That one single guy on Valentine's day

That one single guy on Valentine's day

McDonalds dollar sweet tea, I drink that. Supa hot fire, I spit that. Two and a half men, I watch that.

Sounds like Supa Hot Fire

Glasses jacket shirt. They call me glasses jacket shirt man.

I broke up with my girl, here's her number..... psych! that's the wrong number

I'm not a rapper.

My GF and I try to avoid going out on Valentine's day so that we don't make people feel bad who are single. We stay home and have a nice home cooked (last years was burnt) meal before watching the greatest romantic move ever. The Dark Knight.

My depression? You cause that

But I'm not a boyfriend yo

Rebirth of Slick

My brain read that to the beat of

Rap game let's go

Your lips? I kiss that

He ain't single. More original than the original.

Bruno Mars has just discovered his next song.

Fuck yo social media. Rule 14.