Thanks for the support

Thanks for the support

I dunno guys, he's Australian so this may be a compliment.

I mean... He's still supporting it by listening to it and comenting and shit so... Joke's on him, I guess?

This is just rude.

Son of NZ Prime minister

If it was a compliment it would have been "sounds sick cunt"

I find the part where 500. People. Liked. His. Comments. Amazing!

I feel like murdered by words should be reserved for people who "deserve" it in some sense or are clearly joking. This is probably joking, but it's hard to tell.

What I don't like is when people are clearly being dicks. That's more like /sub/asshole. (I am guessing none of us want to click that link.)

Well... It was HIM who wasted his time listening to it and then writing the comment, so...

Not anymore