The Average Faces of German Democracy [OC]

The Average Faces of German Democracy [OC]

TIL the average German is an opposite sex twin of the other gender. I wonder in what culture the average faces are the most different between genders.

The average human tends to be the 'perfect human'. 10/10 people are what complete averages looks like. The problem is that there aren't many people who look 'average' because everyone individually looks nothing like each other and you only get that perfect average looking person once in a while, or whenever you mix like a hundred peoples faces together.

The average face is better looking than the actual average politician in Germany... Black magic fuckery

I got the source images from the official website of the German parliament:

I used the code, documentation and libraries from although I had to modify a few programs and parameters in order to make it work on my PC.

Probably Russia

There isn't actually less variance though, right? I thought we just weren't trained in picking up those differences. Point still stands though.

That was a helpful and good reply to my average funny comment. Thank you Redditor.

I wonder if this is the reason foreign people with more homogeneous populations seem more attractive on average, because their facial structure variance is less significant. Or maybe it's just that more beautiful people get photographed more often.

This is definitely a factor, but less variance should be expected in a more homogeneous population as well (because their phenotypes are closer to each other by definition).