TFW you dont smoke, but still promise your boys you ll make the country great again...

TFW you dont smoke, but still promise your boys you ll make the country great again...

Those 2 white supremacists with Trump sure are dark. I wonder what tanning salon they use.

It was shot during the trip to Detroit late in the campaign.

Tf is the context of this?

Redacted narrative /sub/btfo

How come the sick side of beef could never pull of a shot like this? It looks like these three are having a great time.

Tonguehole Pantsuit always appeared stiff, forced, like she was badly acting the part of being human.

It's beautiful :')

Give me a number 9, just like him. I'll have a number 6 with extra dip. I'll have two number 9s, a number 9 large, a number 6 with extra dip, a number 7, two number 45s, one with cheese and a large soda.

Three Kings smoking inside like it's 1986.

Pity about the white supremacy on display.

She has no experience just having fun. Trump was a billionaire BEFORE he was a politician lol.

well well, what do we have here... three fucking racist white males.

But remember, no drugs, no smoking, no alcohol!

As far as comfort and enjoyment of life brought by wealth being President is a major step down for him.

So why would a man voluntarily give up celebrity and a life of affluence for public service? It isn't the money. Trump has made, lost and made again billions of dollars over decades.

It isn't fame and glory when the mainstream media slanders, vilifies or ignores him, his policies and actions.

Have the cucks lied so much, so often, so completely that they can't even remember when people speak with truth?

Trump is President because the tens of millions of us Americans got off our ass, took time off and VOTED him into office. He knows this, he knows why we did this.

He is the herald of our movement.

Trump endures the lies, slanders and attacks on him, his family, friends and allies because he knows when a good, smart man takes up the mantle of governance for the betterment of his countrymen he achieves greatness.

This is as much of the original I could find, anybody got the source? The fingers on the cigar are the giveaway that it's shopped because there's no gap where the cigar goes through his fingers.

Still hilarious though, I want a poster of this

is as much of the original I could find, anybody got the source? The fingers on the cigar are the giveaway that it's shopped because there's no gap where the cigar goes through his fingers.

Still hilarious though, I want a poster of this

Dark White Skin

Exactly. A 70 year old billionaire doesn't run for president because he HAS to, he felt he NEEDED to. And stepped up. Amazing story of Americana. I sometimes forget that we are experiencing history every before our eyes, and maybe, just maybe people like us memers and pedes will get a little footnote in history books about making this all possible. We did it boys and girls.

But I like drugs.

Cool yah jets, Big Smoke, you fat bastid.


I cant believe i have not seen that speech before. It was beautiful. A modern day I Have A Dream speech.

Having black skin is just another one of those secret codes for white supremacy.

Jesus. I didnt realize there were so many new pple on here. I remember when this vid/pic made the rounds on the sub the day it happened during election. Glad u like it pal!

I object! I'm an alcoholic and i have tons of fun!

We get new 'pedes and closeted 'pedes on the daily, fam.

How come we never talk about black supremacy?

Praise Trump for living that sober life. Much inspiration for me.


You got downvoted to zero let me help. Lighten up people. Yes alcoholism is bad, but so is having no sense of humor.

It's called Dark White

chronic alcoholics can't have fun

Commenting for the history books. Remember kids, kek is your god and Shakespeare is still relevant

Well memed, OP

I can't wait for weed to be federally rescheduled under Trump, after all the real important shit like immigration, free trade and corruption are dealt with. Wait, corruption, something tells me that will have something to do with it.

No drugs, no alcohol, no cigarettes!

Trump gets high on patriotism

For instance?

No wonder CJ couldn't catch the damn train!

I love snorting blow off hookers' snatches too much to stop

you caught em.

Yes, this is photoshopped.

There's that and the fact that she actually doesn't like black people, or super predators as she would refer to them as.


Too much sun! Maybe they need the shelter of a coat?!!


As someone who avoids substances except for alcohol and the occasional cig, I think that the current federal laws on pot are bullshit. It's like gun laws, saying "pot is illegal, m'kay" won't stop anyone from smoking pot if you want to smoke pot enough you'd smoke pot. That is why I think the feds should have no say when it comes to pot and instead should leave it up to the states. I know some of the more religious right states would be against it but that's their right as a state and it's up to the people to change the law if they think it's bullshit.

Cue the left narrative "they've just internalized their racism!!!! They're just as bad as a regular racist!!!" Insinuating of course that focusing on your success instead of your melanin tone makes you a corn ball brother. Ridiculous

It's true. I've seen a lot more red pills being thrown around and embraced in some subs lately, and they are usually followed by civil and insightful discussion. It seems redditors are slowly beginning to wake up and use logic.

Please tell me you edited that, please for my sanity!!!

Its not is

That's some beautiful shit.

No its not. I've seen the original and there's no way you could photoshop out the smoke (was not there)

Tonguehole Pantsuit........oh snap

Pepe WAS the most influential cartoon god of 2016, I think we left out mark.

~6 week old 'pede here! The first time I went on reddit it was to check out/join this thread! T_D is a fun part of my day. 'Pedes rock!

You mean that BLM terrorist organization?

Mandatory Jeb post related to this.

If he did that liberal heads would explode. Like brains leaking from ears type shit.

So many people were quick to follow the MSM narrative and act as their sheep whenever possible. Once they step outside of their bubble and do their own research, their eyes are opened up to the fact that we aren't a bunch of conservative, Russian, redneck hillbillies.

I wasn't even into politics until I saw Kkklinton was running and didn't care for anyone until I watched Trump's announcement the day he came down the escalator.

That's a negatory, good buddy.

Trump be ridin dirty

It's also photoshopped

/sub/magajuana !

Like Pepe

/sub/magajuana !

The same one Susan Rice uses

Just imagine the plethora of Make America Dank Again, Thug Life and Placeboing memes.

it is a beasty Photoshop

Wait, this is real?

Pre election

I appreciate the help!


In a suit, but still smoking a swisher. My man

smoking is bad for her pneumonia reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Makes sense. Cause otherwise dude on the right is 100% zipped.

I don't smoke anything either, but to all of you toking it up today, enjoy!

Trump High key hot boxing

It's her demonic name. She should have an entry in the Fiend Folio. Definitely an outsider extraplanar entity, probably summoned by the lich Ballsackeyes.