That didn't take long.

That didn't take long.

They're just carrying out their threat.

"Roy Moore is going to be tough on crime and terrorists"

Is literally a criminal and thinks that we can stop terror by not having butt sex.

(On 9/11) "he reportedly said that the US had incurred God’s anger because “we legitimize sodomy” and “legitimize abortion.”

They also said Obama would bring about the antichrist, and then they followed through and elected Trump...

Too bad their original threat wasn't "Gay marriage will make people jump off cliffs."

It's not really pedophilia unless a man is molesting a boy. Because, y'know, when it comes to man-on-girl: the attraction is natural; it's in the Old Testament; good girls marry young; Mary & Joseph; etc. etc.

GOP does whatever is politically expedient to their bottom line... staying in power. Their only line in the sand is taxes and subsidizing the wealthy. Everything else is expendable.

"Look what the gays made us do!!"

I have a friend who lives in Alabama. During the Target bathroom drama a few years ago, they argued vehemently against allowing trans people using their bathroom of choice because children could be molested. This person is also a staunch Trump supporter.

I'm afraid to ask their position on Moore, and I've since deleted Facebook.

Trump isn't charismatic or smart enough to be the anti Christ.

Republicans do like little boys.

Let's follow his line of reasoning for a minute.

Roy Moore believes that the 9/11 attacks were punishment from God for atheism, sodomy, and/or abortion. That's already insane. But these attacks weren't a natural disaster, or an "Act of God," they were carried out by people. Roy Moore believes that God sent (or allowed) these terrorists to kill thousands of people. Roy Moore puts the 9/11 terrorists at the same level as Joan of Arc.

This is fucking infuriating. If anyone from Alabama reads this, please vote for Doug Jones. Vote for the man who puts killers in jail, not the one who canonizes them.

They also said that if we all voted for Clinton that there'd be non-stop investigations into the white house. They were right.

They knowingly elected one to POTUS in 2016. I'm just saying... it didn't start in 2017.

Also, crickets from the pizzagate crowd. I thought a group who is supposedly so interested in saving children would be all over this.

I shudder to think that to some people, he is both those things..

I do endorse the death of the GOP

If anyone from Alabama reads

The real joke is always in the comments.

That R is a hellova drug. My aunt, who is on every government program under the sun, is vehemently for anything and every thing Trump. He’s like a god to some people, I just don’t get it.

Republicans now: ackchually there's a difference between pedophilia and ephebophilia.

They've already done that. Donald Trump lost the last election by 3 million votes.

It’s kind of funny that we don’t even have to leave the house in order to destroy society.

Next republican candidate will like fucking animals. I guarantee it.

They also said Obama would bring about the antichrist, and then they followed through and elected Trump...

Well.... It was supposed to be s threat right? Not a gift.... /s ( i do not endorse suicide nor the death of an entire political party)

It has to suck knowing that a majority of people would rather have a child molester for a public servant than a democrat.

So a Republican Oklahoma State Senator is caught smoking pot with a minor in a hotel room after midnight, while wearing a teeshirt with a bible quote about how women should make him a sandwich. What's the big deal?

Lol really? Democrats aren't actively electing a pedophile.

Alas, unless they figure out how to keep all the peons from voting their empire might be short lived.

I’m hoping …

Absolutely. As a party, not as people.

*for republicans

I'd read an article recently that centered around an interview of one of Moore's long time friends. The highlights of the article were (and I'm summarizing here):

Journalist: How do you feel about the charges against Mr Moore?

Friend of Moore's: I've known Roy for a long time and considered him a good friend. At first I didn't want to believe, but the more evidence that has come forward the less I can ignore. I believe he is guilty of these awful crimes.

J: Will you vote for him?

F: Absolutely. You won't see me vote for a Democrat.

So... yeah. These Roy Moore apologists have no scruples regarding anything, what-so-ever. They only care about their echo chamber driven, narrow world view.

TL/DR: Voting Party Lines > Statutory Rape





Somewhere in America, Circa 2020-

''Now, when the Senator admits he had carnal relations with the lamb, you do realize he thought of it in the Biblical sense, as the Lamb of God? And furthermore, that lamb was all white and fluffy, hopping around that field on a warm, spring day, baa-ing and bleating in a come-hither way... Ahem! Therefore, any allegations of bestiality or perversion are simply a smokescreen to divert us from the REAL problem with this country, which is Mrs. Clinton's emails!''

Roy Moore. His election is on the 12th. He also said that Muslims shouldn’t be allowed to serve in Congress, 9/11 was a punishment from God for being less religious, and started dating his current wife before she was divorced from her first husband. If you think about the silos that people consume their news through, we have this problem more now than ever

TIL Republicans are like an oracle: always right, and never in the way you thought.

Yea, it's bizarre how religion can twist thoughts.

To accept a theory like this you have to imagine that God decided to strip these men of their free will and forced them to kill themselves and take the lives of many others.

Does Roy believe that true anti-terrorist efforts are a waste of time?

Would bombing abortion clinics be his answer to stopping further attacks and serve also as "Gods punishment"?

His line of reasoning can send you down dangerous paths that ignore the real problem.

You forgot to mention that as a 30 year old man he would troll the malls, pick up 14 year old girls, and go have a "petting party"... and if you think he didn't know it was wrong, then why would he bother to tell them to not say anything because no one would believe them.

Nobody is saying he doesn’t deserve a trial, but given the sheer amount of evidence, the amount of accusers, he’s not worthy of election to the Senate

They were only pretending to care about saving children.

Everyone who isn't Republican can see the hypocrisy and self-serving inconsistency with which they respect or make excuses to ignore their so-called "values". They're the only ones who can't.

Yes, Texas is absolutely trash.

POTUS = Pedophile of the United States.

Donald J Trump

I’m thoroughly impressed how much you can affect someone’s life by not leaving your house. As a white hetero man I wish I had that power


Republicans in 2017: “Gay marriage has led us to support a pedophile for senate!”

When you realize that the "slippery slope" they were talking about was going to be their own slide into hypocrisy and dementia.

That whole "GOD EMPEROR" thing isn't exactly ironic.

Exactly. This is when they sold their souls. Endorse and accept one predator, how in gods name can you stand against the next. Moore is the next and those who stood by Trump found it that much easier to stand by Moore. Where does it end?

so creepy

And he's into little girls.

Welcome to /sub/politicalhumor - nothing is funny

Their only line in the sand is taxes tax cuts for the rich and subsidizing the wealthy. Everything else is expendable.

Government is shit and inefficient, look how shit and inefficient I'm making it.

I also endorse the death of Fox News and Breitbart.

That's only if you count the millions who voted illegally [citation needed]

Yeah, I'm not sure how to pronounce the second one.

Roy Moore. He hasn't been elected yet, but the big names in the Republican Party are backing him. He is accused of harassing underage girls many years ago. For example, he allegedly called a high school girl asking what she was up to and she responded, "I'm in math class..." Keep in mind that this was before cell phones, so that girl most likely had to go to the office to take the call. He's also banned from a nearby mall.

The reasons that have been given for why continue supporting him is because he's better than a Democrat. Or, my favorite, Mary was underage when she had Jesus so he was just trying to make another Jesus

I wish this didn't sound like an actual defense of Ralph Shortey.

I for one applaud the Republicans for keeping a campaign promise for once.

The mother gave him permission. /s

They equate all democrats with baby-murderers. It's the only mental gymnastics that make any sense.

The mindset exists because of their refusal to learn. You saying the mindset is at fault is like saying people who get vaccines to stay healthy and alive are at fault for anti-vaxers losing their kids to something innocuous

Edit: If they dont want to be treated like uneducated dumbasses then maybe they should educate themselves?

"Everything they do is so dramatic and flamboyant. It just makes me want to set myself on fire."

That whole "kids do better with one mom and one dad" argument perplexes me. Like... Even if it's 100% true... Why would that mean thats the only option? Surely a baby would do better with 2 dads than in an underfunded orphanage, or with abusive parents.



The other difference is that people who have no interest in children have no idea what the second is because we've never browsed the dictionary for a word distinguishing the difference between being interested in little kids and being interested in teen kids.

Yeah, but he could never get the power base needed to be considered the antichrist. He pisses off way to many foreign nations off to do that.

Pretty sure he realized. Trump is guilty too.

No one in their right mind should vote for a pedophile, regardless of political stance. Any republican who votes based on anything other than that should know better. Everyone should be denouncing that creep, collectively.

I can’t even imagine the persecution you face

Other crime will have difficulty competing with him

It's not as funny because Democrats are denounced by their own party for sexual misconduct. Any they are not known for claiming that gay marriage or other erosions of "family values" will lead to the acceptance of pedophilia. So when Al Franken gets accused of sexual harassment it gets posted on news and politics pages but there isn't much humor there.

The pizzagate crowd is currently freaking out because gay people wanted a cake.

Full list of all the proof as of november 14. So still missing the most recent girl's yearbook signature and probably a couple statements by police about watching out for him

And now he's bringing about "the end of times" prophecy by moving the capital of Israel to Jerusalem. Religious nuts are gonna eat this up.

"My twitter feed is nothing but liberals telling Al Franken to resign and conservatives asking why liberals aren’t telling Al Franken to resign." – Daniel Kibblesmith

If two serial killers are identified, and one is arrested while the other is pardoned, people who hate serial murder will focus on the one who wasn't arrested over the one who was.

The bible legitimized abortion a long time ago.

The bitter water in this bible excerpt, causes abortion

Lol really? Republicans have already elected a known sexual predator - your beloved Cheeto Jesus.

The list of this guy creeping on teen girls and women is so long I had forgotten about this one in particular.

Mike "Taze the gays" Pence has been pretty anti-gay. Isis levels of anti-gay

And the saddest part is, when all those government programs are taken away, she'll blame the Democrats for doing it.

Yeah but Doug Jones bad man. Doug Jones Democrat. /s

I'm glad we all elected you as the person who decides what is and isn't okay for a child to do after going through an extremely traumatic event.

The white American male is the most persecuted demographic in history. /s

I mean, Republicans are literally voting for a pedophile.

Twenty years ago this would be seen as over-the-top satire.

I love that that's their excuse. It really shows how they don't even understand why it's wrong. It's like pulling someone over for speeding and them saying, "but officer I had my seatbelt on!" It's like, ok it would be worse if that wasn't true, but that doesn't make it right.

I like how you're pretending that Dems are just as partisan as you even though you know that's bullshit.

We should really write a religious hymn about how we do NOT diddle kids.

🎶 Do not diddle kids, it's no good diddlin' kids🎶

🎶I wouldn't do it with anybody younger than my daughter, not little kids, gotta be big🎶

🎶Older than my wiiiife, older than my daughter🎶

Actually, they don't have to jump, they just have to believe that Trump told them that they can fly. Because they are just that stupid.

Oh honey, give them 4 years

If it doesn't involve family restaurant establishments, Hillary Clinton, and "clues" in plain sight they can look at from their home they aren't interested.

Honestly the best way to get GOP voters to dump Moore would be if Hillary gave him money.

You have obviously never been to Wyoming...

"Child molestation is a family value"

Alabma republicans

Oh yeah, I didn't say he has the qualities the anti-christ.. I don't believe in that stuff anyway..

I only implied it is scary that some people do think he is both smart and charismatic.

Bill Clinton is a rapist

Turns out it wasn't a warning, it was a threat.

Yeah, we don't really care about the approval of the party of pedophiles.

I'll tell you their position. They think he's innocent and didn't actually commit those crimes because he's a family values Christian, when in reality they should be even more disturbed that he did it.

My mother and I don't talk politics anymore.

Perfect timing. 👍