the best part of getting miner to 60.

the best part of getting miner to 60.

That god damned peiste is responsible for at least 5% of the sprinting I did in 2.0.

The best part of getting ANY Class to 60?


TIL level 60 MIN turn into a peiste.

The first thing I've done after levelling my main was to visit Mor Dhona and slap those damn frogs.

Slyphlands Any beast tribe area

People that mined in North Thanalan for Cobalt Ore or Basilisk Eggs, often got chased by that mob who would often just be in the middle of the road. So now that we're level 60, we no longer aggro it from so far away anymore.

Notice there were no frogs in all of the expac? It's like a dream come true.

Or getting 150-250 clusters per node?

Instead they gave us tornadoes as the top most annoying thing to deal with. Good thing they're bound to dungeons and trials.

Do you even gather bro?

I would pay good money for a poroggo minion.

I feel the opposite. The sylphlands heavy me. The caves do not.

When level cap was 50, it was a pain to mine cobalt ores and basalisk eggs in Northern Thanalan specifically because of this one peiste that stands right in the center. (he was the only thing that aggroes a level 50 in that part of Northern Thanalan) Now that level cap is 60, gatherers can gather without worrying about aggro.

I hate when it takes too long to get off

Is anything seriously worse than Outer La Noscea? The mobs in the caves are completely unavoidable, at least in Syphlands you can weave through without catching hate.