Thank you to the LGBT community! I will fight for you while Hillary brings in more people that will threaten your freedoms and beliefs. [6/14/16]

Thank you to the LGBT community! I will fight for you while Hillary brings in more people that wi...

Yesterday, Sarah Sanders informed the press that the President would have no problem with businesses hanging antigay signs that explicitly state they don't serv....

She went on to say, "The president certainly supports religious liberty and that's something he talked about during the campaign and has upheld since taking office." Furthermore, When pressed on whether that included support for signs that deny service to gay people, Sanders responded: "I believe that would include that."

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with a VP pick of Pence, who the hell believed that lie to begin with??

Milo “gay rights have made us dumber, it's time to get back in the closet” Yianopoulos. Idjits who don't actually care about LGBT rights, and just wanted to use the LGBT community as a cudgel to bash Muslims (see: Trump's comments on the Pulse night club shooting).

Edit: Dear person who replied to me with "but do you think that Muslims support gay rights?" Looking at your comment history and the amount of Muslim bashing you do, I don't think you genuinely care and are just one of those people who want to use the LGBT community as a cudgel to bash Muslims. You don't give a shit about the LGBT community, judging by your comment equating transgender people to "weirdos."

Honestly, do you have any fucking idea how insulting that is to me? My only value to you is as a weapon to direct hate at other people, no matter what I think or care about? You'll shit all over LGBT rights in one comment, then try and use me as a pawn to shit all over other people? You don't seem to care how fucking disrespectful that is to me, as a person. But then again, I doubt you care about any of that, because if you did you would have thought before you made that comment.

Edit 2: It appears my complaining about people using me, unwillingly, as a pawn for their own goals, goals I disagree with, has triggered some people. I'm sorry me expressing my opinion bothers you so much, but all y'all doing the same thing just further justifies me speaking out.

I love (read: hate) the way he will do absolutely everything he can to make sure he's as consistently and transparently hypocritical as possible.

This is a test, to see what people in power can get away with.

We are failing.

I am honestly not sure Milo believes in anything other than himself and his own enrichment.

I can only imagine what the argument for electing a republican president after this administration.

"He's not a Democrat."

Hah this is hilarious. A president that wants to ban transgender people from service and a VP that believes in electroshock therapy. They wouldn't hesitate to pray the gay away with their Good Christian Values™

Agreed. If you watch him in one on one interviews he won't maintain eye contact, he has no conviction in what he says. Milo is just making noise, the same way he did as a child, just to get attention.

Considering this will likely get a pedophile into office in the following weeks, yeah this is enough.

Two weeks ago, coworker told me he wasn't voting for Moore. Yesterday he told me he was, and when I asked him what changed he couldn't give an answer. The truth is that Trump endorsed him.

I can only imagine what the argument for electing a republican president after this administration. In no universe will they be able to push a moral high ground on nearly any issue at this point now that the bar is set so god damn low to the ground that it's practically six feet under. I'm genuinely curious to see what happens in the GoP within the next 2-3 years, but particularly during next year's mid terms.

Has Trump followed through on any of his actual campaign promises? I feel like he's flipped his stance on crucial things that people voted him in there for.

Muslim here. Voted to legalize gay marriage in Maryland back in 2012. It legalized. Family did the same thing. I guess for most people they then will write it off saying I'm more American than Muslim. I've heard that argument before, though that goes against their whole idea that Muslims can't integrate in the US... it's almost as if they have a political agenda to try to reduce the number of minorities who vote Democrat by turning Democrats against Muslims.

Trump is basically a self-contradicting prophecy. Whatever he said in his past tweets are the complete opposite of what he does/happens. I personally can’t wait when the economy starts tanking hard because there are more than enough hypocritical tweets of that.

Transgender, not transgendered, just like how gay people are not gayed.

It's funny how some people can re-phrase anything so that it sounds OK to their supporters.

It's not "being OK with mass shootings" but "defending the second amendment".

It's not "endorsing sexual assault" or "endorsing pedophilia", it's "supporting someone who will support his agenda".

It's not "anti-gay", it's "supporting religious liberty".

Remember, "there are good and bad people on both sides, on both sides". /s

Too ducking late. That was the dumbest use of a vote since Ralph Nader.

She went on to say, "The president certainly supports religious liberty and that's something he talked about during the campaign and has upheld since taking office."

Your religion discriminates - cool, that's religious freedom in action. Your religion is Islam - fuck you and get out.

Recognising Jerusalem as Israel's capital. Which of course is a subject he knows precisely squat about and was fed as a campaign promise to bring on board the evangelicals.

Many of the LGBT community who backed Trump, including Jenner, have officially joined the /sub/trumpgret side of things now. One of many sources available

Will fix. Thanks for pointing it out.

That just means you need to find ten other people who probably won’t vote next week and get them to the polls, cancel out your coworkers vote times ten!

He's seriously investigating the building of that wall.

And that's about it.

When the Coalition against ISIS takes out ISIS, he'll take credit for it.

He said he was opposed to gay marriage, then got married this year. I'd take what he says with a grain of salt. He likes attention more than anything.

But but but he was the first president to hold up an LGBT flag!! He can't be prejudiced against gays! /s

I hope there's a limit on how much of his tweets come to life

Speak for yourself, I get gayed as often as life permits! /s

It’s almost like we’ve created a country over hundreds of years where the main point is that anyone can integrate and live their lives with respect and decency, and that’s why we’ve become the most powerful country in the world (despite our hiccups).

But that’s probably just crazy liberal nonsense.


He was molested as a child.

Apparently not by Roy Moore though.

My fear is that the bar is so low now that almost anyone will be able to hurdle it. Like, thinking on my opposition to prior Republican presidents and presidential candidates, at least none of them were complete idiots who worked to dismantle the government, supported a pedophile, called suffering Americans (in Puerto Rico) ungrateful and lazy, or were literal white nationalists. GWB was a terrible president, but I never felt like he wasn't trying to represent all of us, even though he did a bad job of it in many ways.

I know I'm a pessimist but I don't think this presidency is going to harm the GOP too much, no matter what disasters happen. We aren't even at the point where supporting Trump is political poison, and if that changes, the people who have almost always supported him can just run on the few times they haven't. The GOP does not need to tell the truth anymore at all, because their media machine will convince their voters of anything.

I can understand Bush supporters. I can understand McCain supporters. Hell, I can even understand Romney supporters. I cannot understand Trump supporters. I thought GWB was an idiot, but he wasn't a malicious idiot. Trump is, while simultaneously thinking he's the smartest person in the room.

EDIT: Just want to add onto my previous comments, I think Bush honestly did what he felt was best for America, even if history will show that he was wrong. Trump does things because it will either benefit him personally, or because its the exact opposite of what Obama did, and he doesn't care how many people he hurts on the way.


Wow this went better than expected, thanks

Did everyone forget the LGBT part of the whitehouse website also disappeared soon after Trump was in office?

I mean, my aunt is opposed to welfare - for everyone but her. Hypocrisy isn't that weird.

If you ask anyone from T_D they have a laundry list of things they've been curating to answer that question. A lot of it is stuff that a lot of moderates probably assumed he was being hyperbolic about (starting to build a wall, although the success there is debatable), partisan stuff that is completely unsurprising (Supreme Court nominations, putting business people in important regulatory positions), a few genuine promises kept (stopping TPP), and then a bunch of other things that they are being selective about in terms of how they interpret 'promise' and 'kept'. Then they go on about economic stuff that was trending before Trump started, trying to highlight that it's all his doing when to me it just seems like stuff he hasn't fucked it up yet.

Edit: see below

He was molested as a child.

The important part isn't that he was molested as a child, it's that he thinks child molestation is an act of "true love."

It’s called issue framing. It’s a pretty useful tool in persuasive writing/speaking.

What a fucking scumbag.

I don't even know that many people. I only moved here not long ago.

Heck I can't even vote.

And bigots will know exactly which businesses to reward, and businesses acting like the political arms of bigots will prosper in the right areas. Then we're back to Jim Crow.

Yeah, it’s fun and easy to picture this as some free market fantasy where the bigots go out of business, but that’s not how it works.

along with sections on climate change, and science in general.

An upside down LGBT flag, a sign of distress.

Disclaimer: Mike Pence is a colossal homophobe, is absolutely terrible to the LGBT community, and has no business in or near the White House.

That said, NO MIKE PENCE DOES NOT BELIEVE IN ELECTROSHOCK THERAPY. Do not get your news from snarky Reddit comments. He believes gay people should get therapy to change our orientation, but at no point has he ever said electroshock therapy was an effective (or even ethical) way to do it. It's not even very common among those quacks. The leap from "I believe in ineffectual sexual orientation change efforts" to "I think we should electrocute gay people" is insane.

The weird thing is that lie isn't even necessary to paint him as a dangerous homophobe. Non-electrocution SOCE are extremely psychologically harmful, and the idea that gay people even need to change in the first place is fundamentally disgusting. At this point the whole "electroshock" meme is about visceral outrage and not truthful, measured criticism of a very dangerous, very powerful man. In other words, exactly the kind of thing that is prone to blowing up on Reddit.

Snopes link

I saw a statistic on Pew Research a while back saying American Muslims are more likely than American Protestants to support gay marriage.

He's obviously a classic oreilly/Limbaugh/Beck type who knows he's a lying ass but does it for money

To be fair he did make a gay man his VP though. That's a big step to have the first gay Vice President.

I don't like using this word but Milo is the perfect example of an uncle tom, he is very willing to throw the lgbt community under the bus and attack them just to appease bigots and get their "one of the good ones" praise, also I love that you brought up the used as a crutch to bash Muslims thing, its annoying seeing people being all "free speech" "my rights don't end where your feelings start" when it comes to evangelical types and bigots in general insulting and discriminating towards lgbt people but all of a sudden when it comes to muslims possibly being homophobic or even just existing these same folk turn into Harvey Milk all of a sudden defending lgbt people as an excuse to attack Muslims.

white gay men mainly. /sub/gaybros was atrociously racist the entire election, even more than normal

I think the best foot forward is to use their own tactics against them.

Business owners need to coordinate and pick a day and put signs up that say "No Christians Allowed".

Jeff Sessions can't see farther than the end of his nose. His policy desires are so vulnerable because they are so abstract.

Like with his new push to protect radical evangelicals' desire to sit on college campuses screaming on a megaphone that everyone's going to hell. He said we need to stop protecting liberals "fragile egos".

If that's the way Jeff Sessions feels, we should force Christian Universities to allow radical Islamic clerics and Aetheists to speak at their schools.

What's the matter, Christians? I thought we were all supposed to force our ideals where they weren't invited?

Put your money where your mouth is. This isn't about freedom of speech. It's about pushing cultural hegemony.

Not only that, but that study also found that American Muslims are also a lot more likely to support gay marriage than the average Republican, which makes Trump's tweet - and the fact that this talking point is even used by conservatives - even more ridiculous.

You can't criticize him because he's proudly choosing to live as a gay man /s

It was Kushner, the golden boy who's going to bring peace to the middle east, who pushed for it. According to sources today, pretty aggressively, actually.

I honestly would have thought it was a Bannon move who knew Kushner was so idiotic.

Good job Log Cabin Republicans! Good job Milo! /s

Mom, dad...I'm gayed.

Don't forget Mr. Alex "playing a character" Jones.

A business would be in violation of the law if they refused to make any cakes with a mixed race couple simply because they don't believe in interracial marriage.

Many people believe that sexual orientation should be among the protected classes of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

So is this where we start telling black people to use their own water fountains and to enter restaurants through the back door again? Because it looks an awful lot like that.

Tbf, jenner was always a a dbag who is only a T icon because they were famous 30 years ago and are known to the older generation and also had the Kardashian connection

A Trump supporter will literally let Donald shit into their mouth if it means the Democrat sitting next to them has to smell it.

Go to sandersforpresident and youll find a whole bunch of morons that voted for trump or stein.

AMA request. And actual gay person or Sanders supporter who voted for Trump.

In the gay world, some of the most important enriching, and incredibly life-affirming, important, shaping relationships are between younger boys and older men. They can be hugely positive experiences very often for those young boys.

That's a lot more general than his specific experience and looks a hell of a lot like an attempt to normalise relationships like the one he had.

It's not too late to register, if that's the only thing stopping you!

Racist LGBT people.

Remember that he is a vocal advocate against people kneeling, but doesn't complain about mass murderers.

I'm in Alabama and can confirm that the locals here think just like this. A Repub could molest a 13 y/o boy and as long as he says he's repented to god everyone except the boy's parents would vote for the guy.

I genuinely wish this was satire.

Oh, I certainly don't disagree. Not sure what they really could have expected.

"But Supply Side Jesus"

Not looking forward to the day when this hits the front page on this sub

Also Trump: Lets ban the LGBT community from enlisting into the military.

*Ron Howard Voice" He did threaten their freedoms and beliefs"

You're the most powerful country in the world because you inherited a huge untapped landmass and didn't feel the devastation of either world war.

Bullshit. That sounds like the rhetoric of a sneaky Irishman or greasy Eye-talian to me.

I hope these businesses hang these signs in their windows. Then I would know exactly witch places I would never do business with.

Excuse me, Mr. Thought Police. Maybe the water fountain has sincerely-held religious beliefs that prohibit it from dispensing water to negros. How dare you FORCE that poor, Christian fountain to work against its moral code.

Besides, I'd rather the water fountains be upfront about their bigotry so I know which ones not to use. Sure, I'm a middle-class straight white male, so I'll never be inconvenienced in any way by this, but still: the free market will decide.

Raise your hand if you are gay and in distress

If history has any sense of fairness, Jenner's name will only be remembered as the trans equivalent of Uncle Tom.

I would give up so much for literally any other trans person to have her spotlight. Goddamn.

He doesn't even have to repent. Moore has shown no remorse and his party has even tried to justify his actions

Tenses of "to gay" (not necessarily in this order):

-are gaying

-have gayed

-will have been gayed

-will be gaying

-were gayed

-going to gay

And bullshitting. Which is where we're primarily seeing it.

You're not alone. There's been a few people in the LGBT community who have referred to him as "Auntie Milo."

I firmly believed that during the elections people brigaded subreddits claiming to be members of that subreddits to push their agenda.

Pretty sure from 2008-16 the republicans were saying Obama was the anti-Christ because it's supposedly prophecised that the anti-Christ will bring peace to the Middle East.

Friend of mine works with an african american lesbian woman who voted for Trump because she "can't stand Hilary."

It much more insidious than that:

Decades of Gerrymandering, selective purges of the voter rolls, toughing of the ID requirements to vote and the final nugget of turning your supporters into mindless zombies who will vote for you no matter what.

She's specifically said that she's weirded out by gay people. She's trans but not even pro-LGBT, she's just pro-herself.


Well it doesn't change unless we point out the bad grammar.

There is a documentary about certain factions of evangelicals that are basically doomsday cults.

Their churches actually hold pilgrimages where they visit the area in Israel where Armageddon is supposed to go down and Jesus comes back to kick some ass and take some names or whatever.

Some people are genuinely confused why evangelical Christian churches are so vested in the ongoing territorial conflict between Muslims and Jews. This has been something they are deeply interested in because these sects believe it is their duty to usher in an apacolypse and a holy war in Israel is necessary for that to happen.

But if you try and explain what a self-fulfilling prophesy is to these people, they won't be able to understand the distinction.

Watch the John Oliver segment on him. He really is just in it for the money. That whole thing about "chemicals in the water turning the frogs gay" that became a meme, was literally a sales pitch to sell water filters.

It's implied.

Congress should support the reauthorization of the Ryan White Care Act only after completion of an audit to ensure that federal dollars were no longer being given to organizations that celebrate and encourage the types of behaviors that facilitate the spreading of the HIV virus. Resources should be directed toward those institutions which provide assistance to those seeking to change their sexual behavior.

...will be further marginalised and alienated. It's not about feelings.

Just transgender people, not all of them*

My only value to you is as a weapon to direct hate at other people, no matter what I think or care about? You'll shit all over LGBT rights in one comment, then try and use me as a pawn to shit all over other people?

Yeah that sums up Trump's relationship with LGBT people perfectly: he only cares about us when Muslims are involved.

Obama should come out with a statement that says he hates gays, blacks, immigrants, and clean energy. Trump's presidency would immediately do a 180. If Obama became a neo-nazi republican Trump would march in a gay-pride parade.

Welcome to Alabama