That one time a telecomm got things right

That one time a telecomm got things right
That one time a telecomm got things right

I've never heard of the country Israel, you mean Palestine right?


Most socialists are pro-palestine, we see Israel as a wonderful example of colonialism, imperialism, and all sorts of other nasty things

I love when people maintain that Hamas is a terrorist group while the IDF isn't? If you're defining Hamas as a terrorist group then by that same definition the IDF is a terrorist group. The argument that PLO has to denounce Hamas is bullshit. They're denouncing Israel, without whom, there would be no Hamas. Desperate times call for desperate measures. Simple as that.

Look at their borders, constantly creeping nearer the coast, as well as the illegal settlements and tell me they're not imperialist.

All based on a mandate from Britain (which didn't really own the area), and greatly expanded in wars of aggression. I don't think the Israeli state should be disbanded, but they've become their fears. A right wing imperialist bastion that treats minorities like dirt.

But the IDF does carry out terrorist attacks on innocent civilians. Or- I'm sorry- are they not innocent because they didn't condemn Big Bad Hamas?

I really think this just proves people don't like to break the circle jerk. Nuance is all well and good in normal subs, but I'm here for the memes and wealth-redistributed-pizza.

Judaism and Zionism are not the same, the neo-colonial state of Israel was built on fascist violence and terror (Deir Yassin massacre for example, The haganah in general ) , even the UN document its founded on is a joke, it was the US who told 3rd world countries that if it doesn’t recognize Israel then they won’t get any money from the US. 4000 year old claims are a joke, maybe the Assyrians should get Iraq, or maybe let’s give Italy the whole Mediterranean. Socialism isn’t something the Jews gave us, that’s just absurd. The biggest argument against Israel is what did the Palestinians do to deserve this, eternal refugees forgotten by the world? As king Saud of Saudi Arabia said, why don’t you give the Zionists a part of Germany? Why must the Palestinians pay?

We can have more than one Jewish state, that's not the problem. The problem is that there was both a pre existing state and people living there prior to the establishment of modern Israel, and those people have been unjustly displaced.

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fuck off laddie palestine is not a country

I believe you've proved his point.

Edit: As in, you're bound to anger someone whatever you do.

Ah I'm gonna get down voted for this bet outside if Yad Vashem and in Jerusalem Verizon shouldn't decide which country you're in. Israel is so freaking divided you're bound to anger someone. Go with the internationally recognized country when you land in Tel Aviv, and switch it when you enter the West Bank or Gaza. Then when you walk in to Jerusalem keep the country you were already in.