That was close

It looks like a glitch in a video game

the driver

Skyrim Giant death

I like how the cameraman starts to follow the deer for a bit before deciding that it's not coming back

I think the deer just decided to defy physics at that moment. Nothing too out of the ordinary

*swings downward

*characters flies upward 9,000 ft

It makes you realize that video game physics are way more accurate than you thought.

Some say its still flying

My friend and I hit a deer that went flying like this and finally I have a video that proves we aren't exaggerating when we say it went 10 ft into the air!

No shoes went flying so the deer lived.

"I now live in the trees"

is that from GTO?

Austria 2001: Juan Pablo Montoya and the deer

Yur ol' stinky arse. It was .

Cameraman was searchin'

Check it out everyone! I found Sherlock!

You were driving a formula one car? I want your job

I can cite exactly where it happened.... on a road.

That’s not a formula 1 car but I would want that job too

Next to those trees right there.

Our reality has already been patched to fix a lot of these bugs, similar to the ones we see in videogames.

Relevant science video

Some kind of buggy rally thing...the red mist is real.

I saw a deer get hit by an SUV once. It flew quite far through the air. I was quite shocked.

It was quite a sight.

That clip always reminds me of this:

T'was quite a sight