Thatcher Elite Skin

Thatcher Elite Skin

that looks really fake but then again idk

Cant say that Shoe, whatever is on Reddit is true and you can’t say otherwise.

Why is the head so big

man.. Mute and thatchers elite skins look really bland imo. Like.. Just mute with a jacket on basically. That's not really "elite" Twitch or even pulse look really different in their elite uniforms like it should be

I'm going to cry if his headgear for it looks like that. I know it's still a WIP, but goddamn he needs some kinda cooler looking headgear.

Looks like it checks out

He’s been carrying around mini nukes in his pockets... I think it’s had an effect.

It was actually a good photoshop job

Why does it matter? You can observe something and say it's bad even if you can't do better. Like, if a plane crashed and the pilot was to blame you can say that the pilot wasn't good without knowing how to fly an airplane.

It’s fake.

If this is fake, at least they did good with the information. May I ask where this is from?

Where was this found?