That new Mercy Buff is coming in handy.

I liked the buff, but THIS is cruel.

You can also walk right out of a Zarya ult when you res

That's just stupid. You can charge an ulting Zenyatta, so why not Mercy? Maybe a bug or is this intentional?

As they pointed out Zenyetta is invulnerable and can still be charged.

She has transcended more than Zen

Yep, I did that last night. Shocked the hell out of me.

Over all the times I've seen Rein charge Mercy, justice never dies.

Risky charge but that's bullshit man. Went straight through her

She's invulnerable what did you expect? You can't use any abilities on any res targets until they leave their incredibly short invulnerability. They added this specifically so she wouldn't die when using her Ult obviously it's working.

Rez buff not BS

Sometimes I use my res just for that invulnerability so I can survive a team battle and continue to heal my team.

Even if it means rez'ing that one bad Widow.

Zen is 'Invulnerable' to damage. Mercy is 'Intangible.' Meaning she's not effected by physical things, but also invinicble to damage.

He's invulnerable to damage but is still a physical model whereas mercy and her res targets are not. They are not physically there until it ends

Someone else mentioned this but collision detection would be more realistic, like when Zen ults. You can be invulnerable but still get swept away

But why? The whole point of the Mercy buff was to let her survive when she uses her ult. You just want to let her die anyway? Zenyatta's ult last 3x longer and he moves faster. He can dodge stuff.

To not take damage...

He probly hit it and quit it.

Poor Rein, first Mercy forces him to leave Overwatch, then she keeps telling him to stop his vigilantism, now this? What wrong has Rein done to Mercy?

Right and I'm saying she should be a physical target, just immune from damage.

I'm pretty sure it's not unintended as it wouldn't be consistent with the way the Res works. If you use any CC abilities on a rezzed target, nothing will happen, as they aren't there until the animation finishes. The same thing now applies to Mercy herself. It makes sense for Rein to slip through her.

Edit: If it was unintended, why did Rein also phase right through Reaper? He was close enough to have a chance at being pinned, or he would've been knocked back.

Lets check how many invunruble abilities there are.


Ice block

Wrath Form


Mercy ress

all of these essentially make you invulnerable. How many can still be hit be moved around with abilities? One. Zen. Makes more sense for it not to then it should. Besides that you also have the fact that Mercy's target's can't be moved when she resses, so why are her own ress any different? Lore wise she gave Reaper his abilities with her tech so they should function similarly. Good try tho.

Being immune to damage is useless because of the odd Rein charge?

As a Mercy main, this makes me feel good.

Me as well, I call it a defensive rez.

It's perfect for when an enemy Roadhog is making eyes at you from across the Ilios hole.

Letting rein push her wouldn't magically let other characters kill her.

I think most Ults are the strongest part of their kit.

She becomes intangible just like her rez'd teammates, seems pretty intended to me.

Reaper can't be charged though.

I posted about that actually! Bummed it didn't get as much traction as I hoped.

Then you probably cancelled the shift

That just means you were too close to the grav AFTER you shifted

I play a lot of mercy, and he was probably too close.

If they're closer than a certain distance (unsure what that distance is), you won't accelerate to full speed when you dash, and the graviton surge is too strong and keeps you in.

Widow would like a word. lol

Well you can just shift out of it anyways, assuming theres someone to shift to ofc.

But why are people comparing it to zen ult? Zen's ult is different Mercy's is different? I never play Mercy, but i am just pointing out they have nothing in common except being support? What if she is "not" in physical "body form" when she is ressing people? opposite to Zen that is "giving" people harmony? it would make sens, but i guess it's up to blizzard.

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I love the new mercy buff so much ☺️

except mercy can keep the rest of the team alive longer...

I mean just making her immune to damage alone is a huge survivability tool. She doesn't have to be immune to everything, especially when her ult is the strongest part of her kit already.

I think that they meant only for Mercy, because she's still alive. For the enemies getting ressed, their invulnerability is fine, but for Mercy, it's annoying, because one moment she's there, and able to be killed, and then the next moment, she can't take any damage at all, and can't be charged or BOMPed.

I agree with the not taking damage thing, but I still think you should be able to charge/BOMP/concussion blast her (like Zen in his ult)

lol that sucks, i had something similar but then as the mercy player.

i was in a junkrat trap and the rat was going to kill me so i used my ult to not take any damage/revive 2 people and shot him dead in the progress, he was mad XD.

sorry for shit english

True, but if it's going to work like that, does that mean resing next to a cliff just means your whole team can get pushed off the cliff while they're unable to use defensive abilities?

mercy res invulnerability is different because it also effectively renders the team defenseless while they're ressing.

I don't think it was intentional. The rez animation lasts like a second anyway. The chances of a rein being in a position to pin her during it is basically zero considering the start up time of the charge. It would only occur when she uses the ult when a Rein is mid charge like this gif. It doesn't make sense why she suddenly stops being a physical model and implementing that just because of the extremely rare occurrence in this gif is stupid

Well, why would you leave her afterwards? It's not like you're not going to kill her because you didn't kill her in time.

It didn't have enough gravity.

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I agree. She can be undamagable but still shouldn't be immune to physical interactions. Things can still knock her around she just won't take damage during the cast. So in this case she got the rez off but reign connected and pulled her off the edge.

Or at the very minimum rein connected and hit her like a wall stopping.

Stay near the bulk of your team, and only damage boost if everyone is fully topped off, unless it's to help someone get a quick kill.

Never run in after Tracers or Sombras. They will leave you. It's not even their fault, it's just how those heroes are played. Wait for them to come back to the team for heals, and if they complain, tell them what you're doing and why you're doing it.

Generally, never put yourself in a place you can't get out of, or that your team isn't reasonably protecting. Don't chase flankers when you could be spreading your heals around to a group of your team-mates. Understand that you are a priority target, and that if you make yourself available to be killed, you absolutely will be.

I love it when people kill me during/after the rez as some sort of petty revenge for bringing the team back ;-;

It's not her only. She gets the same invulnerability as her ressed teammates have always had. You aren't able to push them around either during the invulnerability.

Zen's alt also lasts significantly longer than Mercy's invincibility. Mercy literally has it for two seconds. If the rein waited a bit longer he would of had her.

I main both Mercy and Rein

I feel conflicted

If that's the case, everyone needs to be affected by any forms of CC, not just Rein's charge, when they're rezzed. It's consistent the way it currently is, and we shouldn't add exception just because a few people think "Oh this is BS".

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It's stated in lore that Rein was forced to retire because of age restrictions. Presumably this is instituted by the medical division of Overwatch which was in turn directed by Mercy.

Oh! I remember zat poster!

That's pretty BS honestly. It would be a lot more fun if you could actually move her around instead of her essentially being an invincible ghost.