TFW Putin offers some tea.

TFW Putin offers some tea.

"Have some tea"

"No thanks"

"I wasn't asking"

No thanks, I'm allergic to Polonium.

"I have altered the deal. Pray I do not alter it further"

They would starve of thirst at my place.

"Want something to drink?"

"No thank you."


starve of thirst

Just a little guys, it gives you a healthy green glow.

Iirc many tea drinking cultures do this thing where they refuse hospitality twice before accepting it, because it's the polite thing in that culture.

Momma didn’t raise no fool.

This seems like the sort of crew that just casually try to murder each other all the time for fun.

"Here Putin, have a puff of this cigar!"

"Oh, don't mind if I - waiiiiiiit a moment, this is a stick of dynamite!"

"Ohhhh you! You always know, you rascal!"

"Not to worry, all is forgiven! Here, as token of friendship, take this glowing rock keychain, is good luck if you put underneath pillow!"

Putin's drinking from the same tea pot. Should be fine.

Unless he poisoned the cups.


Now that you mention it, I am thirsty, wanna get a pizza?

I wonder if Putin will be President forever over there. Russians seem to like lifetime leaders.

He built up a resistance to the poisonous nettle over the years

But it tastes really GOOD!

He’ll have to continue switching off occasionally with someone else since there are no limits on the number of terms a Russian president can have, but limits on consecutive terms. Still, whoever has the job in between will probably just be doing what Putin tells them to do, and Putin will be re-elected as soon as he’s eligible again.

All the cups were poisoned, Putin just took many years to build immunity to it.

It's called Taarof in Iran. My French-Canadian mom and my Persian granddad had a "culture clash" because of it.

Mom: Do you want ice cream?

Granddad: No! I must not! :D

Mom: Ok. walks away

Granddad: D':

You been Putin something in my drink?

Little do we know that they committed suicide by shooting themselves twice in the back of the head

He isn't close. He switched himself with Medvedev in 2008 because his two terms ended, and then started his third term (that's soon to end) in 2012. If (haha, if) he wins in 2018, that's five more years of Putin, and then he'll have to switch for someone else again for one term.

My Lord... is that... legal?

Hey Thirsty, I'd love to have a pizza with you.

Sure glad that there are rules in place to prevent someone from being continuously President /s

starve of thirst

Who is he, Blight?

starve of thirst

starve of thirst

Then.. u drink it Mr.Putin.

It's treason then.


Smh these Star Wars misquotes... /sub/prequelmemes would be ashamed

LPT: if your tea is still steaming hot after sitting on the table for more than an hour, it may be laced with polonium.

I will make it legal

Breaking Babooshka

OP made a horrible mistake starved of thirst

starve of thirst

starve of thirst

starve of thirst

That sounds like a real pain in the ass if you're thirsty and actually wanting a cup of tea.

starve of thirst

starve of thirst

It's already been decided in the sense that none of the people running against him have a chance of winning. The elections are just a formality, not because of any flaws in the process, but because of the government's total control of the media and the public narrative.

starve of thirst

starve of thirst

starve of thirst

starve of thirst

starve of thirst

What Putin does not know is that the Sheik has built up a tolerance to iocaine powder over the years. Never fuck with an Arabian!

starve of thirst

"How about a nice glowing piece of gum?"

dehydrated of food


starve of thirst

Weird thing is it's in English culture too, as "oh no, I couldn't possibly".

Just say "no thanks" twice super fast and then yes please

starve of thirst

It is, however it's more formalized and expected in Persian culture. If the giftee refuses twice and the gifter stops offering they were just being polite. If they offer a third time etiquette says the giftee can accept.

That's just for gifts, there's other situations covered by taarof.

starve of thirst

starve of thirst

starve of thirst

You know how there are some really rude/angry people who still say please and thank you and are just really aggressive about it?

I'm imagining what it would be like if you encountered those kinds of people in those cultures.

Want something to drink? NO THANKS. Ask me again. Uhh.. Do you want something to drink? NO THANKS. ASK ME AGAIN. DO IT. I FUCKING DARE YOU. ... ASK ME ...Do you want something to drink? YES I WANT SOMETHING TO DRINK. JESUS CHRIST. SOME PEOPLE.

Why is the funniest comment down here? I would pay to see this slapstick comedy.

What's the consecutive number of terms? Putin would have to be close wouldn't he? He's been in for ages.


So it is treason then.

I recently heard on the news it has already been decided he will be elected. I mean, it is a democratic vote with no shenanigans what so ever.

Well, tea does go right through you.

starve of thirst

Think of the money you'll save on haircuts.

starve of thirst

A buddy of mine went to Yemen, his host had a feast, and this guy refused tea three times, the fourth time he refused, the host left the room and came back with a gun

Apparently people who have unpaid business will refuse hospitality in Yemen

starve of thirst

u/WestCoastMeditation YOU WERE THE CHOSEN ONE

starve of thirst

Batman Beyond was awesome*.

Edit: Should've used schway

When I first moved to the US I distinctly remember struggling with this.

Went over to a new friends house and his mom offers me a drink.

Politely I refuse, despite the fact that It’s mid summer and my lips are cracking with thirst.

She looks at me and goes, “ok then...” then walks away.

Woman ... where are you going I wondered?

You’ve asked, I’ve refused now you’re supposed to ask again and I will accept...

No such luck, I ended up going into their bathroom and drinking from the sink.

I know it sounds silly, but it was a pivotal learning point in my life.

Sometimes you bite the bullet and flip flop on the floor.

I believe I once committed a faux pas of this nature. I was working security at a housing complex and a very nice indian family was having a banquet of some kind in a common area. I was offered food and declined politely because I had already eaten and it felt weird to take their food. The woman who offered me a plate pretended she didn't hear me, ushered me in, and started piling a ridiculous amount of food into a to-go container. The whole time everybody else at the banquet was sneering at me mockingly (assuming that expression translates.)

It was only after this that I learned that In some cultures they have a facade of over generosity with the presumption that it will be refused repeatedly and consistently, and you're a greedy ass hole if you don't refuse well enough.

On the plus side, that indian food was fucking fantastic.

"More poison?... I mean... tea!"

You gotta add in the occasional drone bombing from the US that they all dodge.


What he's saying is that his host assumed he was implying that there was a monetary debt (from host to guest) outstanding and that was the reason behind him refusing tea. Since the host knew there was no such debt between them, he interpreted it as an insult.

starve of thirst

starve of thirst

starve of thirst

The law isn't horrible. If you had a great president, you can elect him again after an interlude which lets you assess how good or bad he was. Can be abused, but it's not that much different than other countries.

Bigger problem is that Russia is almost completely controlled by a single party. Not much you can do against it.

I am friends with a lot of Saudis, but when I had my first friend from KSA I told her I liked her bracelet twice. Only twice, once when I first saw her and then later in the conversation. She then took it off of her wrist and gave it to me. I had no idea that this was a custom and I now make it a point not to overly like anything at anyone's home, because I'm afraid they'll try to give it to me. Because that wasn't the last time that it happened. I have been offered many things. I always refuse, but many of them tell me it would be rude not to accept.

I love the differences in cultures.

*"I have altered the tea. Pray I do not alter it further"

Because they are a kleptocracy, even when he is not president he will likely be making the calls.

Woah. What happened here?

There are some people from the UK who will go into your kitchen, put the kettle on and yell "where do you keep the teabags?", yes.

You were supposed to bring balance to the Force, not leave it in darkness.

starve of thirst

What the hell is unpaid business? And why does it necessitate having a gun?

Reddit Dweller Shell

generates gun telemetry data on equipped energy weapon allows allied guardian jokes to show on map within 30 posts

"Perfect score, 5/7

I can confirm. We do that all the time in Saudi Arabia, and many countries in the middle east.

Two. He was president twice, then prime minister to Medveded, back to president and now would be his second consecutive (and 4th overall).

Never invite an Irishman for tea, you'll think we're rude as hell when we walk into your house, boil your kettle and offer you tea.

Russians seem to like lifetime leaders.

The civilian population generally has had nothing to do with who has been their leader for the last.... well pretty much ever.....

Smoking hookah all day builds up immunity to everything