That doesn't justify as proof

That doesn't justify as proof

That doesn't justify qualify

"I don't make mistakes!"

...justify as proof

I don't get it. Just own your mistake. Nobody cares.


That proves I was lying, that doesn't count.

you had it spelled 'justify'

Most people learn this as kids. You can avoid awkward situations and potentially make friends by acknowledging your mistakes and poking fun at them.

Have you ever met anyone who clung strangely to the notion that admitting to even a very very minor mistake would be a total failure in life? The President is one of these people. What happened to them as kids I wonder.

wait what?

no I didn't

Man. That brings me back. We had our front office painted when we first built it about six years ago. It was painted this god awful purple color (still is). Real dark, not very welcoming, just a shitty shade of purple.

The person who approves these things went to the contractor and said this is not what she asked for. She wanted a more vibrant color. The contractor whipped out his swatches and held the color up to the wall and said "Is this the color of the wall?" and she said something like, "Yes, it's ugly, I don't like it and it's not what I wanted". The contractor turned the swatch around and it had her signature on it stating she approved it. She stood there and said that's my signature, but this is not the color I approved. Argued with him for twenty minutes that she did not approve this particular shade of purple before giving up. Always skirting around the fact that she signed and approved for that color, never just saying something like, well fuck, this isn't what I thought it would look like. Fuckin people, man.

that doesn't justify as proof

I swear, sometimes the hills people pick to die on are just baffling.


Wait what?

What else would this person lie about then? Because this is utterly pointless... hell, you could chalk that one up to auto-correct too.

edit: also, getting up in arms because someone spelled a comic book character's name wrong isn't exactly cool either.

edit edit: yes. "up in arms" is an overstatement. Just a bad choice of words... just probably should have just let that argument go is all. That's a crazy person. Don't interact.

You had it spelled "justify".


I have a friend like that. I've meet his family enough times to see how it started. His family will latch onto any failure, they will blow the situation out of proportion and constantly dig at you about it. Seems to stem a good bit from anxiety and stress. Yeah, super unhealthy environment. So the kids learn to keep up their guard and not admit defeat. But they picked up some of the attack behavior too. It mostly comes out when they when they are all together. The whole lot isn't malicious about it, just... dramatic? Doesn't feel like the right word but yeah.

edit: he also refuses to debate his opinions on anything. Because then he might be "wrong". It is black and white either you agree with him 100% or you are the opposition who must be looked down on with disdain. I find this the most frustrating part.

no I didn't

Trying to make a change :\

OP didn't get "up in arms" lol. It was just a correction for the benefit of the poster. The responses to the denial seem almost in jest. I know I'd be laughing, watching as they dig further into their hole (and really for what purpose).

But that's not my wallet!

The contractor does it for that purpose. Paint can look a bit different when it's all laid out than when it's on a tiny swatch. Usually I'd imagine the average person would say oh my bad or something like that.

From what I've seen its parents who seek perfection but show no love. They are constantly put down because of every little mistake they make, so acknowledging it would break down what little esteem they've built for themselves.

Ah, the "Donald Trump" defense, as it will come to be called. Right along side the "finders keepers" and the "I know you are, but what am I?"


That's what one of his screenshots was. I got lazy and didn't feel like cropping more pictures.

Oh Kellyanne, there you go again!

Well... She sounds tiring to be around.


Look! Two people that should just learn how to downvote and move the fuck on!

You had it spelled groot

Dear diary, today Jeff called me out on making a mistake and I could tell the entire world was laughing at how much of a giant stupid ass loser fucking idiot borderline retard I am now. My reputation is ruined and I might kill myself. But first I will make jeff admit to everyone, one way or another, that he lied. Then I will kill him too. P.S. I no longer want to date/marry Jeff.

I think you're a fuckface. So I called you a fuckface. Fuckface.

Go back to TumblrInAction you neckbeard

By dogs. Dumb dogs.

Wait what?

Doesn't FB also tell you what was edited if you drill in?

no I didn't

Not the tickle belt!!!

its parents who seek perfection but show no love

I don't think this is quite accurate. Maybe:

Parents who will only show love when perfection is achieved.

The difference is the tantalizing hope of "if I could only...".

But yeah, same result. Perfection never achieved, love never shown.

OMG! Just watched star wars!! It broke my heart when Obi One cut off his Sons hand!! 💔💔💔

"Luke, it's me, your father!" 💔