfect

I always hope this will happen but no luck yet.

I was so excited when I thought his name was 'Mr. Peanuts', but now I realize it's a possessive apostrophe. Idk why but Mr. Peanut is just not as cute a name as Mr. Peanuts.

That's the exact opposite of sitting next to a teething baby

I can almost smell the puppy breath

I hate to be that guy...but this would be horrifically torturous because my husband is very allergic to dogs. Surprise exposure in an enclosed environment to this dander without any medication or masks or anything could result in a trip to the ER upon landing. It's such a shame because we love animals. And Mr. Peanut is adorable.

Uh, is there a runway clear?

I may have a cat-astrophe on my hands if I don't land soon.

Comes with built-in snoot for booping.

As someone who's allergic to cats. That sounds awful.

Don't do cargo, it is inhumane. Talk to your vet about options. Also, where is relocation to? There may be alternatives.

The best kind of bag.

People always look at me strangely when I talk about puppy breath! But it’s real!

Sat next to a man on an international flight with a cat that meowed the ENTIRE TIME and that freaked out when I ate my meal. Not nearly as fun.

I would love if that would be allowed in Germany, but here they have to travel as cargo.

Only if they don't fit in a carrier that you can take in the cabin with you. As far as I know, unless it's a certified service animal, US airlines require the pet to be in a carrier (and in principle, locked into that carrier the entire time) as well.

Lol, you know the pilot was praying that the passenger wouldn't notice.

Or a spoiled toddler


Or a petulant adult.

Could somebody explain me since when dogs are allowed as passengers (in the US)? I would love if that would be allowed in Germany, but here they have to travel as cargo. Which I would never want my dogs to experience.

I mean regardless it was gonna get back on earth. Weather or not it was gonna use up 9/9 lives to get back was the real concern


Yeah that was nervewracking

"I asked to be seated next to the cutest guy on the plane and this is who I wound up sitting next to!"

Sorry for your husband because that really sucks. Seems like he should have some equivalent to an Epi pen if it's that bad. (No idea if I spelled Epi pen right)

Hey soos. And thats why you do a thorough preflight inspection. How do you miss an entire cat in the wing...

Doggo is traveling alone and can't wait to see New York City!

TIL this works for good boys.

Sorry sir you're going into the overhead compartment if youre not a good boy