The average American woman now weighs as much as the average 1960s man

The average American woman now weighs as much as the average 1960s man
The average American woman now weighs as much as the average 1960s man

Summary: Thanks to the unchecked weight gain in the USA, it's becoming even harder to find quality women in America.

The average American woman weighs 166.2 pounds, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. As reddit recently pointed out, that's almost exactly as much as the average American man weighed....

When you think about how much taller and more muscular a man is than a woman, you'll realize that this is a rather shocking development. (Yes, men and women are getting taller, but it is still surprising.) If you look at average weight in the USA over the years, you'll realize that American women in the 60s, 70s, and even 80s were mostly slender and beautiful.

. Not only are they slender, but they also have an innocence to their facial expression that is absent today. The movie Catch Me If You Can also portrays the women of the 60s as slim and innocent.

If you have the opportunity, check out some high school yearbooks from past eras and compare them to yearbooks today. You'll be shocked at the difference, both at the weight gain and at the facial expressions.

As I wrote in a previous submission, "Why are attractive American women are so picky compared to other attractive women around the wor..., the obesity epidemic in the USA contributes to an increasingly competitive environment to find quality American women.

Obesity: Over 65% of US women are overweight or obese. This will tend to make the men compete for the less than 35% that have normal figures, and thus the attractive women are that much more selective. (Over 70% of US men are overweight or obese, and they will still be competing to date slim women.) Other countries obviously don't have this sort of obesity problem, so there are more attractive women to go around, and being slender and attractive isn't so rare even as women age.

This explains the entitlement you see in modern American women. You'll see many posters say things like, "That 6 was acting like she was a 9," and this is part of the reason why (see my past submission for other reasons). Think about the times you've seen a high SMV physically fit American man walking hand-in-hand with a low-SMV overweight American woman. Due to the increasingly competitive environment, even overweight women are being pursued.

This is one reason why it is important to travel as a single man. You'll find that there are entire countries where the women are slim and beautiful. You'll see that the attitudes change quite a bit too, e.g. many of the advertisements and other media revolve around a woman trying to attract a man rather than vice-versa. Most importantly, you'll realize how completely skewed the social environment is in the USA.

Lessons learned:

When most of the women are slender, the women have to compete more and the men have an easier time finding a lovely slender woman. When most of the women are overweight, competition for attractive women skyrockets due to supply and demand. American women are thus becoming very entitled with respect to their SMV. Even overweight women are pursued in this environment. If you want to find a quality American women, you'll have to up your game a few notches higher than the men of the previous generation. Men are getting heavier too - but being slender is not as important for a man as it is for a woman. Men in the US who are not in the top tier might want to consider either becoming top-tier or going overseas to meet women, as there are still many countries where the majority of women are slender. Men from overseas are probably better off not going to the USA to meet women.

I just don't get how a dude would date a fat girl. I'd rather date my hand and porntube than take out a war pig.

Dude, there is a shocking amount of men who go out of their way to impress fat women just for a chance to get their dick wet. I mean a shocking amount. You know when girls try to add in the exception to the rule that any girl can get easy sex? "Well not if you're a fat, ugly girl!"

No. They get just as much attention from men leagues higher than them, physically. Don't even buy that exception because it's a lie.

Being seen with a fat girlfriend is akin to being seen on urine soaked sweat pants. It's social suicide. The fitness and health habits of your girlfriend can quickly become the fitness and health habits of your children. Which is why I cook and lift with my girlfriend.

she proceeded to tell me all about her life.

Shit. It would have been less painful just to fuck her.

Find a high smv overseas.

Bring her back to the US.

She divorces you after becoming Americanized.

there's a reason we have a saying here in Norway: "people are fat as fuck in the US"

I can think of few things that sound as fulfilling in life as raising strong, well-adjusted RP children. The world will certainly need them.

No, I was sitting in a million dollar living room with a good glass of wine, then we smoked a J. It wasn't that bad. She's a real nice girl, like most fatties.

Here is the thing tough, as a fat girl, they will be frustrated just as much as a fat guy is.

Sure they get sex but most men won't want a relationship that's too visible, no one like to walk around with hamplanet. So the late night fuck, the beer at a pub alone with her sure. But taking her on a week end with friends ? Only desperate men will really do that with hamplanet, and she's fucked quite a few ok guys so spending the week end with a desperate fuck is making her sad.

Source: was being chased by really rich fat girl during my last gig in London and told her I was gay (fund owner's daughter) to avoid having to turn her down, she proceeded to tell me all about her life.

Most of the people in my office (95% female) have decided that I'm gay because I do not pay them any attention at all. My eyes don't wander, my language is neutral and I work out a the local "gay" gym before work and sometimes at lunchtime.

This works for me as explaining to each and everyone of the sub-6's and abundant fatties that I really don't want to touch them let alone have sex with them would be difficult.

We have a married boss who is in good shape and the girls take it in turns (probably subconsciously) to get him to fuck them. His wife is a solid 8 and in amazing shape but to hear the office gossip about her you would assume that she's slept with everyone one of their beta husbands or would at the drop of a hat.

Anyway - learning - DON'T FUCK FATTIES

See, this is what's keeping me from coming back to the plantation. I've been celibate for a year now, haven't been on a date or even spoken to a woman who wasn't ringing up my groceries. It's been pretty liberating, honestly, to have such a level of self-ownership.

My friends, however, are starting to pressure me to get back into the game. I guess they figure if I'm single, I must be unhappy. Probably projecting. Well the other day I did try to "get back out there". We went to a local club and my god, the women were just gross. I didn't see a single woman that I would consider above a 5. They were all dressed like sluts (ever see a fat chick in a belly shirt hit the dance floor? it's disgusting) with way too much make-up. In fact, when I'm just out and about, I rarely see a woman who's even a 6 around here. I've thought about learning seduction, but man, I wouldn't even want to practice on these broads.

I have always felt that one of the key Strategies of The Feminist Imperative is to Lower the Bar across the Board in all aspects of the socio/sexual dynamic; Physical appearance, intellect/education and work ethic have all steadily been eroded in the last 5 decades in order to support the Fallacy of Equality agenda that Feminists and their SJW, white knight, BP allies are pushing in order to secure Unabridged Entitlement for themselves

There's a reason they're often more interesting people. They didn't have men laughing at every un-funny utterance, gazing at them with fascination as they utter complete banalities, etc. In other words, they had to develop a personality because their looks alone didn't cut it.

I dated a gorgeous redhead who used to be one of those fatties. Now, she was absolutely svelte, a gym rat and looked it. She has smart, hilarious, liked a lot of "guy" things, and was very appreciative, despite her current looks (an easy 8). But growing up, very heavy.

Your brain can say whatever it likes, but you cannot bullshit your penis.

If you want to turn a sweet slender foreign girl into a feminist landwhale, bringing her to the USA would be a good first step.

When a hot chick scarfs down 5 slices of pizza or a mountain of Lo Mein at 4:30 A.M., minutes before she finally succumbs to a deep slumber after binging drink after drink, the reaction might be something like: "Gross, but at least she's hot..."

When a fat chick does the exact same thing - well, try it; same template: "Gross, but at least she's..."

Listening to older men, it appears the trend is exploding across this nation. Apparently 25 years ago it was rare to even see a fat chick. Now 20 year olds' mothers are often hotter than their daughters, just because they are in decent shape.

And it is only getting worse.

At least she's slow-moving so it'll be an easy getaway?

Limit access to sex (raises the price) for men and expand it for women. That's (one of) the goal(s) in my view.

She's a real nice girl, like most fatties.

My experience has been the exact opposite. Practically all my fat women friends have some issues; I'd describe them as angry and they're also quick to cause some drama or backstabbing. I will concede that they are interesting, or funny, or witty, but not nice.

Some of the more beautiful women I've been with in contrast have been nice on top of their looks. My guess is because they can afford to; they don't need to badmouth anyone to become more popular. Or perhaps they are living a blessed life.

Good on you mate.

Extra points when you make them grow with good food, and appreciating it to boot. Well fed, healthy, energetic and well-built children move and play differently.

That video of dancing girls in the 70s shows unrealistic expectations for women, only 0.0000005% of the world population has the genetics to look like that! It must be starving supermodels only, because real women have triple chins and their skin blouses over their elbows.

Yep. I've definitely noticed it more as I got older. When I'm out running I often see kids getting off the school bus. I would say 80% of them have a distended gut. When I was in school there were maybe a couple of fat kids (myself included, until the end of highschool).

I used to get real down on myself not having a high paying career, not being taller, being a bit socially awkward. It used to really get me down, because I thought "I'm going to be alone forever, women aren't attracted to me!" - but now? Now I see it as almost a blessing. I've had plenty of casual sex in my 20's, had my LTRs, saw what that was all about and now I'm done. Just don't care. Thought about trying to care - looked at the women around me. Even if she's attractive, she's still a picky-choosy bitch. Not interested.

I'm finally "waking up", so to speak. Gonna get a part time job and go back to school for something I actually want to do. Won't pay big dollars by any means, but it'll be interesting and enjoyable for me. Been getting in shape (40lbs down) because I wanted to, for me.

Self ownership really is the best thing ever.

Which highlights another huge problem, women equating their SMV with guys who would fuck them instead of those who would LTR them. If she realized how men actually think, that the dudes that fuck her when its last call at the bar really have no respect for her, she'd consider getting in shape and raising her SMV.

And the average man is now pushing 200 pounds despite being just 5'9". Women don't want to fuck fatties either.

The absolutely hottest woman I've fucked - a serious 9+, and easily so, was 49. Her body was fabulous, and I'd dated a 23 year old not that long before, and regularly date in the late 20's/early 30's (I'm much older than that). Her body blew away every other I'd seen. It was porn-goddess quality, but entirely natural.

Almost nobody would believe it, but an 18 year old would be very pleased with this body. Perfectly smooth skin, etc. Yeah, a total anomaly, but women have a lot of options for fitness, if they take them.

Are you kidding me ? Corn of course. It's in everything you eat and it triggers fat storing hormones and contains more sugar than a coke can.

To be fair that stat is inflated because the population is older than it was in 1960.  It's still bad, but I doubt any single age group weighs 25-30 lbs more today than the same age group back then, men or women.

edit 1: I couldn't have been more wrong.  Another fun fact:  In 2010 the average 20-29 year old female weighs 28.6 pounds more than the average 16 year old (also in 2010).  It's almost like each ride on the CC causes them to plump up just a little bit more.  Like a bicycle pump inflating one of those sumo suits.

edit 2: Just for fun, what these women might look like:

1960 - 5"4', between 120 lbs and 130 lbs
2010 - 5"4, between 160 lbs and 170 lbs

To be fair that stat is inflated because the population is older than it was in 1960. It's still bad, but I doubt any single age group weighs 25-30 lbs more today than the same age group back then, men or women.

edit 1: I couldn't have been more wrong. Another fun fact: In 2010 the average 20-29 year old female weighs 28.6 pounds more than the average 16 year old (also in 2010). It's almost like each ride on the CC causes them to plump up just a little bit more. Like a bicycle pump inflating one of those .

edit 2: Just for fun, what these women might look like:

1960 - 5"4', between 120 lbs and 130 lbs

2010 - 5"4, between 160 lbs and 170 lbs

Yeah but it breaks down when you go just slightly up the ladder. Attractive /rich people have nothing to do with this nonsense.

Or just look at hypocrites like Emma Watson. Feminist demigoddess, dates lift bro jock with epic abs.

Its a reference to smuggled gear in Australia.

It makes no sense. I just attended a store party at a bowling alley, and one thing shocked me. There is this stoner kid on my team that had been set up with the sister of another co-worker as a sort of date for the party (bad moves all around). The way the guys involved in this setup talked about the sister made her seem like she was an 8 or 9. Needless to say, I was at least curious to see this girl.

She shows up, and was a 4 at best. Totally overweight, boring personality, and had no idea what to wear with the fat she was carrying around. She was apparently being treated well because these braindead, thirsty losers saw tits. That's it. The fatty wore as boob-revealing attire as she could while being even remotely appropriate for the public.

I looked at the rest of the girls there, and there was maybe one attractive girl in the entire lot. Despite this, every girl had at least one orbiter just dying for their attention. There is no shortage of these betas desperate for any clam.

And people say America doesn't have any exports.

This thread about fat people is triggering me.

Hell, 15 years ago it was still pretty rare to see fat chicks. There certainly were some, but the numbers have exploded since then. A college campus now is far heavier than it was in 2000.

Holy shit was I wrong. The average female 20-29 years old weighs 34.2 pounds more in 2010 than 1960!!! How the fuck is that possible???? I was assuming the gap would expand the older the age grouping, but with females it contracts to about 25 pounds.

For reference the gap for 20-29 year old males starts at about 20 pounds more in 2010 than in 1960 and expands from there as the age group increases, peaking at about 33 pounds in the 50-59 group.

What's really sad is that it just isn't that hard. Maybe I'm saying that because I played sports in high school but seriously, 65% is shocking. Instead of a media campaign promoting health and fitness for women they try to tell us that fat is beautiful. Every gym I've ever belonged to has had probably four times as many male members showing up to workout than female. And if a woman is in great physical shape she practically owns the fucking world. A guy in great shape certainly has advantages to his doughy peers but that pales in comparison to the advantages a slender, fit woman has over her whale friends.

Meh. Been there. The rampant feminism in scandinavia kills it for me.

Fatties gathered in their masses

Just like piggies in molasses

The rise in high fructose corn syrup in food coincides with a rise in processed food so its really a cop out this whole idea of HFCS being sneaked into food.

Easy solution - stop eating processed food!

Never thought of it like that until now. I just thought the man was inordinately happy when changing engine oil on his vehicle.

This fat chick problem is spreading like wildfire here in the UK. I just cannot beleive how may women in their teens and twenties are overweight. Twenty years ago it was rare, and fat girls paid a social cost for their poor choice. Now they get the thirsty guys.

It sucks because the UK always had among the lowest average girls in Europe, now it's even worse.

I don't even weigh that much D:

Sad it is a snowball effect too. Women are herd animals. The more that get fat the easier it is for the others to rationalize getting fat. The circle of fatness grows ever larger. There is no end in sight.

God help us.

Not the most ambiguous saying, but i will be taking a trip to the US in a week and i will probably see the contrast in beauty since i am also from Norway.

It's not that easy, you can either buy cookies with HFCS or make them from Scratch now a days.... think about that. Do you always have time to make them when the kids come around?

Soda pop, same shit. Can't even make that from scratch, and since there's a good 85 to 90 billion $ in North American corn subsidies the stuff is practically free so all those foods are cheaper (and taste better) than the competition.

At current rate of progression of Obesity, half of the entire population will be Obese in 14 years.

If the US government stopped subsidizing to Agro, Defence and Oil (three industries that have huge and consistent profits) it could save 400 billion a year overnight. You could cut taxes and the deficit at once.

But they pay a lot of politicians to keep these legalized thefts in place.

When a hot chick scarfs down 5 slices of pizza or a mountain of Lo Mein at 4:30 A.M.

Chicks who do this don't stay hot for long. That weekly calorie surplus is what makes a girl fat in the end.

I don't drink soda pop because its full of sugar. When I was a kid in the 80's my parents wouldn't let me drink it either ...because, its full of sugar. I drink soda water with a squirt of lemon or lime if I want a flavoured drink. Same for cookies, ill just have one or two. None of this stuff is essential, its all junk food HFCS or not. Don't put this shit in your face and you won't get fat. Easy!

My sis' car broke down during her vegas trip. The truck driver from AAA kept bitching that he thought Chinese women are obedient and good cooks. He married a Chinese girl fob in US, now he is reaping the benefit with a messy house and TV frozen dinners.

A lot of women turn into sweet and caring angels during survival mode for locking down beta, especially women dying to stay abroad. AWALT, they just do it with different spin.

sis's reaction: "He's such a whiner. He just did not know how to pick them."

I agree with this. I find them to usually have a chip on their shoulder and very sensitive to how receptive you are to them, and if you do not show attraction instantly they become offended by it. Honestly it is very similar to how 'nice guys' act towards women who spurn them by not being into them.

"Men in the US who are not in the top tier might want to consider either becoming top-tier or going overseas to meet women, as there are still many countries where the majority of women are slender."

If you got the money go for option n°2. Overseas, Eastern europe (like 5 countries, but pay attention to Moldova) + Thailand + Philipines + Cambodia + Laos + Vietnam.... Girls there are not corn fed ;)

Those are the hotspots I know. Don't know about south America.

They’ve certainly gotten taller, that’s probably part of it.

My scientific wild-ass guess is that 5% of the increase is muscle, 10% is height, and 85% is fat.

I was looking at the numbers and 1980 a before with all age groups there were only slight increases, maybe barely outside the margin of error. Post 1980 is when everything starts to blow up rapidly. Thats when the first official Dietary Guidelines for Americans were published, which influence school lunches and the low fat craze. At the same time HFCS was becoming popular too, usually the default ingredient to replace the fat that was removed.

I'm offended by your trigger statement. My feels have been hurt.

True story. I cut out 90% of the beer and refined sugar I was consuming and went from 5'11/195 lb to 175 lb.

Also, RIP fatpeoplehate

TIL... Thanks!

More than 150 bottles of banned liquid steroids, disguised as sex lubricant from Thailand, have been seized by Customs officials.

The agency says it is now investigating a sophisticated drug smuggling network.

Customs seized the oil in raids in Victoria, Western Australia, New South Wales, Queensland and South Australia.

The product, marketed as "gay lube oil", actually contained a variety of active ingredients including testosterone and deca durabolin.

seriously guys... how the fuck do u do it with 160lb of landwhale? i couldn't get an erection if she throws herself at me.

Sorry for not elaborating: the thesis is that in any environment you can't 100% select for "desired" qualities, the only working model is balance between oposing traits. The hawk is strong and aggressive, the dove is peaceful and passive. Too many hawks and there's too much violence. Too many doves and there's too much opportunity for the hawk minority to exploit

In the case of fatties, the more fatties you have the greater power of the sexy minority. Hence the balance tips back the other way

Lol Ihad to bulk to get to 166

A high SMV man will still get laid even if he's MGTOW. MGTOW does not mean celibacy.

Exactly. 70% of the guys on here are fat themselves. Or at least "skinnyfat." They need to stop being in denial.

They call those fat women "mopeds" --- a fun ride until a friend sees you on one.

Yeah, I've noticed all the publicly violent women are fat. Skinny girls might be abusive to their boyfriend in private, but fatties will just attack anyone.

I remember at a party once where this very unattractive fat chick was trying to hit on me, while eating a pepperoni pizza at the same time. It was fucking gross

Ignore and dismiss any fatty/curvy/not slender woman, don't reward them for it. (unless you are fat, poor, lazy, ... yourself)

Over time woman will start working for it again. Well, working is a big word. Just having a normal eating pattern and not being on the couch the entire day will do the job.

I'm celibate by choice, not lack of opportunity.

It's carbs in general. I switched to a ketongenic diet 14 months ago and it still astounds me from time to time, how the industry manages to slip in carbs in just anything.

I am German and I suppose that generally speaking our food is of higher quality than that in the US, but it's still hard to find any processed food which hasn't sugar or artificial sweeteners added to it.

Who the fuck does need sugar in mayonaise? Or in frozen vegetables?

I have 3 brothers. My dad told all of us that if we ever got in a fight with anyone, and he heard that we didn't fight back, he'd kick our asses again when we got home. It was sound advice and our first inadvertent AF lesson, and it ultimately helped shape us all into strong men that don't take shit from anyone. Needless to say, I'm really glad he pushed us into that mindset early, and that "lesson" will be passed down to my sons.

During my BP days I was so desperate for sex with a non pro I pretended to like fat girls. And it didn't work.

That doesn't happen, instead you're seeing the effect of shooting the hawks. The government / state punishing the hawks to effectively raise the population of doves artificially. The government wants pigeons, and the sjw crowd only has sway because government sides with them.

You know who is really fucked? Hispanics. I walked into a pluckers with my buddy after seeing Jurassic world. We were just there for 5 wings coupons. All around us though are close-to-obese hispanic men, women, and children. It was so disgusting. I am fully expecting healthcare costs to skyrocket. So I am now going to present a business plan to the fast food industry and medical insurance industry to partner together to create more fat people and generate more profits.