The best advice around here

The best advice around here

Always end the sentence with “...but you do what you feel is best” to seclude yourself from any responsibility once a decision has been made by the person you gave advice to.

Alright Imma use that

fauxpas0101: "Hey, do you think I should buy this lotto ticket?"

AnAsianGustav: "It's 10 dollars, I would, but you do what you feel is best."

fauxpas0101 wins $1,000,000

AnAsianGustav: "Holy shit give me some, I told you to buy it."

fauxpas0101: "No you told me to do what I feel is best, so I made the decision to buy it, so I'm keeping all the money."

AnAsianGustav.exe has stopped working

"Bitch, have you not seen my life?"

Or end with “idk tho”. That way it puts the ball in their court.


Off to a good start I see. So Close

I give my friends relationship advice. "Here's what I'd do." Then I'd remind them that in my 30 years of miserable existence I've never gotten a 2nd date before so they know to do the opposite.

End process Tree

What's wrong with a bit of FLOOF

One day you'll realize that being a total loser isn't defined by your virginity status

The coach doesn't need to play. Some outside perspective might be just what a friend needs to make a better decision

Also me ( but this guy need some f** also )*

Books are better than a second date anyways!

(Yes I realize how sad that sounds, but I’m also not a virgin, so I can no longer be thought of as a total loser)

I hate that rarepuppers shit too man. I'm mad immature, but grown ass adults saying "DOGGE" and "F L OOF BOYE" just gets to me

that's my go-to

I try to give the best advice I can give, based on my life experience and all that. Then I hit em with an "idk tho bro u know?"

it completely absolves me of responsibility, but I was still able to get my advice across to them if they wanted to hear it

edit: i use that for relationship advice, cuz it's tricky you know people get back together and all that. you don't wanna be the guy that talked all that shit about his girl, acting all definite and all that about it

"But, that's just me." YMMV.

People often give better advice to others than what they give to themselves. It's just human nature.

Well, fair is fair when loving whores or something

My parallel is “now to be fair, you’re talking to a guy who was once addicted to narcotics...” so that’s my caveat emptor...

...but I follow it with “but now I’ve got a great life and hot wife”, not to impress them, but as a reminder to myself that I shouldn’t be my own biggest hater.

Ain’t nobody taking my advice anyway. That’s OK. I don’t really care - I just want to express my opinion.

Not sure how it came up, but I've come to just be heavily annoyed with "Reddit animal vernacular"

Why this account only got 1 follower lol

but if ur virgin ur a total loser anyway tho looooool up top

Zoomies is a name given to a behaviour by many more people than those on reddit. I don’t know that I’d call ‘zoomies’ reddit speak.

And it’s much easier to say that one word than the alternative ‘frenetic random activity periods’.

my aunt always says that when even halfway giving her opinion on anything

it has gotten to the point that i stop her and tell her she is a strong, intelligent woman that should be ashamed of nothing. that life ain't healthy (heavy cocaine abuse), but everyone has faults and she is just as special to me and everyone she knows, regardless of drug addiction

that shit can get anybody, it don't make you less of a man or woman just because it got you for a while. there's nothing wrong with getting your face dirty, what's wrong is when you keep it dirty

Probably cause it's op or changed his @

Why would do you think you deserve any of it just for suggesting? This is like when dudes are like "don't forget where you came from" to niggas that make it out and make it big. Expecting money or something because they were friends in high school.

Uhoh someone's a C R A N K Y B O I

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I just give my poeple progressively worse advice till they stop annoying me for advice. The first couple times-before they realize I'm a gigantic scumbag-is fun

I told my friend to buy a hummer this one time.