thank you mom!!

thank you mom!!

Owl be darned. Aren’t you handsome.

Even better when it's a girlfriend or wife.

Even better than that, a complete stranger of the opposite sex.

this makes me want to pick out my boyfriend’s clothes and shower him endlessly with compliments!!!


My boyfriend has been growing out his beard (he’s always been scared to do it because of patchiness, but I encouraged him to see what it looks like grown out). He just got a beard kit with like oil and combs and balm and stuff, and we’ve just been having the best time maintaining it. And I’m glowing him up like crazy: he looks so handsome with it well groomed and taken care of, and I tell him so every day. He LOVES it. He is just SO happy and I think he finally feels good about himself, not just who he is but how he looks.

Boyfriends love being told they’re pretty, too!

Some kids don't get to experience this from their own mothers and/or fathers. I work in a school and that's why I try to not only give out as many compliments as I can every day (without coming off as patronizing or something), and also teach the kids how to give complements as well. It can really brighten a kids day, especially if their mornings are off to a rough start. And seeing kids give each other complements is even better.

Remember to keep in mind his sense of style. Pick out thing he would like but you also think make him look handsome. If the clothes don't work for himself, he'll never wear them.

He looks like Pita from Hunger Games.


That’s the ikea outfit for the stuffed owl they sell! My fiancé’s nan passed away recently and she loved owls - we got the stuffed owl in her will

Agh, but what do you do when your man is just beautiful?? I tell him constantly because every time I look at him I’m just like “Jesus Christ I lucked out.” Five years later and he’s still the handsomest thing to me.

I mean, he did that thing with the bread that one time.

thats the joke

I can confirm this, we do love being told that. Just don't do it too much or it'll lose its value.

I can never not read this as super bowl and not superb owl.

Even better than that, a complete stranger of the opposite sex.

Man, i wish

So what you're saying is that I can buy one of these at Ikea?

Cuteness overload <3

My mum would say “you look very smart” and I would say “I don’t want to look smart mum I want to look cool!” That owl looks very smart though.

D-does Ikea have moms, too?

You are one of the good ones. My grandmother was a teacher of the same ilk. Glad we have you. Thank you for all that you do. Teaching compassion and empathy to children is so essential to a well functioning society.. why there is not a more direct focus on these things I am not sure, but I think a lot of good will come from the lessons you’re spreading.

Not sure if I see the relevance. That owl looks fresh.