That smug face

That smug face

I see an emotionally torn man overjoyed with beating the charges but knowing his goddamn cat is tweaking and pissing in his crank

That face says "they missed my real meth"

I guess you could call it his "smug" shot.

You know it's good shit by the way it clumps

Good thing he was too fucked up on crank to realize he bought cat litter

This reminds me of the time I gave my friend some diatomaceous earth (DE) to kill the fleas on his dog. His mom did his laundry for him and when he got home she had to have a talk with him. She pulls out the sandwich bag full of DE and asks him what the bag was. My friend responded with "mom I don't make enough money for that to be coke"

The face of a man fixing to sue for defamation ! Cha-Ching!

Officer 1: "Oh damn, this wreaks of ammonia"

Officer 2: "Must be a fresh batch"

Walter Wipe.

Idiots. Any real Texan would know we store our meth in kitty litter boxes and keep the litter in plastic bags.

It was a good shit*


Phuckwit, you jerkoff.

but they still printed his mugshot in association with a drug arrest. I'd be pissed.

at least they didn't find the catnip

show yourself out please.

What is Ryan Gosling doing there?

Los Gatos Hermanos

Those $2 field tests have like a 20% false positive rate or something ridiculous like that. Each test has hundreds of other substances that will also produce a positive result besides the intended substance. It pretty crazy.

It was a false positive. These was a case were someone was arrested for Meth because a Krispy Kreme donut flake tested positive.

I just brought a one pound tub of DE to a friend of mine living overseas. I was terrified of being stopped by security in Turkey or Lebanon with this pound of fine, white powder. Not an issue to be had, thankfully.

My suburban soccer mom vibe is the perfect cover for this international DE smuggler! I think I also had 2 oz of kratom for her and tons of loose teas. Now that i think about it, I'm kinda surprised that i wasn't questioned.

I'm hijacking your comment to let people know that the kitty litter was originally in a sock on the dash of the man's car. It was placed there by his father to keep his windows from fogging up.

He was arrested when the two separate $2 methamphetamine field tests came back positive on the kitty litter. The tests are notoriously inaccurate.

Listening to an interview with him, he seems like a regular guy.

That is terrifyingly hilarious.

A few years ago, I decided that if I were to ever be wrongfully arrested for intoxication, I would not submit to any instant tests, especially a breathalyzer, and instead insist upon an immediate blood test. Breathalyzers usually have shitty calibration and thus a high rate of false-positives.

I thought the litter boxes were for meth and the baggies were for other, different meth.

Never submit to a roadside test. They're cops, not medical professionals.

I see T.J. Miller

No way from only 1 drink that his BAC was illegal. He is either lying about how much he drank or something else going on.

I'm surprised there aren't literal dollar signs on his eyes for the lawsuit he's expecting. The || type.

Happened to me in an airport on the way to FL. Bringing a kitten to a friend and got stopped by TSA. Hard not to laugh when a burly security guard grabs the bag and sniffs.

I've lived in Ohio, California, New York, Alaska, Florida, New Hampshire, Mississippi, Kansas, and Rhode Island within the United States.

'Fixing to' is not an indicator of where someone is from. It's used quite a bit almost everywhere you go.

Field narcotic test kits always display a false positive. I have used them for four years as a security officer. I can make PCP, LSD or marijuana test kits test positive just by spitting in them, putting tap water in them, putting a Triscuit cracker in them. They are garbage. Or maybe they are just designed to help the police gain as many convictions as possible.


Dillwhole, you dumbass

Jerkoph, you dillhole

More like 80%. I have used them. I've put food, tap water even spit in them. No matter the substance being tested , they pretty much always show a false positive.

Never submit to any testing by the police or answer any of their questions under any circumstances. They are not your friend. They are not here to help you. They are here to kidnap you and lock you in an iron cage.

You're telling me I been putting shampoo on my sandwiches?

"small amounts concentrate in your blood over time."

Does your friend not have a liver...

Revenue. Arrests and prisoners equal money for the state. They don't give a fuck if you're guilty or not.

Overjoyed? I suppose if you don't mind..

Losing your job

Losing your family

Losing your home/vehicle

Being out thousands in attorney fees

Forever having a drug arrest come up in a google / background check

Yeah, real overjoyed...

We need to ban the use of the field test kits which even state that they aren't reliable. There are videos of the tests coming up positive with candies, laundry detergent, taco meat, etc. Random things that a lot of people have in their cars RIGHT NOW will test positive for meth, even if further lab tests show that no meth is present, your life will still be ruined.

He should send the arresting officer big bags of kitty litter with "meth" written on them.

A woman in florida was jailed for pasta sauce on a spoon that tested positive

Edit: link

I would super like to know more about your experiences with this. I just learned recently about a couple held for 2 months because a field test said their baking soda was cocaine. I've read a bit about these tests but it would be interesting to hear about it from the perspective of someone who has used them. Is it just not widely known that these tests are crap or is it known and nobody cares, or is there an active resistance to not using them or what? Do you have any thoughts about whether this reflects on other aspects of criminal justice? I mean as in, is this just how it is? Shit's known to be wildly unfair and tolerated or encouraged for the sake of arrest numbers or money or what-have-you? Sorry for getting all up in your stuff. I'm just curious about your experiences.

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