Thank you IOTA team!

Thank you IOTA team!

Hi guys, I just wanted to thank you All for amazing job you are doing and say: good luck on Bosch connected world during upcoming days.

Dom, you are great speaker and it is obvious you quickly gained experience to be top-tier presenter competing with guys like Dr. Rolf Werner (competing in a good way). You'll accomplish groundbreaking things and I feel that this is just the start of something bigger than just "another promising project" Go get 'em tiger, you deserve this ;).

I'm happy to be a witness to something that makes sense after all these years in crypto space (finally) and I hope you will continue your jurney no matter what. You have a chance to change this world in a possitive way and we all know you will, don't ever let envious, greedy dumb fucks cloud your vision.

God damn...right now I'm just little sorry I didn' t choose more tech-savy field so I could contribute something more meaningful than just warm words of thanks :) Once again, good luck team and have a nice day!

Looking forward to 2018


& years to come after 2018, fingers crossed ;)

I am glad that I found Reddit and IOTA! Thank you Redditor for the kind words.

100% agree!!

Been doing it for half a year, got at least 15-20 people passionate about the tech or early invested when it was under 1$...

besides your warm comment, U can do more. Just tell anyone U know about Iota!

Well done! The more know about en believe in it, the better. I do the same!