Thanks, refill guy.

Thanks, refill guy.

Kitkats should come in two's as nature intended.

My main problem is the type of chocolate Hershey uses. It is to damn soft. Nestle KitKats have a nice snap and a higher melting point. Hershey just melts in your hand and has a sad crunch that's remenisant to the soft crunch you get when digging in your garden and accedentally drive a shovel through you childhood cat.

When I go to Canada, these chocolate bars are on my list at the duty free shop.

He's still making money on that sale.

Being American, it's so odd seeing the nestle logo on a kit kat

They are so much better too. I like Hershey, but I hate what they did to the KitKat.


Pair of two's

You mean you don't like dried crusty crackers barely covered in chocolate?

It's owned by a division of Hershey

2 for 1!!

Jokes on you, they're expired.

The hero we deserve